07 September, 2009

my Birthday - age Reminder

Birthdays are always special because people make your feel that. For me completing 9 has been very special as, I knew from now onwards I shall never have that single digit number. And yes! This two/double digit shall always be attached to my age. Then among this double digit, 16 was so interesting. Being in a teenage and often believed the age as the most beautiful time of any girl’s life.

For me the milestone was when I was a certified adult and 18. I could get my driving license and could vote. But sadly 18 is remembered passing out the school. In a way, calling off the childhood days, the fun days.

Of course by then with the growing up phenomenon I was clearly aware that asking a woman her age was a serious crime. It’s almost like looking inside the purse of a girl without her knowledge or almost like going beyond her dignity. Next I considered my 25 as the most special on of all, as believed it was like celebrating my Silver Jubilee of life.

I am today 26 find it a genetic blessing that even today people sometimes asking me which school/college do I study. I eat whatever I want without any significant weight gain and no subject of verification still look the same as I was years back. Hence, so far had no problem in answering the questions asked about the Age. Perhaps, I wish to feel same (Happy) even when I am at 30, 35 or at 52.

Here, I wish and hope in coming years, I am much careless about the number of the grey hairs or wrinkles on my face. As they to be believed signs of experience, pride moments, the rich journey of celebrations I made throughout the life span. Sometimes, there are people may not want to acknowledge the new age, they like to remain young. But then how can one forget the quote of the famous artist, Pablo Picasso that "It takes along time to Grow Young".
I’m born on 07th September, 1983. How old am I today..?
And a reply comes “As old as you feel.” Or “16 does that makes you happy..huh..”
Nostalgia isn't strictly an age thing. Like, when I say “I wish, I was 10, 16 or 18 again, it's not just the age, I want to be back in the Time-Period where I was that old too.”

Perhaps this is the reason, I keep in touch with some of mine childhood, school days, college days friends as it’s only those people who knew me how I was in certain age and know my experiences, turning points the best, which certainly have brought changes into my life and thoughts.

Blowing out the candles from the cake has been the most important act of the day. "I won't forget the chocolate cake," my chachu(uncle) brought in my childhood, whose sweet divine strong smell still lingers my mind till date. Such chocolate cake reminds me of my young age…Of coarse I’m not that old but yeah! It reminds me of much younger times :)

Yet, this is the reason I say sometimes, just sometimes, a number is truly just a number.
Happy Birthday ME..


  1. Happy birthday!! :)

    After reaching some point in life some people stop paying attention to our age and some pay even more attention.
    I believe age does not matter much.. it is who you are, what you do and who is around you that really matters.

    May you always stay young and keep smiling :)

  2. Hi Lena,

    Thaank You so much for your wishes.

    And you are absolutely right.
    Our abilities and potential defines us the best. Age is just an excuse. All we need is to celebrate Life..!

  3. Happy belated birthday! I turned 25 this year which was a major milestone for me. Hope your 26th year is full of wonderful things :)


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