24 September, 2009

Delhi Walla Life - discovery of India

NOTE: Click on the photographs and view the better and the tiny details of the moment in Enlarged Photographs.
Gone with the Wind:-

IndiaGate @ Rohan DevesarSweet memories remind us about the road we have traveled and the people we have loved in the journey of life. The things are so wonderful that I just don’t want to lose the imprints I have in my mind. Those moments and feelings get stronger with fleeting time.

I recall the moments when I had this very habit of picking up the small pebbles from the lane while walking, thinking to store them and treasure forever. There has been one pebble which is so special and close to heart. The pebble recollects the magical moments of the City of hearts, the alluring thought-provoking Delhi/Delli.

Gurudwara @ RahulSharmaI’m grounding settling and breathing those memories. The heat, the dust, the busy roads, those traffic jams and a whiff on the lanes of mouth-watering snacks prepared on streets, all reminds me Delhi-6.

I still cannot forget the best Nescafe coffee from the vending machine of NewDelhi Railway Station. And to fill up the tummy with the nutritious Rajma-Chawal plate sold along the streets was the best low-priced delicious option. The big glass of Special Lassi covered with dry fruits is lip-smacking treat indeed.

Living Life to the fullest:-

Delhi @ RahulSharmaMemories of Delhi bring back the music and the latest updates of the traffic jam on roads from the FM radio which is like forever-yours friend, while driving. The most beautiful but time consuming journeys that ever happened to me were while traveling over heavy-loaded DTC buses and green color EMU trains.

Delhi people draw chatting with strangers anywhere and everywhere. Making the best of the moment the delhi-wallas soon babble on discussing the family issues, asking solutions and ideas from you.
Very weird! But dilli people magnetism pulls one and all into the dialogue dissolving the boundaries.

Survival Skills:-

CP @RahulSharmaWhen I was doing my college training in Delhi, there many hits and tricks to survive in the city were taught by my friends. Learnt about the short-cuts ways to the destination through the by lanes and other smart ways of getting the seat to sit in the trains : P

And one more weird but wonderful thumb rule to follow was to choose either standing for hours to see vehicles stopping by or just non-stop run and cross 3-5 roads around the circle to be on the other side saving time. Of coarse life was endangered but one has to practice it till expertise as vehicles literally does not stop for you.
So prepare to be active :P

Slow the dance and Enjoy the Music:-

CP @RahulSharmaDo you run through each day,
On the fly?
When you ask, "How are you?"
Do you hear the reply?
When the day is done
Do you lie in your bed
With the next hundred chores
Running through your head?
You'd better slow down
Don't dance so fast.
Time is short.
The music won't last.

As the lines of the "Slow dance" poem (By: David L. Weatherford) goes, I felt we need to stop chasing the fast life and enjoy the moment.

Other friend of mine (Vicky) helped me to halt and salute the music. He introduced me to the Sweet-Pan sold near CP, Regal Cinema Hall, *Nizam’s Kathi kabab sold at CP(Connaught Place) and the authentic North Indian cuisine restaurant *Ek Boti Do Roti at CP have been the most appealing delicacies in Delhi. And lovely Mother dairy ice-cream cannot be forgotten or ignored.

* Address at the end of the post.

Ahh! I feel like lifting myself and dropping right to those places and relishing there at the fullest...

Ambience Tone:-

Humayun Tomb @Rahul SharmaMy beloved city Delhi brings alive the summers the terrible heat but with sweet lime sold on street.

The fog and mist of winters when hardly any driver could see through while driving on the road came with the warmth of heavy woolen clothes and jackets.

And the splendid Delhi rain or dribble-drizzle drenches the body with joy.
Call it any season; Delhi has its own very unique and radiant grace that touches heart and soul instantly without expectation.
Bits of Bliss:-

ITO @Rahul SharmaEvery day this capital of India which is full of connections, confusion, heat, dust, dirt, and hassle-bustle at Yamuna Bridge, (one that connects Lakshmi Nagar to ITO crossing) gets Still in traffic jam.

But the beauty in that Still tick is captured by the elephants tied along the banks of river Yamuna. Those huge elephants are delights halts of the hassle moment, perhaps the reason I love Delhi.

Shopping Street Shine:-

Red Fort @ RahulSharmaThose colorful Janpath shopping lanes and those little pleasant joys of being able to buy from the minimum money is significant experience.

