18 March, 2010

Clueless Leaf - Leaves me Breathless

~ Kindly bear this post Long one but with a Twig/Twist..! Take it as a journey with an ambition to learn, explore and innovate more...relax..open your mind doors and then start reading!
Life is clueless, complicated yet full of colors and choices to make. I don’t believe in any situation has no option or only one option…until you leave hope and surrender the circumstance. Perhaps, all have abundance of options and doors to open and explore the new.

This time I have come across to this post only to share my view and a very strong conviction for life I follow in!

There will be many moment in life when you might just end up questioning self, Who I am and why I chose this job/career/relationship/material? I've completely lost sight of!!
~ Though life privileged you with the choice to make for whatever you gain or lost.
~ Yet just sometimes, being a bit clueless is the biggest hint can give to triumph over new options!

I have found that the options availability are many...and plenty but an adamant behavior, rigid thoughts or conventional society or family pressure results in supporting your stubborn nature. ~Utter confusion strives to limit the options.
~ Perhaps, not every time you have to be conventional at your choices. Now what is unconventional yet willful you choose!

We need to flexible our self a bit more and look around the options. We all know each person have different views and perception of certain things…yet we don’t share our ideas and enhance the up built. (Kindly go through this post to understand different views people have for same thing: Perception Reflection - Part Two)

Oxygen (O2) : Oxygen gas normally is the divalent molecule O2.
Some interesting facts about oxygen(O2) are as follows:

  • All life on earth is based on 5 basic elements: sulfur, nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen. Amongst these, the element that is most abundant is oxygen. Oxygen makes up about 65% of the human body. It is quite evident why it is essential to keep our body oxygenated. Odorless, tasteless, and colorless, oxygen is one of the most important substances without which life would not be able to exist.
  • Oxygen is the sole element that has the capability of combining with practically all other elements in order to form the essential ingredients that are required for building and maintaining our body.
  • For instance: water is made up of oxygen and hydrogen(H2O) ; carbohydrates are made up of oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon; proteins are made up of oxygen, hydrogen, carbon, and nitrogen.
  • The list of crucial roles played by oxygen is quite endless. It is necessary for oxidization, or combustion, and also acts as a preserver, sanitizer, deodorizer, and disinfectant. Our cells are energized by oxygen, which helps them to regenerate. Oxygen regulates all the functions of the body. Our ability to talk, sleep, eat, move, feel, and think are all dependent on the energy that is generated by oxygen. Our body uses oxygen for the metabolism of food and the elimination of waste and toxins via oxidation. Oxygen is used by the brain to process information.

Real FACT: We can go without food for a number of weeks and survive, we can even go without water for 3-7 days, but we cannot survive without oxygen beyond 5 minutes. Oxygen is the third most abundant element found in the sun, and it plays a part in the carbon-nitrogen cycle, the process once thought to give the sun and stars their energy.

Though we inhale mix of gasses, our lungs filters the rich oxygen and exhale the rest of gases. And if we voluntarily stop breathing (i.e. hold our breath) for a long enough amount of time, we would lose consciousness, resulting lack of oxygen to supply to the vital organs of the body and a fallout with a dead brain, declaring death or suicide.

Hence, people must understand the value of Oxygen in our living/ existence.
I have mentioned so many essential facts about the Oxygen O2, so that the people who are not from the specific science background can also learn and understand about the significance of Oxygen, perhaps the Breath of Life.

~ But then why are we suddenly discussing about Oxygen/Science!

Yes back to the main theory I have always believed and propagated is philosophy of OPTIONS OPEN (O2) perhaps, the chemical formula of normal Oxygen.

Without the Options Open implemented in our life…we are dead in our plans and deceased in our happy existence.
Not that life does not offer us second door to open and explore but we often get hocked with our inflexibility and looking for only one closed door with all the odd pretensions and uncertain calculations.
Options Open (O2) is as important and essential as Oxygen into our life, perhaps it is the Breath of Life.
Life is already clueless, so please don’t make it much complicated with comparison charts, unnecessary expectations, forceful acts and pressures. ~ O yes, love to quote from 3Idiots Movie, Life is not a pressure cooker..., perhaps do not cook assumptions for life but let life offer you the best options open. Certainly only you are alone are cooking and diving in stress storm. Adversity is inevitable, stress is optional..!

