12 September, 2009

My Blog My Bond My Blogger

Blogger 10th Happy Birthday!
There is still a lot to learn & grow
with Blogger..
Here, we all are celebrating Blogger’s 10th birthday and I mull over the beginning of MY Blogging.

Over 2 complete years blogging and Blogger became so significantly phenomenal part of my life.

I still remember the day when I first logged into the world of blogs through the Google into blogger. I was studying MBA and my final year going on. Total stress simply one day made me write into the blog titling it Humming Today. “Humming Today” reflected the best thoughts of my mind during that hour.
My first post, where I have clearly mentioned that I was here only to to explore..inspire..and aspire....I ME MYSELF.

Until then I had no idea that my blog shall be indeed absolutely titled as humming today and people over 136 countries shall be visiting my blog.

Honestly, in the beginning I had no idea of what I shall do or will I get stick to writing a blog. All I could do was to post few games which have readymade HTML form. After I completed my studies, I got married and shifted to a new place. It was only than I thought; writing was something I could do to kill-time.

It took hard to speculate, what would I write that would interest people. And only latter I realized Blog has to be written for self discovery first and the entertainment shall follow the rest. I wrote what I loved to. Personal Experiences, Short Stories, sharing my paintings were the first cum thing to post. Slowly, I understood the rare pulse of writing the blog.

Also then it was a time to explore my own skills and share them at the best on the Blogger. Being a Hotel Management Graduate, writing about the food came easily for me. I shared my mother’s recipes with systematic presentation of pictures so that people find it much easy to read and follow.

Blogging also gave a second way to get connected with my very talented friends. I asked my friends to share and contribute this blog their photographs, recipes, articles etc. I also made friends by posting comments to others blog, getting inspired and appreciating their works. In all I started brushing up my own knowledge and skills. Blogging also gave me absolute confidence to share with world, my thoughts and feelings in form of MY Strong Story over different issues.

While having an urge to enhance the looks to make more personalized blog-page, I also gradually started learning HTML formulas, which have been very new and challenging for me. Perhaps this change could have been done only on Blogger. It gives us the chance to learn and claim.

I never took it’s as a craving feeling to make a mark in blogging. However, Blogging is what I wanted and had a strong desire for inspiration and aspiration.

Its is indeed a pride feeling to know that just looking at my blog I found few of my friends also started blogging on Blogger recently. Now this is a sure celebration and achievement for me and indirectly for Blogger too.

Sometimes I feel that I have been born in the best era, as I got this opportunity to blog. I knew from the beginning of my blogging that there were many others sites where blogging could be done. But when I saw Blogger, instantly I found Blogger to be inevitably user’s friendly. I have observed many little changes and enhancement made in the Blogger in the recent times. Which made me feel more confident, secured, still completely intact with me and my bond-my blog-my blogger.

Moreover, Blogger Help forum and Google experts are just one key hit away to check and advise us in no time. I heartily appreciate and acknowledge their presence. Hence, I have no worries!

My journey where there is unparallel pleasure due to blogging would have not been possible without Blogger. There is still a lot to learn and grow with Blogger.
Here’s wishing Blogger its 10 unrivalled years of compassion and success!


  1. Such a sweet post and appreciation to blogger world.

    Happy birthday to your blog and love your creativity.

  2. I like the way you write with such a flow.
    Also,I shall be back to this blog again.

  3. Hey rachana,
    Very nice article :)
    Even i'm getting inspired to start blogging.
    Keep up the good work

  4. @ Priya :: Thanks pria, its really a great support to have you! And honestly your poems are the best inspiration for my creativity!!

  5. @ Rahul ::
    Thanks for going through the blog and taking time to comment! Hope U come back to visit the blog!!

  6. @ Sunitha ::

    Thank you so much dear! Indeed, it gives me immence pleasure and charm to see your comment and your interest to start the blog. Get going :)
    Love Yeah!!


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