My first tiger print stole/scarf was bought from there many years back costs just 2 dollars.

The bits of pleasure through shopping unique and inexpensive goods can be well attained from several shops/ bazaars like Dilli Haat, Janpath and Tibetan Market, Khan Market, Paharganj, Chandni Chowk, Lajpat Nagar (Central Market)Karol bagh, Sarojini Market, Delhi-NCR.

The choices are countless but the markets are crumbling and chaotic. But sure worth for certain shopping adventures.
I remember, those long walks through the underground crowed tiny lanes of PalikaBazar and in the corridors of the CP covered with enormous branded shops was incredible and still cherished.

There's always a First Time:-

Jama Mosque @RahulSharmaWearing patiala suits with the unfurl dupatta and walks by side of the road which leads to the endless moments of history, portions of Forts, Mosques, monuments, Guru Dwara and local Bazaars in all the city confides its miraculous mysteries.

Statesman Building @RahulSharmaDelhi have been the place where I had my first cappuccino at CCD (Café Coffee Day), my first ever McDonald burger,
my coffee at Mocha with my friends.

Of coarse, latter having discovered the Cha Bar, Delhi's most happening tea lounge at Connaught Place's Statesman Tower (Barakhamba Road), which is as part of the Oxford Bookstore, was my key destination. What tempted me about this place was that the place is full of life.
A comfortable couch, reading novels while sipping the coffee/tea or glazing out the windows, the unique city life keeps occupied.

Old is Gold:-

Qutab Minar @Rahul SharmaLooking back the oldest and first memories of Delhi are when I was a little child. My paa whenever went on the tour to Delhi from Mathura, made sure to bring those lovely bird shaped balloons which were sold at IndiaGate.
And a very strange plastic toy frog shaped, attached with the thin pipe, jumped when being pumped was much loved. It was sold at IndiaGate.
One can still find those playthings sold there.

Still when I see the bubbles in air, it’s the IndiaGate thoughts that infuse my mind instantly. The first amusement park of India, Appu Ghar with its exquisite roller coasters still strikes a chord in heart.

My each day is like assorted toss in Delhi, full of charm and charisma.

 In the recent times, watching the movies like Lakshya, Rang de Basanti and Delhi-6 mesmerized glimpse of the city simply added on the admiration I have for the city spirit and experience. I still like to get hooked to the TV screen to see the celebration of the Republic Day and Independence Day to peep into Delhi’s colourful spectrum.

Brief moments but the memories last a life-time.

Lasting Moments:-

Rain @ RahulSharmaI wonder sometimes memories are so fascinating that they never fade with time rather gets stronger with each regard. But I like to remember the quote, “We must always have old memories and young hopes”.

My aesthetic static moment is Delhi! Déjà vu!!
Indeed! Delhi is full of je ne sais quoi (stylishness, sophistication)!

Perhaps one can never forget the Enduring Legend Born in New Delhi, the “Monkey Man”, the Kala Bander.

Its like what I say, desi dilli ishstyle mein kahani Sunaiyoo..oo..!!

  • A tini-mini thanks to Vicky for introducing me to some aesthetic sides of Delhi.
  • Heartily thanks to Rohan Devesar for the above inspiring picture of IndiaGate contribution. You have a long way to go:)  I’m glad that he instantly agreed to share the picture. Cheers Buddy!
  • I’m truly proud to have friends like Amit Semwal aka Omit d Photographer, Vinit Saini aka SRK and Rakhi for enormously support and affection.
  • And last but not least Thanks to Rahul Sharma aka Pietersen Rahul, a very aspiring passionate photographer who have his own stimulating and energizing angled pictures.
  • I also owe a million ton thanks reach out to all my friends out in Delhi, the Dell'IET/ Delhiwallas for their motivation.

Monkey-Man@ RahulSharma* Nizam's Kathi Kabab
H-Five & Six, Plaza Building,
Connaught Place,
New Delhi,
Tel. : +91-11-2332 1953
site: http://www.nizams.com/

* Ek boti Do roti
P-22/90, Connaught Place,
National Capital Territory of Delhi 110001
Tel: 011 23343935

NOTE : Request not to void the copyrights of the photographers. These pictures cannot be used anywhere eles without permission.
Hope You liked my way of Discovering Delhi Walla Life, revert your :)thoughts !!


