20 September, 2008

Little finger Story - Big Lessons

" Big things come in Small Packets."
" Its in the small things where our strength lies."

Very well said in the quotes. Here's sharing a short inspirational story of a Little girl and her fine fingers, where in simple words tell to care for little-small things.

Ones upon a time a little girl was praying to God joining her hands close tight with her fingers touching each other. Soon she was surprised to see her hand fingers started to tremble. She looked up her fingers and found that her cute thin fine fingers were fighting and making lots of noise. The little cute girl got disturbed and hence could not pray. So the girl in her very gentle and toned voiced asked the fingers the matter. And why were the fingers fighting in front of the God.

Soon the fingers replied that they were fighting to know which was the best and the super finger of the hand. The fingers were trying to know which finger was superior and most important. The little girl said that she was ready to judge the fingers and find out which finger is the best one. The girl asked the fingers to say one by one their best quality for which the fingers has to be judged. Each finger was given time to express their view.

Little finger Story

The Thumb decided to speak first and said:
I’m the thumb and the most important. Without me no word done with hands is possible. I play a major part in holding the things with the hand. Also if I sign upwards means best of luck and if signed downwards it means bad luck. These are some of the major expressions in which I’m used and are very important. Hence, I’m the most superior and so best in all.

Hearing the Thumb, the Index finger, the first finger next to the thumb said:
I’m a very powerful finger as if somebody keep me on their lips, it means to maintain silence…sshhuuu..! And often been addressed to be the first finger, hence I’m superior to every finger in this race. So I’m the best and most superior.

Then it was the chance of the Middle finger to express, its views:
I’m the most superior to all other fingers as I’m the tallest finger in the hand. All other fingers are smaller in size than me. So I’m the best and most superior.”

It was the turn of the Ring finger to tell how was it the best finger and it said:
As everybody calls me the ring finger, I’m the most precious finger in the hand as I wear the costly beautiful studded engagement ring. It’s me the Ring finger wearing the ring, which makes the occasion of the person so memorable. So the Ring finger is the best and the most superior to all.

At last, the last finger the Little finger's chance to say. The Little finger kept silent. It looked each and every finger around and said nothing. All other fingers soon broke in to a huge laughter. All the fingers started teasing the lean and thin, little finger. They asked the little finger to say the great things about thyself and followed next was the huge laughs. The little finger felt sad and disheartened.
Soon the girl said to the little finger to say something that made it the best. Hearing this little finger said with one tear rolling down:

I’m no superior to any of the finger or thumb. I’m the tinniest and have no great thing about me. I’m inferior to all. The only thing that one can notice about me is that I’m the smallest finger, hence the weakest and stand last after the other major fingers.”
The humble little finger started crying intensely and all other fingers kept laughing loud on the little finger reply.

The girl was very much disappointed at the behavior of the other fingers. Then the girl consoled the little finger and said that the little finger was no less than any of the other fingers of the hand.
And there is one quality that the little finger posses in the hand make it special. Hearing this all the other fingers and the thumb got amazed and asked the girl, what quality of the little finger makes it special than them.

The girl with pride told the fingers that whenever she prays God, joining her hands close, it is the little finger that the God watches first. So indeed it’s the little finger that comes closest to God while praying. Hence, the little finger is the most special and blessed finger in the hand, in spite of being the tiny finger.
God have made everyone equal yet special. It’s our own perception that creates complex situations. He have gifted all of us some talent. We all the unique in our way but at the end of the day the person who is remembered is the one who respects all and is humble enough by nature. There are people who have pride of being either very rich or having good looks. But the richness is the golden heart that we posses and bring happiness in other people’s life. The people who feel superior of certain thing, actually forgets that there is only God who is larger than anyone else in the world.


"One must be kind enough to give respect to all regardless to any imbalance in the atmosphere. One must not make fun of others. Greatness is in people who accept all as they are without any demands made. In the society all types of people are important to have varied choices in the decision making to get the best results. Each one of us plays a unique role in the development. So there is lot to learn for the little finger story. "

There is still more and interesting to add this Little finger story. When ever we are praying God, joining our hands close, we must remember the “Five-Musts” to follow are given below:

  1. Our thumb is nearest to us. So we must begin our prayers by praying for those closest to us. They are particularly our parents, friends and relatives, the easiest one to remember.

  2. The next finger is the pointing finger/ index finger. We must pray for those who teach, instruct and heal. These include the teachers, doctors etc. They need support and wisdom in pointing the right direction to follow. Keep them in your prayers.

  3. The next finger is the tallest finger. It reminds us of our leaders. Pray for the president, leaders in business and industry, and administrators. These people shape our nation and guide public opinion. They need God's guidance.

  4. The fourth finger is our ring finger. Surprising to many is fact that this is the weakest finger; as any piano teacher will testify. It should remind us to pray for those who are weak, in trouble or in pain.

  5. And lastly comes our little finger; the smallest finger of all. The pinky should remind you to pray for ourselves. Pray God not to remove all your pains and sufferings but pray to have the backup of God always with us in any circumstances. Pray for peace.
...Indeed the greatest gifts that God have given the human-beings are His answered Prayers!
Celebrate friendship..

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  1. loved reading this post..
    i like the way u weave the stories..

    nice one again
    the only thing i couldn't relate to was god as i am an atheist.

    take care miss

  2. That is a very cute post and what a great story about fingers. Lovely pictures and you put so much effort in this post.

  3. Many Congratulations on more than 100 countries visiting your site... Hurry!!!


  4. Thank you so much Vicky, Pria,and Nakt for appriciating the blog :)

  5. Nice post on little fingers :) Looking forward to your next blog and i am keeping my fingers crossed....

  6. The person whose written this story explains the purity of her heart. The thought process is so sweet and cute that soothes the mind.. Congratulations about your success.. :)


  8. loved reading the post and the wonderful messages that u weaved out of it..

    Excellent write up ..:)

  9. I heard a story similar to your "Little Finger Story" at a youth camp many years ago. Is your wonderful story based on an old legend? If so, could you please tell me the source and even send me a copy of the original story.
    I wrote down the story I heard at camp. If you would like a copy, please let me know.
    Robert Hale, halebobelaine@verizon.net

  10. Thank you for your "Little Finger Story." I liked it very much. It is similar to a story I heard at youth camp many years ago. Is your story based on a legend? If so, could you please tell me the source and even send me a copy of the original?
    I wrote down the story I heard at youth camp. If you would like to see it, please let me know.
    Robert Hale, halebobelaine@verizon.net

  11. Our archbishop, Dr. Cyprian K. Lwanga gave us a similar story about the fingers and I was deeply impressed the way it clearly illustrated the importance of team work.


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