27 October, 2009

Nostalgia - the Past Perfect

BLUE Emotions @ Rachi Creations..
As the quote goes,Nostalgia is like a grammar lesson: You find the present tense and the past perfect”.

Ahh! The wheel of the time which continuously turns over churning the life with best and odd moments…wish there was a reverse gear! Hmm…being a bit…Nah! Very Nostalgic!

 Here, I have come up with a Game to play with all my dear reader buddies. Each line is like a Stimulator to the best and the odd incredible moments.

All you need is to read each line and feel it and try to recall the moment instantly before reading the next line…

So take few long breaths and go back to your origin and sense the experience…

  • Remember the first day of your life in School?
  • Remember the strange earthy fresh smell of the new notebook?
  • Remember your first raincoat?
  • Remember your very new and stylish car shaped pencil box?
  • Remember very heavy and much larger than you the school bag carried on your tiny shoulders?
  • Remember how you shared your Tiffin box with friends during lunch break?
  • Remember the way you hated doing homework?
  • Remember the way you threw your bag on the bed and ran outside to play with your colony friends?
  • Remember buying picture charts to paste for the project-work assigned in school?
  • Remember during vacations writing the cursive writing books to improve your handwriting?
  • Remember the first time you fall down so badly while cycling and hurting your knees so badly?
  • Remember your classroom blackboard, where you often made funny cartoons?
  • Remember throwing small chalk pieces in the classroom?
  • Remember scribbling on the last page of the notebook?
  • Remember trying to paint in the art class, however not liking drawing?
  • Remember the way you loved eating Rajma Chawal in lunch during Sundays?
  • Remember the first time you made tea without anybody’s help?
  • Remember the way you had silly fight with your friends over getting out in hide and seek game, you cried and came back home in anger?
  • Remember playing under table making tents with the bed sheet?
  • Remember eating poppins or hoping the colorful gems?
  • Remember wearing colorful dress in the school on your birthday?
  • Remember getting dressed up as a sunflower for the annual day function?
  • Remember you brought in school your new sweet fragrant eraser to show off in front of your classmates?
  • Remember flying kites on the terrace and cutting your finger due to sharp thread? Remember your first cycle with side supports?
  • Remember the first time you started writing with pen in school?
  • Remember the way you waited to watch and every time got amazed to see the rainbow after the rains?
  • Remember making paper boats and paper frogs in the free classes?
  • Remember playing pranks in the school assembly?
  • Remember pretending to feel dizzy in the long school assembly?
  • Remember singing the National Anthem in the school?
P.S. Hope these lines stimulated you to remember your innocence which we have almost lost in the chaos of fast forward life!

Time shall fly away the moment you actually realize it.
Make it last longer, make it memorable!

Note: The drawing is thyself created namely BLUE EMOTIONS @ rachi creations..


  1. hey rachana
    wat a sweet post n that starry starry
    night swinging effect adding every bit to it..butiful
    though i couldn recall much of my very earlier frames of life..like my first day in school..pitty my bad memory..xcuse the poor lad :)
    the xperience was still so butiful..


  2. Rachana... You took me on a tour to my Past...

    thanks for your wonderful post.

  3. heya rachana....
    this was sooo sooo gud ya!
    loved this post as i traversed bac intime...the fragrant eraser...poppins!!! wow!!
    n scribblings on the last page...
    childhood is so puerile..so innocent so wonderful!!
    thnx for the refresher!
    god bless!:)

  4. Very Lovely post :
    I remember how special everything was in my childhood. Even a leaf of tree looks so beautiful...a strange feeling which today I feel, has been lost... whenever I bought a new pen...there is something different in it which stimulates to write more and more... The game of fight in lunch time instantly makes me laugh today...With heavy bags, when I used to run against the rain, even today I can remember its joy...I have been very close to nature..The fields, the river, the trees...these make me very nostalgic...and make my childhood days very special to me... Today when I retrospect...everything looks so beautiful, so jovial that even today remembering them I feel a refreshing and rejuvenating feeling...

    Thanks a lot for reminding my childhood
    days... :)

  5. what a post...
    made me realize some of things I thought were unhappy but turned out to be really funny considering now..

  6. Hi buddy....

    Yeah, it is nostalgic, truly nostalgic jus nostalgic....
    may be coz of my bad/erasable childhood.... :(

  7. @ Vishal

    I'm glad that You are first one to comment this post.
    Also it me happy to know that you liked the drwaing and the stimulation of the post really worked till some extent...

    Keep Visiting buddy!

  8. @ Suree
    I'm glad that this post made you look into your past with a smile!

    Thanks, Suree for visiting and hope you come up again:)

  9. @ Divsi
    It's such a sweet feeling to know that this post made you thing about the litle but very precious momentd of happiness you had in childhood!

    May you create more such moments and I shall keep reminding you those moments through such posts!

    May you visit again :)
    God Bless you!!

  10. @ Amit

    Your comment is as inspiring a any poem!
    Must say loved your comment..Your words gives goosebumps...and at converse..
    ...I feel a refreshing and rejuvenating feeling...

    Keep the spark Alive..

  11. @ RSV
    Yeah! Life is all about this! Latter when had happen, one always feel, "Glad that it happened..as today it brought me smile"

    Glad that you liked it..but picture abhi baki hai mere dost ;)

    Keep visiting!

  12. Fantastic posting!!! TOTAL RECALL!!!

  13. Hi Rachana...

    Seems you are goin to hit the century mark in posts soon....so planning any blast n feast(in writing)??

    Am waiting buddy :)

  14. Awesome post. The past is always a learning process where we stumble to grow with not knowing and fly like a butterfly. You rocked it. The past is always a freedom of innocence in which we took time to see and learn. Now I want all those candies which I ate including poppins and the run around hopping like a small child.

  15. You made me feel very nostalgic, and few moments were worth remembering. Came here through Vishnu's blog. Glad I did. This place is happening and u have a vibrant writing

    Almost forgot, I loved ur comment on his latest post about God, So very true!

  16. @ Sri

    Welcome to my Blogpage |Humming Today|
    I'm glad that you found the post interesting a a bit nostalgic.

    DO visit again..
    Keep the spark Alive..

  17. @ Mahesh

    Yeah you are right! I guess I shall be hitting “the Sachin-Lucky-Century” soon. T
    hough, I like to believe it’s just the beginning.
    I already had few things to share with you all but I guess now I must wait for the century to hit in and make it more memorable!
    Needless to say, it is such a pleasure to hear century reminder!

    Thank you for the constant support, motivation and the of coarse the reminder:)

    ~Keep the spark Alive
    ~Celebrate friendship..

  18. @ Pria

    Thank you so much pria!
    Indeed the life is all about Learing..

    I guess I shall keep learning and shall never grow up, and always hang over such nostalgic moment of childhood.

    You comment is so beautiful almost resembling to your sweet poems. Hey been long time….haven’t read any of your new inspiring poem. I have a request for you pour into a poem sweet lines on the charming childhood memories. I shall love to read it. Mail me or post in your blog!

    Let’s hop together and celebrate life!

  19. @ Srivats

    I heartily welcome You to my blog |Humming Today|

    I’m glad that this post actually could ignite few sweet moments which we have almost left far behind.

    Also it’s a pleasure to have seen being appreciated for the thought I reflected in Vishnu’s recent post. In fact, I also liked you inspiring quote in the same post.

    Hope you visit again my blog and enrich with you comment!

    P.S. I loved your aspiring blog |bookshelf|

    Keep the spark Alive..


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