15 March, 2010

mom and Me - Born Bond

~ Below is the personal love letter for the person who is the most generous, genuine and giving in nature. Here, I dedicate this one post of the blog for the person whose personal pleasures, time and energy of life had been devoted for me. Kindly spare your ten minutes in reading this letter which is really worth!
Born Bond~(C)~Geetali Pradhan

~ "Youth fades, love droops, the leaves of friendship fall;
a Mother's secret hope outlives them all." ~
Oliver Wendell Holmes

Dearest Mommy!

~ When I was in your womb, enjoying indirectly the curd and tomato salad you ate, I knew I was coming to be in a healthy family. I was definitely blessed! You brought me to this earth with so much of pain yet made my life simply painless.

~ When I was six months old, you liked dressing me in a nice bright pink frill frock with matching socks and shoes. You made me look like an angel. Perhaps the only time I looked so cute and a true angel.

~ When I was three years old, you feed me with your own hands the rajma-chawal with lots of ghee into it. I was developing my tastes to the wondrous food you made. You made me surprised every time to make food with same taste, flavors and aroma. Perhaps with love you make and serve the food is beyond the doubt so incredibly delicious and divine just like you are!

~ When I was five, I had my few choices in food and made faces when you cooked green vegetables. But you made sure I ate them to get all the needed vitamins.
Perhaps, then I learnt you were a typical dedicated mother who can run with the bowl of rice behind the kid for hours and still not feel tired.

~ When I was six, I didn’t like to get up in the morning and moreover didn’t like going school. I used to roll into my bed under the bed cover.
But then you used to come to me inside the bed cover, hugged me, cuddled and played with me for next five minutes. Latter slowly whispered into my ears to get up as you had packed my favorite sandwich into the Tiffin-box. And guess what I used to get up soon. Indeed, mom you were elegantly too smart and knew me so well.

~ When I was seven, I participated in the running race in the school sport day event. You came to cheer me but I could not make it that hundred meters race. I was sad and very upset.
But then you said that
same race-concept applies to life too. Don’t you get despair and get carried away in the failure. Though coming last in race you made it last longer as you ran so well till end. You are true sportsman and so live up that spirit.
Perhaps only than I understood, the participation was more important and just winning. And there I learnt my first basic lesson of the life taught my mom!

~ When I was nine and going to school, you came to pick me up. I remember you talking to my class-teacher. I was so scared if teacher told you about my mischief in the classroom and you might just scold me latter. Though you knew, I was a kid and a naughty one too; you took patience to explain me the things that embarrassed you to hear about me. I remember that day when I became class-monitor and you were so happy to see me lead! Perhaps you explanation drives me to my best of the expectation.

~ When I was ten, I enjoyed playing with my friends’ everyday after returning from the school. One day when a boy (my classmate) teased me, I came running to you and you willingly supported me and readily scolded the boy for making me sad. Perhaps latter you did explain me with good grace that fighting and patching up with friends is the part of good friendship. Ever since than you became my best friend.

~ When I was twelve, I was asked by you to participate in all the cultural activities in the school. You made all the efforts to help and guide me for those programs.You wanted me to look the best in the group. Hence you persistently made some extra effort by coming with me to the shop to buy all the craft works and the dress needed in the program. I realized, you were my best cheerleader and wanted me to understand the core behind the perfection. Indeed, I realized then that each minute of perfection was worth the effort you made, when I won the first prize in the poem recitation.

~ When I was fifteen, I was studying in the room during weekend. You came with the (besan) chickpeas flour paste mixed with honey. You dipped your palms in the paste and rubbed gently on my face. I wondered why!
The next bizarre day you came with the curd and cream then rubbed on my head even each hair strands.

Mom, I knew well that I was your sweetheart darling daughter, but you turned me into sweet darling dessert with missing red cheery on my head :P

Till then I used to drink glass of milk twice a day to get proper nutrition but since you thought I was a dessert, you made me apply raw milk on my face too every morning, to get instant glow. Phew!
You called me into the kitchen to teach me how to make dough; I thought you must be kidding though.
You wanted me to learn many more household things. However never took my help and did your things sincerely. Conceivably I was then just fifteen.

Looking at you I understood the basic ethics of being a mom of the daughter child.

~ When I was seventeen, you took me to the shopping. We had lots of fun and ate ice cream. I found your negotiating skills while buying things in the market. No shop keeper could fool you around. You were tough yet charming with your apt market price analysis. In market you never compromised. Though you comprised and settled for the best.

Finally you bought me few salwar-suits and told me that this suits me the best. I hated this very thought of yours, though I understood the apt concern behind your act. Eureka! I was growing up!

