27 February, 2010

Hello Honey - 55fiction #06

Note: 55 Fictions is precise form of micro-fiction that refers to the works of fiction limited to a maximum of fifty-five words.

HELLO honey! ~ 55fiction

Since evening;
HE has made call at least seven times,
Desperately yet another time
he tries luck and
calls in an hour again.
I took the handset in my hand and..
..replied firmly,
"SHE has not yet returned home.."
He could not identify my voice again;
perhaps thought that he was speaking to my MOM !!

  • Have you ever tried fooling others on phone..!?
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  • The above drawing is made by ME as a part and extention of  my art in...  Rachi Creations..1 ~ "Rachi Creations..2"

1st The Colors Magazine’s blog post contest “Show your best” have choose Oh what an F-word post of this blog as the Winner for the month January as for being a little bit more creative, a little bit more original, a little bit more attractive. Click the links and enjoy!


  1. Absolutely love it.. Tring tring.. she is here;)

  2. @ Priya

    hehehhe...Thanks :)

    Perhaps...guys will never know..what girls want! And Woman at it's best singing.."Man! I feel like a WOman"..!

    Luv yeah always!

  3. That was nice :P
    Btw,Have you fooled people like this on the phone?:P

  4. This chick seems to be enjoying a lot...hhhmm.Gr8 going Rachana..waiting 4 more ... :)

  5. @ Anu

    Glad u liked it...
    yeah...done this many a times...fortunately i got the tone and sound like mom...

    Almost a year around i enjoy sch April food days...

    Btw. Hav u do this ever?!

  6. heheh!! kewl one!!!
    i do it too:P my mum speaks to many ppl as me:D

    very nice idea for 55 fiction!

    p.s: i have returned to bloggin!! yay!!

  7. lolz..that was a nice 55 fiction indeed..!!!

    visit my blog if youre not busy

  8. Classic touch....
    simple, straight but a magnum ....
    loved it....
    it bears your stamp :)

  9. Superb!!
    very naughty indeed :)

    Loved the beautiful picture you've painted to go along with the story.

    Keep up the good work Rachana.


  10. Very nice.This is my first visit and enjoyed the post thoroughly.
    Picture too is superb.

  11. Oh this happens to the best of us ! especially if you re dating someone newly..

  12. Thats a very sweet illo!And I absolutely loved HER way:))hehe...

    ps:Your comment always makes me smile...Thanks a lot for inspiring thru ur words...

  13. Lovely !! :)) used to make a lot of crack calls when i was younger :p

    Liked the artwork too .. keep it up :)

  14. As usually good work.

    So time to pay a toll for the same.

    Visit my page.

  15. Congratulations for the award rachana :)You deserve the best of best..... way to go >>>>>>>



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