~ Do not endure stress, fatigue, sleepless nights…nothing can be the worst…more than if you keep continue thinking of something or just nothing...A tiny Headache will take no time to convert into Heart-attack…perhaps a dying of Thought-Attack. So be careful!

Options Open Oxygen @rachicreations
O2-ClulessLeaf @Rachi Creations..
"..I am breathless without you
The wind circles among the trees,
And it bangs about the new-made leaves,
For it is breathless without you.."
(Breathless: NickCave and the Bad seeds
scroll n LISTEN BELOW.)
Worry for the worry is Waste.
Worry to beat the negativity.
~ Be a warrior.
Choose for the bountiful Ocean of ideas.
And Options Open (O2) for availability to opt.
~ Breathe Oxygen and Clam down!
Be comfortable to the change,
As only constant is the change,
Convey your sense of Confidence.
~ No one is Culprit…do not blame either ME or Yourself,
Relax and take a break from your rehearsal and repetitive rounds,
~ Review the Options Open (O2).
Collect your thoughts use your creativity and courage to choose!
Certainly Life has a lot to offer and rejoice!!

Remember: Certain things are good only when opted best in the right time, apt momentlate decisions may lead to the diluted and irrelevance of the choice made. So choose the best from the available options in a set of time. Late decisions making, looses the charm of experience. Don’t be a loser, breath the Oxygen(O2) and look forward to as many Options Open quickly!

Making priority list is good…yeah I said The Priority-List….make and count as one, two three…just as you would like to say as plan A, plan B or if not than plan C implementation. What best or most matches your needs just select that. Array and assess opportunities, alternate ways, new prospective. Sky is your limit! Fly with new innovative ideas. Be a singular in the plural world! You are definitely a scientist and can discover/invent something worth and new.

Let you shape your world and existence with your own best decisions from choosing the options open from the priority list!

Yeah! The Best is what you choose and sincerely contribute in...the finest can be anything you want or wish to make. Absolutely it is YOU who decide and do the best and leave the rest! All your choices are correct. Just count one, two, three... and all.

~ Life is like a bestseller book. Pick the book, and randomly open any page and start reading. Whatever and whenever you read will be interesting and captivating. All you need it to opt/willing to open the page, read and rejoice.

And someone best said, If you are feeling overwhelmed with your family responsibilities, please get help if you can afford it. Find a sitter for your children, explore options for aging parents, and seek counseling for yourself. In many cases, you have options, but you need to take the time to find them. Make the best use of the options available.

Let’s not fuss so much about the hullabaloo Life…lets pick options that are distinct and yet brings merit in our life and also create a distill difference into other’s life too.

~ Indeed, Life is a collection of moments and choosing from the options-open (O2), gives the life a momentum!

Though philosophies can be only words sometimes..but one cannot ignore the importance of choosing from what life offers to you and what you give back to Life and people around ..and round, Life Cycle / Cirle...Earth..remember..huhh :) Go have a ride on your thoughts!

~ Speak your mind and Share your thought perhaps Ship your Idea! I did mine..how about You..!!
~ Hope reading this post you have somewhat edifies your Life circle.
~ Phew..inhale..exhale..relax!

  • This is the Green PostTREES give Oxygen(O2) so do plant more!
  • The drawing above is the made by thyself as a extention of  'Rachi Creations..'
  • I really have to say heartily thanks to five people for this post.
  • Tavish, whose feeling/post of “the fear of lose” propelled me to post this post as quickly as possible.
  • Mahesh, from whom I learnt the twist/twig of Green and dedicating the post/blog as Green contributing our bit to environment.
  • Mitul, for explaining me so well the concept of “Born to Ship”, that is just conquer and share or Ship the perfect or imperfect idea or thought spontaneously with others.
  • Nupur, my college’s ex roomie...as together WE discovered (Options Open)O2 concept to cope up with studies and issues:)
  • And HUBBY...for making lovely magie :):)
  • While I’m busy in dotting the discovery of O2 and am also breathless..so please plant more Trees :)
  • Let the video fully loads..enjoy! Breathless by Nick Caves and Bad Seed's very inspiring song!

...exhale...Keep the spark Alive..inhale..O2...Relax..