  1. Hi,
    Your blog made me reviste Delhi!
    Very nice blog.

  2. This one was a faboulous blog.. I liked it really for two good reasons.. One is very obvious dat u hv mentioned my name in well organised thanks giving ceremony ;). And other one, the blog is about my fav. city in India. Apni delhi. I could not imagine dat in your short rendevous with the city you have learned it so well. Maan gaye kudiye!!!! (typical delhi wala style).


  3. @ Rehaan

    Thank you for visiting the blog and taking time to comment. I'm glad that Liked it so much. Do visit again!!

  4. @ SRK aka Vinit

    Mundiyo!tene toh manana hi tha...assi bhi tuwade dost hainge...So thank to you!
    Without making You people crazy..it would not have been possible.Keep visiting my Blog, your views and vibes both are essential :)

  5. The execution of Photographs enhaces the written story! Liked it verymuch. Blog is awesome.

  6. Thxx for Writing about Delhi ---The BEST METROPOLITAN City of INDIA

  7. Hi,

    A good effort to describe THE CITY "dil wallon ki DILLI"... I missed dis jargon in your article... n its not Delhi but dilli as we call it in its true sense... I have been in dilli for so many years n had many wonderful moments n days... Dilli has so many things to be talked about endlessly.. Gud Effort ... it seems dat u havnt been to delhi for good period otherwise it your blog article could hav been more intresting.. i wanted to share some gud things.. But due to paucity of time couldnot do so... Anyways.. Keep the gud work...
    "Dilli Dilwalon Ki"

  8. Rachana..urs is really a commendable job..its like being in the place thru ..the roads, streets, nukkads, ccd, historical places, religious places, markets, bazaars,DTC buses, local trains, vendors, heat, dust, people, culture, dresses..my god..butiful..i must hav to visit and live all this beauty u hav mentioned..thanku for a lovely post..
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  9. Rachana..urs is really a commendable job..its like being in the place thru ..the roads, streets, nukkads, ccd, historical places, religious places, markets, bazaars,DTC buses, local trains, vendors, heat, dust, people, culture, dresses..my god..butiful..i must hav to visit and live all this beauty u hav mentioned..thanku for a lovely post..
    Thanku for stopping by my blog and ur kind words for my poem..and to the most adding to my blog readers list...thanks a lot..keep visiting..i had some prblm goin on with ma previous blog..so pls join this..http://epiphany666.blogspot.com/

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  11. @ Rahul
    Hey, I must say most of the credit goes to you for your lovely picturesque photographs of Delhi. They made me inspire so much.

    I hope, I continue discovering more of your art!!


  12. @ Jaisingh
    Very true! Its Dilwallon ki Dilli! I'm glad that you liked this post on Delhi. Do share more of your thought and interesting experiences in Delhi! Opps!! Dilli!

  13. @ Vishal Jindal
    Thank you so much for appriciating the post! It was a very nostalgic motion for me expressing Delhi 6!

    However, needless to say, its been my pleasure too going through your blog!

    Blogging Rocks!!

  14. I loved this post. I simply loved each word of it. You know this summer I spent a week in Delhi. The city is indeed fascinating. Made me want come there again and again :)

  15. @ Lena

    ThankYou so much Lena for your very encouraging words. I'm glad that this post urges you to visit Delhi again :)

    However, in the mean time..I'm so happy to see that you visited this post and spent time in commenting! Thankyou Again!!

    Keep the spark Alive

  16. Hi Rachana,

    Seems like some great rachana on Dilli....

    When you ask, "How are you?"
    Do you hear the reply?(thought provoking, real, relevant, pragmatic, compulsive, necessary and philosophical .... it said many unsaid words :))

    It is indeed a blunt question for many issues in the mad rat race of globalistaion .
    Yet to read your full post on Delhi(am eager to complete it).

    Also, would like to suggest you to change the background colour as it is bit difficult for me to catch those white lines and please let me complete the reading :) :) :)

  17. @ Mahesh
    Yes, I still prefer expected reply..."Thankyou! I'm fine..How are you?":P

    Firstly, thankyou so much for dropping me a line..

    Yes! this particular post is quite long and beleive me it took lot of pain for me to make an end...yet I call it a beginnig of my Nostalgic moments:)

    I dint know that the background bothers so much in reading..nobody told me that...however now that I know I shall make the necessary change soon!
    Please feel free to comment:)

    Keep the Spark alive..

  18. I really want to visit Delhi sometime.. havent been to the city yet :)


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