Perhaps, I understood, being a mom/woman is not easy living with.. so many quick correct decisions making, further responsibilities and constraint constantly rushing into mind.

~ When I was eighteen, you shared your biggest crush story and asked mine. I had my long list of people and you had only one to still sublime. Astonishingly, I discovered your crush was Amitabh Bachchan!(Click Here) Gimme a break mom!

When it rained you dragged me outside in the rain, we together felt breeze and together enjoyed each raindrop on our skin. I knew then that you were not just my mom, my best friend but also you were as joyous as being a virtual sister of mine.

~ When I was twenty two, I was going for higher studies and moved to the hostel life. You knew I would feel hungry at mid-night so you prepared so many snacks, wrapped safely and kept without my knowledge into my bag. You hugged me and only said take care! You missed me badly but never showed. You pretended to be strong hearted, though you are very soft and sensitive at core.
I know mummy, you have been more geared to understand and focused in making best choices to our personal lives. Hence you have ability to make hard calls when needed yet balance to uphold.

Till now,
~YOU always bought things I LIKED,
~ cooked the food I LIKED,
~ watched the television serial I LIKED and
~ YOU even wore the dress on occasions that I LIKED
~ You devoted all you choices to me. And only a Mothers’ could do so.

~ You made coffees and milk shakes at odd times for making me to study little more a while.
Concentrate to study and don’t you sleep on books, Girl! You said to uplift my mood! And we together giggled. ~ Somehow,you always had strong instincts to know what was behind the closed doors and blocked thoughts :)

~ You prepared snacks and tit-bits for my friends when invited at home.
You welcomed and treated them with the same sweet love and hub of warmth.
You are a true natural nurturant. And ability to connect with everyone comes with ease. Compassionate thought without compare has been your natural traits.

~ When I was giving my exams of studies or personal life, you were the one who was constantly praying for me. I know you prayed God to pass me with good results and you also prayed to pass all my worries and troubles to you. I came out with glorious rainbow colors and all praise goes to you and only You!

~ The green leafy vegetables you cooked that I hated the most in my childhood, today staying far ~when I am twenty six, I tend to ask the same recipes on phone everyday. I often miss the chicken curry you prepared every Sundays.

Though I call it being stylish but miss the oil in my head that you added and massaged to relax me so well. You brush away the tangles from my hair, yet also the tangles of my life!

Me & Mom
I love your care, composure, your completeness.
The strength, the power the dignity you reflect.
Your hand’s tenderness in warmth is paramount.
The character you have shown..
...in you moves is mounting at infinite.
I’m proud to owe you, Mom!
Your humble voice makes my pain vanish,
The choices you make,
Decisions you take,
And the courage you bear!

Mom & ME
I love when you smile and cook.
I love the way you look.
For the long journey made in the time travel,
Take me into your arms and let me sleep sound.
Let me be a kid for the moment again sitting in your lap;
Let the ticking time stops right there,
You believe in me beyond horizon.
You’re compassionate being passionate.
You sight off my imperfections.
To teach ME the best has been your only ultimate mission!

For me you are multiple skill sets, handling tasks with perfections. You have managed the time, resources, money, emotions, relationships and ME so well.
You are the best chef, best nutritionist, best beautician, best cheerleader, best teacher, best Human Resource Manager (...perhaps how can we ignore, the charm you carry in the way, you challenge Paa to run at your commands!)

Indeed, YOU been the best mom and perhaps the best woman, ever have influenced ME so much and yet I am competing to be the Best like you!

Love you so much for everything!
~ I'm so glad that I share my DNA with You :)

Your loving Daughter;
Umi :)

  • Dear readers, please welcome Geetali Pradhan, my childhood and school days friend, who made this lovely ecstatic pencil sketch. She is a sterling friend and perfect daughter. This sketch is her personal life based sketch featuring her loving mom and herself as a child into it. A heartily thanks to you Geetali, for letting me use your exultant sketch in this post making it look so ideal.
  • Kindly do not copy the picture without permission!
  • Also I have added above two photos, one photo is of year 1999 and other photo is of year 2009 when my mom came here to meet me! Yep! Exactly 10years in fact 26 years with the rocking bond!
  • Perhaps today, 15th March,2010 we will celebrate her 50th HappyBirthday as Golden jubilee of her life! Happy Birthday Mom!!

~ Salute to Womanhood! ~
HappyBirthday Mom..Muhaaa..!