  1. @Rachana

    Thank you so much for mentioning me. Isn't sharing your thoughts instantaneously makes you enriched with more thoughts?

    Oxygen is the essence of life and superb derivations on O2.

    Maggie is world famous, I can't do away with it. Life savior.

    Art work is as good as it has always been. I would love to see an art book being formed out of it.

    Humming today is "born to ship."

    "Ideas that spread win" - Seth Godin

  2. WOW...being a science student I am surprised that I never heard about Options open ;D

    I loved the post.
    If only I can implement it. ;D

    Take care

  3. Wow.thats really a Green post....a great effort to make ourselves Green too....
    The comparison and the connectivity between oxygen and the options of life is quite a balanced fabrication ....
    Though the facts of oxygen are informative, the narration of options of life and other things are seemingly prescriptive..... i mean they were quite Utopian... I felt as if i am reading few pages from personality development book.

    Keep spreading more sparks with Green Oxygen :) :) :)

  4. @ Mitul

    Yesh Sir! I'm so glad it happened and with so much of fun!
    Thankyou for liking this post concept...yeah..a bit complicated but compressd! Yeah..seems will never grow up..n keep cherishing Maggie!
    ~ Rachi Creations..have never let me down..it and me are like byounc theory!
    ~ Bwt: Thankyou so much for with lovely...theory!

    Keep the spark ALive..

  5. @ Rainboy
    Welcome to Humming Today:)

    ~Somewhat..Blushing with you words:)

    Implementation..people lack...how? I don't know to which level..

    You are a student..must be studing...dont you perepare exams with OPTIONS OPEN theory...

    Let me explain:

    "When you are not good in Algebra...dont u try learning the other stuff like trigonometry or geometry..to SCORE...or u still stik to what u dont know..and lose..."

    Perhaps I think...everybody implement it in certain way and at certain aspect of life...yet there are some don't want to do so..for strong desires!

    Anyway...U liked the concept...and wish u implement it more often :)

    Keep the Spark Alive..

  6. @ Mahesh

    Okay...I again came up floating with a twig!

    I'm sure that u got the O2 theory correct...but people are asking me..where does it stands in practicality...wonder...where does it not..!

    I'm sure when you go to market to buy certain vegetable..you dont buy just one veg. you were asked to buy or thought to buy...but bring in more other tastes..or atleast have a proper serve in market what is good and bad..in your assumptions...and all..

    Fine so you do look around...yeah plenty of open options..same price get many diffrent vegetables. But it is up to you and Your taste that moment...you might just pick up or U might not!

    Perhaps you choose!

    I'm glad U liked the twist/twig a green one!

    Breath O2 Relax!
    Keep the spark Alive..

  7. I came up with this post only to expain in my own words what already existed!

    I respect the decision which people take at certain times to stick to what they really want to...yet I like to propogate O2!

    Perhaps Plant more trees :)for more OXYGENNeed air!

  8. @ rachna ::

    hehehe I was a student on science years ago :P

    I am going to implement it. Starting from today :D
    thanks for sharing.

    BTW You have welcomed me before ;D I guess you don't remember me :( .

    take care

  9. Wow, a lot of information here...thanks. I did a post a while back that I just called Breathe because we all need to remember to do that especially when things get a little tough.



  10. Thanks for mentioning my name there Rachana.I really liked your take on the issue. though i must confess, the discussion on Oxygen took me aback hehe

    anyways coming to your post...its so true we all have options... and as always one is the easy one, which every1 takes and one is the tough one that 'society' and 'family' forbid us to take... but in the end we wouldnt have s Steve Jobs if he had followed the conventional rules of life, neither would we have Bill gates... it depends on a person's strength weather he/she can make that choice or not...

    Keep Humming!! and like u say:

    Keep the spark alive! :)

    Blog Link: Sensible Bakwas

  11. Very nice post....the positivity in it is contagious! :)

    Keep writing!


  12. That a well written post with a wonderful inspirational message.
    Loved the way you knitted the idea of keeping options open to the chemical formula of Oxygen :)

    Keep inspiring and sharing your perspective of life :)


  13. Rachana
    i must say i am not very good reader but yuor most made me to read it.

    really informative

  14. Phew, that was long even for you :P

    But it was indeed a great post, Rachana. Truly inspirational with a great message for everyone of us.

    Like the painting too :)


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