12 March, 2010

my Life Creative Carnival

~ I have got few more reasons to celebrate and without sharing them with you all dear friends and readers the carnival is incomplete.

~ Firstly, I’m truly excited to know being a true loyal blogger on Blogspot that they have now just released the new template designer on Blogger. Kindly know easily how to change the templates from Blogger in Draft blog . Yes.. this is a Breaking News!

Go to your blog
> Dashboard > Layout > and next to HTML > Template Designer

Vivid variety and change with easy…wow..had been waiting for this since ages…CashON! It is absolutely free and enchanting experience for you and your blog!

~ Last year, when I was celebrating the blogger-blog Award giving away to my readers and bloggers, I realized immensely something beautiful took place. Though I forgot to mention this in certain link but the effect is all bright as ever. I still remember that day and regard one of my blessed moments!
Sir Gopinath owner of Blog-Artickles published one post exclusively for my blog! And said something about my blog(Humming Today) that has been most cheering thing – With your blog, one really doesn’t need an occasion to celebrate, I guess…
I have got many more followers and friends ever since than… and believe to rejoice the blogger bond Award soon :)

~ Beginning this New Year, one of my post A lifetime journey from Bombay to Mumbai a true story of my life of realization was also selected as one of the best post for Spicy Saturday.
  • Between I got lovely awards from Shruti, Ayu, Makk and Deepa!
  • Also got in touch with some of the most creative souls Like Cory, Rhonda and Deepa! Bow to Them!
  • Love you Madhulika, Pria and Lena!

~ Also one of my post in fact the first post "Oh! What an F-Word" of this New Year,2010 was selected as the best post of the month January,2010 for ColorsMagazine.

~ Moreover, my first post as a Guest-Post has also been published!
I’m truly excited and feel so blessed!

::Kindly go through the link mentioned below::

  • Like..every person has a bit of philosopher in him/her and have his/her own a way of philosophy of life to define, look and explore the experiences, feelings, and fundamentals! I have tried to ponder, express the unexpressed thoughts and define my own quote that I follow in my life. ~ Top-Ten Simple Delights of Life/

  • Thankyou Friends for being the part of my Creative Canival and sharing the bond! Do revert back with your views after you read my Guest Post "Top Ten Simple Delights of life" :)

~||. Celebrate Life..Keep the spark Alive..||~
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  1. Congratulations Rachana on these wonderful achievements :)
    I did check out the news about changing blogger templates in Draft, but my dashboard doesn't show the updated feature yet. May be it'll be active later in the day in my part of the planet.

    Keep up the good work buddy :)


  2. such a happy post, from a lovely lady!!!
    U deserve all that mentioned and more..happy weekend lady!

  3. Hey....well done lady...U deserve all the success and more...wish u gud luck for future....

    It was nice going thru yr achievements....new readers will know yr skills immediately...

    You are a kind soul...thanx for sharing yr success n fun n celebration wt me....will always b there ...


  4. You deserve all this and more!! :)

    Keep writing. Keep smiling. And.. like you say... Keep the spark alive! :)

  5. I would love it ..if yuo can correct my name to "Makk"..only if its mine.

    Keep smiling. Keep Celebrating.

  6. My best wishes.It is beautiful post so well expressed.

  7. second time here.. but first as a non blog-a-ton related visit! :D

    i've checked out the designer, and it really is nice :D i prefer my design though, i m a bit attached to it! :)

    read about ur post at Lenoo's of course.. congratulations for that and the rest! continue ur creation! m now following ur hums :)

  8. @ ChatterBox

    Thankyou dear!
    Yeah, even few ofmy friends have said that it does not show up in thier blog too..May it blogger will take some more time to completely activate it!

    Anyway thankyou for taking time and going through the links!

    Keep the Spark Alive..

  9. @ Shrutzz

    Thankyou so much Shrutzz for you lovely well wishes!

    Bwt: You rock! Wish you wonderful weekend too:)

    Keep teh Spark ALive..

  10. @ Madhulika

    O dear! B-Buddies Rock naa!
    Thankyou for being there :)

  11. @ Lena

    :) Sure! But truely thankyou so much for all those enchanting opportunities you gave!!

    And yeah!
    Keep the Spark Alive..

  12. @ Makk

    O yes! thats you! have corrected your name:) And thanks dear!

  13. @ BK Chowla Sir

    Pleasure is all mine and yes been blessed with you best wishes :)

    Keep the spark Alive..

  14. @ Leo

    Welcome Again :)
    Yes! I also have the same attachment with my layout too...so will have to really make up some serious mind before I make certain change in the template.

    And Thankyou so much for going through the post :) Hope U liked it:)

    Also glad that you are following..

    Keep the Spark ALive..

  15. Rachana, thanks for the information about blogger. Someday I'll try & spiff up my blog page. For now I like it ok. I appreciate you stopping by my blog & your wonderful comments. I'm going to add you as a follow....hugs for now.


  16. thanks for the blogger link....i cant wait to use it....

    I feel lucky enough to be part of the celebrations of a wonderful and beautiful blog and a special balanced person with her stamp of flavours, aromas and ofcoz SPARKS......

    I mean what i said :)

    Have more feathers in ur colourful creative cap and thanks for being Rachana....

    elated cheers :)
    Mahesh Kalaal


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