09 September, 2009

Random Nine Photographs

Random 9 pictures on 09.09.09 are in reality not random but exquisite moments of time. I thought to share with you all. These photographs are taken by my dear friends. This is like some kind of celebration of moment. I’m proud to share and am grateful for their contribution of their creative art.

For me taking pictures is no big deal but its all about how you capture and infuse the emotions of the moment. No certified verification needed this only the people with big heart can do!

Photography goes beyond any explanations. It’s an observation where the photographer captures little things which everyone does not notice but the photographs make you see and wonder. A photograph is a way of deep feeling, instant touch and immense urge of love.

I adore the following pictures and the art touches my soul completely. So without more ado, lets start with the saying Picture speaks thousand Words but Picture Speaks Louder than Words”.

These people are not professional photographs but surely they share a pulse of passionate photography.

NOTE: Click on the photographs and view the better and the tiny details of the moment in Enlarged Photographs.

Taj hotel Mumbai @PratyusPatnaik
1. Photo Courtesy : Pratyus Patnaik
This photograph is the famous, striking Taj Hotel, the glory of Mumbai. The Taj which stood strong and tall during crises of 26/11. But I believe that this Taj is like a catalyst of unity and happiness of people and this marvelous feeling is well captured in picture. I feel this salient picture has a perfect standards in terms of angle, lights or theme.

Go Green@NitinGurav
2. Photo Courtesy : Nitin Gurav
This picture is taken in Aralgundi, a small village in Maharashtra which is the hometown of Nitin. When, I see this picture I wonder the beautiful little things that Nature offer. Most often such little things with gives us immense happiness gets unnoticed by us. Indeed nature has its own beauty in the imperfect details.

MoonWalk @ AmitSemwal
3. Photo Courtesy : Amit Semwal
This photograph is captured at Jaipur,Rajashan. Amit is expert in capturing the very normal pictures but with twist of fantasy. Here, this picture has its own looks and more I could justify in words, it’s like a way from earth to moon. This picture reflects the real essence daily routine ending with the fantasy. Its like a dreamland, and simply adore it.

Bird crown @ShubhamJoshi
4. Photo Courtesy : Shubham Joshi
Capturing birds and animals is very tough. Either one captures them incidentally or one has to keep waiting and clicking to hold the best of the shot. This picture is taken at Maksi which is situated on Mumbai-Agra highway. I really don’t know the name of the bird but what I know is that this pose of the bird is stunning. Look at the cute crown like feathers over its head. You rock man!

Home Diwali@KabirGoswami
5. Photo Courtesy : Kabir Goswami
As I have believed and mentioned above that taking pictures is no big deal until the picture is infused with the feeling and embraced with passion. This photograph is taken at home celebrating the eve of Diwali festival. Delightful small clay pots, lighten lamps decorated in a Star shape instantly captures attention. It is a pleasing scenic reflecting the hope and happiness. Isn’t it great how something so simple can totally make your day.

Golden Temple@ BharatBathi
6. Photo Courtesy : Bharat Bathi
This photograph is the famous and magnificent Golden Temple of Amritsar,Punjab. The thrown is made up of real gold. Very well the golden spark of the temple is captured under the bright blue sky. A studded full moon above seems like blessing for the perfect photograph. It’s a fine-looking exquisite momemtum carried in flash of the camera.

Insect@ Sameer
7. Photo Courtesy : Sameer
Capturing insects is very difficult as they do not get still easily. So this photograph reflects the patience. I like the way tiny droplets over the body of the strange insect is captured.Indeed, Moments are for the moment and if captured in the pictures it’s the true colors of time and age.

Daughter Painting@UKS
8. Photo Courtesy : UKShakyawar
Emotions are attached with the photographs. This is ME in the photograph taken by my father. The captured moment in the photograph goes back more than 20 years when I was a little chide. Being a very naughty child had torn almost all his sketches from the drawing book. So just before I would destroy more of his art work, he thought to capture the moment with his works. Of coarse this photograph recollects so many moments of my childhood. Above all photographs is all about captivating feelings.

Most Moment@BhupeshKoli
9. Photo Courtesy : Bhupesh Koli
This photograph is taken by Hubby when I was newly married. I find this picture very enchanting. Also it’s a picture that has captured my thoughts just rightly. A little distorted quality of the photographs actually adds value to the aura. Perhaps, that is why sometimes imperfections seem so perfect ;)

NOTE : Request not to void the copyrights of the photographers. These pictures cannot be used anywhere eles without permission.


  1. i should start with appreciating the quality of language which you used to explain the complex of simplicity.
    secondly.... the way you see the world..i mean the way you think...the different perspective ...which is really a extraordinary thing.........and last but not the least.....the labour which you have put-in to gather information and creating platform for other to read and see some quality stuff.....
    Keep going mam.....loved it......
    will love see some more from you....

  2. Awesome pics and each one of them is beautiful. The last one is simply elegant.

  3. Nice pics... I guess each n every selected picture is Unique.. n conveys a language of emtions captured by different individuals... Kudos for description.. which made photographs even more communicative... gud work...

  4. some lovely photos there :) Loved the star one esp :)

  5. @ Shubhsmiles
    Thank u so much for appriciating the work. Indeed the Photographs are so much inspiring!

    And keep Up with the work!!

  6. @ Priya
    Indeed! each picture has so much to speak! Ofcoarse, I'm blessed with all talented friends like You:)

  7. @ Jay
    Yes! Pictures have universal language of feeling like music have. I appriciate your words and soon shall add second part :)

  8. @ Vishesh
    Thanks! I shall convey your message to the photographer!
    Hope you will review the blog again!
    Keep the Spark Alive..

  9. "well thought...well composed"
    ........on this thought i request no 10th comment please....as that will be a spoil-sport and will ruin the theme 9.9.9......

  10. Hey...

    I love all these pics....
    technically i liked that green leaf....
    Being a photographer, I rate the pic having you.....it reflects the unsaid moods.

  11. Wow, very wonderful pictures, it conveys so much emotions and tells a lot of story. You did have a great blog.

  12. It is simply amazing that photos say so much more than words can actually describe. However,in the above case,the photos complement ur writing.I love ur prespective of seeing things which was reflected in your writings.. Keep up the good work!!


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