  1. oh yes... this was a very beautiful creation of urs Rachana.. how nicely u have traveled time with her wonderful moments.. she does form a very big part of life, a mom.. and she's the success behind every child i think...

    kudos to u.. this was really wonderful.. i'm thinking of doing my own take on this with my memories... if u'd permit! :)


  2. Very beautiful tribute to your mother. As a parent there's nothing more lovely than a child thanking you for all you've done. We all try hard to do our best & we make mistakes just like everyone else. But in the end it's the love that transcend everything else & the love between you & your Mom is very apparent.



  3. Beautiful... you brought tears in my eyes which is otherwise very difficult.

  4. It is so touching.
    You have an excellent flow of writing.

  5. Wonderful........Mother's love is THE ONLY unconditional love!..........:)

  6. Excellent :) Wishing your Mom a very happy birthday on her 5oth birthday :)

  7. Hey Rachana, even if you don't say, I read all of your posts. Needless to say I love your blog too!

    And by the way, moms are such. They sometimes wont even eat before giving you your meal.

    Tell her I said Happy B'day :)

  8. @Rachana Hey nice post. I am catching up reading on your blog. Its been a while for me.

    That was geetali's drawing. I know she was very active in drawing. I wonder if she is continuing with it.

    @photo with your mom with Coconut...Is that future Rachana? Or can we expect you looking like her at her age...Lolz..

    Say hello to your mom...

  9. this is really a nice post..i remember my own mother >.<

    visit my blog if you have time ^_^

  10. Awww...this makes me miss my mommy...:-(
    Glad that u have such a super mom...
    Wish u both great moments of togetherness...
    Loved reading the post:-)

  11. Wow! what a beautiful portrayal of emotions through the milestones.
    Loved the magic the pictures added :)

    Keep up the wonderful work Rachana.


  12. Inspiring thought: "coming last in race you made it last longer as you ran so well till end"

    Mothers were,are and always will be great!

  13. I have many things to say in this context....but i cant express them here.....may be i cannot relate with them or connect with dem in the way they are meant to be.....somehow i cannot respond openly to childhood and motherhood concepts though i write about them....

    The pics are quite composing...

    I do appreciate ur habbit of adding your friends contributions to ur blog in all the possible way and hence making it more You.

    All i can say is the presentation could have better as per your standards and parameters....

    loving sparks from a lovely person :)

  14. Dear readers/friends

    Thankyou so much for the lovely wishes and love that you pour everytime in my Blog!

    I have told my mom all about you...and she wishes you all the best in life :)

    Bwt: Love you all!
    ANd yeah..Mitul, you are a giant funny dude!

    Keep the spark ALive..

  15. What a touching and a beautiful letter, dear! It really brough tears to my eys.

    We can say words are not enough to thank our mothers for everything they do for us. But you know, you just found the right ones :)

  16. What a lovely tribute to your Mom! And it certainly takes me back in time to pleasant memories of my own mother when I was yong. She got sick and passed away when I was 12...it also reminded me of how much she has been missed in the days since. Thank you for the reminder.
    ArtfulExpress Creative Life http://artfulexpress.blogspot.com/

  17. Very beautiful :).... You took me back to my childhood days !!!

  18. Very touching, lovely tribute...prompts me to go back in time and relish those sweet memories.

  19. HI Rachana,
    I loved this posting especially the Para
    "Till now,
    ~YOU always bought things I LIKED,
    ~ cooked the food I LIKED,
    ~ watched the television serial I LIKED and
    ~ YOU even wore the dress on occasions that I LIKED
    ~ You devoted all you choices to me. And only a Mothers’ could do so."
    Such words brought tears in my eyes (thanks god there is no one sitting near to me in office)
    It's a very touching words u have put it in. Hat's off to u.....
    Give my regards to ur Mom and family
    Hope i too start to Blog soon!
    Once again well written.
    I am going to share this link with my mom tooo....

    If u need any help in creating some images please not me know....
    Hope u know me on orkut and facebook too...
    Now my work is to design ads for Texas Newspaper......Designing is a very interesting and creative field.....Hope u too like it....i will mail u all the creative ads i have designed.

    Well see u soon



  20. Beautiful! In each words I could feel the mothers love and the daughters reflection of it :)

    And hey with all your mom's love, care, warmth and prayer you look cute and true angel even now :) And check the mirror Mom's dessert and milk treatment speaks for it now :P

    And today is March 15, wishing your mom a wonderful birthday :)

    I am not an atheist you know why? When I was born and growing up, I saw God in mom :)

  21. I have no words to appreciate this...You have very captured it all.I think we should salute the motherhood and the bond we share with our mothers.Mother's love is truly unconditional.


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