19 September, 2009

Ordinary Miracles - random thoughts

There are few little things that fascinate me and urge me to feel rejuvenated and give thyself a random retreat a free slice of nature’s beauty and life. Isn't it remarkable!!

  • A tiny pure drop or water dripping in a slow motion from the sharp green leaves of trees.
  • The Sky as the window-wallpaper having numerous shades, its hue and the painting changing every split second, when eyes blink.
  • Getting butterflies in your stomach every time you see that one person.
  • Laughing so hard your face jaws hurts badly.
  • Finding the dress you wanted is on sale for half price. 
A Buddha quote says: If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change.Sometimes the miracles around you are as simple, and hardly get noticed. A slight sight sometimes makes a difference. The word “miracle”, enlightens me every time I repeat it in my head. It is such a vivid but lucid feeling.
Of coarse there are many things in life that cannot be explained in words and perhaps they have no proofs of it. It may be said just some random pick up of personal experiences to go through is the document to verify. God! Some believe in Him and some don’t. But what I believe in that the things which cannot be explained are either in destiny or call it it’s the God, who is the greatest visionary of the world, and each life destined on earth and every little detail designed for the reason.

When I filled the form for doing graduation in Hotel Management it was a diploma coarse and the time I got the call letter from the council for admission somehow same time/year the course got upgraded to degree. Today, having my degrees in Hotel Management, I wonder what if the college had not been upgraded, and then I would not have my degrees. I would have never allowed giving my CAT exam and having done my MBA and nothing would have followed the rest.
My life wouldn’t have been the same absolutely!
Perhaps the only thought that astonishes me it that may be it was predestined by the Visionary God.
Of coarse it was fixed in my destiny. It has been like a miracle happening in an everyday routine life of mine. I was studying in class 9 and my classmates asked me one day, what I wanna be when I grow up, like what specific line I wanna pursue in future. I kinda randomly replied without a second thought, it has to be Hotel Management and the reason is I’m a food-lover. Never thought the future really holds that for me. Even those classmates, who are today my best-friends wonder about those noteworthy words.

Indeed you never know what life holds next for you all you know is that if you believe the life definitely holds miraculous moments for you. Miracle is inspiring and a very unique experience that holds high distinguish in life and is for one who believes in. God is willing.
For me miracles can be in two ways. One is when I wished for something but did not plan and it happens to me. And other way is when you have never thought or plan about something and things happens that benefits you is an incredible miracle too. True prayers are heard, it is an accomplished miracle.

It is miracle for me when I’m awe-stuck dumb wondering what to draw and suddenly effortlessly and spontaneously I create spectacle thoughts. Miracle is all around us, just like the caterpillar loves the apple so badly, I kinda love my random thoughts so badly : P

The bottom line is I want to take time to stop, acknowledge and appreciate the modest forms of miracles. This fixes every time brooch smile flash on my face.

P.S. I like believing that the Life is the series of thousands of tiny miracles.

Miniture Miracle

  • The photograph of the purple flower with rain-drops on the petals is taken by Amit Semwal.
  • The painting of apple and caterpillar love is created on PaintBrush, Rachi Creations..made by me.
  • The post may have titled as ordinary miracles but are exceptional and extraordinary to me.


  1. Nice post!

    And you are right...Life is a series of little miracles:)

  2. Hey...
    Thanx for your comments on my blog
    Rasna :P

    And nice post!:)

  3. @ Anu ::

    Thank you so much for going through the post and taking time to comment!
    Indeed the life is great and a each moment is full of pleasure and miracle.

  4. @ Sid ::
    Hey sid, simple my pleasure to go through your blog, besides Thank you so much for going through this blog:)

  5. I so agree with everything you said. But you know I believe these miracles happen for a reason, we might not know it, not understand it, not accept it, but there is always a reason behind each miracle. Though not knowing it actually makes it so much magical.

  6. @ Lena

    Very true Lena,anything call it happens for a reason and a reason which is far more broader than what we can imagine.That is how we regard it as Miracle! Indeed, God is the biggest Visionary!!

    Thankyou so much for taking time and commenting:)

  7. All of it is kinda Magic...N yes,everything happens for a reason...For some miracles bring happiness for others they leave behind questions unanswered...I believe God answers them later ...


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