10 May, 2010

Born Bond

Dearest Mommy;

~ I know, Life is cruel, unrepentant, conditional and over conventional!
Perhaps, how can a little breath in my tiny chest hold and handle the untold colossal concerns.
I molded your finger lightly in my hands and got strength.
Holding things lightly instead of clutching them tightly is what you teach me again and again.
While with your unconditional open hand gives me an ability to give and receive freely. I lose the nature to stiff and gathered strong-suits.

~ Though with your significant presence, your salient gestures, soft touch, a smell so familiar, a forte of substantial tastes you create, I can never be tired of holding on you and your loveable clench.
Indeed, the miracle I seek is at your fingertips.

There have been the conditions of my life and yet so blessed to have unconditional Love of life from you.
~ You first created me in your womb and then recreated the series of miracles for me in everyday and daily routine.

At first you held me first steps and seized me so close…though you still holding me tight yet helped me to fly high. Indeed I was a caterpillar sacred to see the world was weird, you gave me beautiful colorful wings to fly and adore the journey of life
Without your presence and support I wouldn’t have blossom the way I have. You are the spark..so be my radiance and my charm :)

Born Bond-MOM and ME
~ Mom and me  - Born Bond ~
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Now when I could walk all fine in every path and chosen line, I sometimes wished to run away. Run and shun away from the tension, worries and uncertainties of life.
Then one day I read that there are two kinds of behavior of nature in human beings. It’s like; there is a huge difference between being worry-warrior and worry-warts.
-Worry-warts are the people who are inclined to worry unduly.
~ However, worry-warriors are one who fights against worries. They find solutions to very troubles. Some people are born worry-warriors.
Mommy, you are one of them.
There is no single anxious moment of mine not shared with my mom. I share as I get the best advice with many alternative ways and tips to tackle the pain. You love me with a genuine concern, are able to sense that something is wrong without being told. You work as a warrior. Fight against all odds and my humming thoughts. Yes! Only you can and you do it at your best!
~ Perhaps, moms’! At her best defending, promoting and protecting her child.

Even when you are not able to give me a solution…you offer a silent-prayer, which works all the time.
~ God listens to you very carefully and fulfills your wishes. After all, it is believed that God could not be everywhere and therefore He made mothers. Perhaps, He made mothers as His own replica and an extension of the sanctimonious soul.

Sometimes the issues are so incalculable that it might confine me, dull my senses, numbing me, bobbling my thoughts, a feeling to sink into vulnerability or just run away...

Yes! True, I prefer to run away...to seek you!

I claim you, mom to confide the truth. The confidence in your eyes does then, reflects in me as an aid to alleviate. And I soon recover my amity and discover the harmony. I like you say Don’t hurry and don’t worry!

Perhaps, there is no particular best time to tell you things and issues. The best time is wherever is, 'Now'.

And as we share together the good and the bad, the hopes and the dreams, the charming moments and the acute times, we are celebrating life. It is being together to result in doing the right things, making them momentous.

It is doing things together, yet leaving room for each to grow as an individual, respecting the decisions we indulge in taking. It is so amazing to see how you give me freedom to commit the mistakes and also give space to correct them.You have always trusted me more than anyone else. Your praises are far more than a criticism or reprimand.
You stand beside me to conquer my fears, stand for me to hold my hand to boost courage to try-again!
Indeed YOU contribute the whole in me!
~Happy Mother’s day.
Hope this letter brought bliss to you. Perhaps, it’s my way to return the radiance you have been giving me years round.
~ Love you so much for everything!

~ Salute to Womanhood!
Your loving Daughter;
Of the world

Best mom
Of the world

  • NOTE: This post is completed with dot.748 words as suggested. Thanks to BlogAdda and PringOO, for conducting 'Write a Tribute to your Mom’ contest on Mother's day,2010.
...I'm so glad that l share myDNA
with you,Mom:)

  • This post is also an extension of my love-letter dedicated to my mom on her 50th HappyBirthday as Golden jubilee of her life, "Mom and Me - Born Bond".(click here)
  • The above drawing "Born Bond" above is made by me long back in Yr.2001 in my persoanl Journal, while studing in school.
  • Wishing everyone A Happy Mother's Day!

~ Keep the Spark ALive..~


  1. Hey Rachana,

    Yes, in a generalist way, your post is a perfect and apt tribute to mothers and motherhood..... It contains most of the required nuances and nostalgic moments in a mother- child bonding without any exaggeration or pomp. The warrior thing is innovative and you crafted it with the topic very well . Yes, as an agnostic i prefer mom to Dog, sorry, God.

    I guess, the word limit has stopped you from spilling all the sparks... and it gets reflected in the degree of comprehensiveness when compared to your earlier posts in this genre. May be i wanted to read more from you on this topic as the concept of motherhood impacts and invokes me more than anything else in this world.

    Segmenting more,

    "You first created me in your womb....."

    Except this line i agree with all the emotional logistics you have wonderfully expressed here though i do have few compounded apprehensions regarding few dimensions of the post which are quite concerned only with and only with me and my personal experiences and hence i don't think its relevant to write them here on this occasion.....I guess the blame is in my perspective and perception.

    May be it would be better to put it in this way..

    "You are quite luckier and blessed to have experienced such affection of motherhood in your life with factors like sharing, prayer, worries, unconditional love, strength, support etc..."

    Anyway, keep expressing :)
    All the best buddy ...
    mahesh kalaal :)

  2. A beautiful tribute showered with so much love and care. Lovely post indeed.

  3. Rachana, lovely thoughts & a nice tribute to your Mom & all Mom's thanks for sharing.



  4. This is a must see post for everyone.

  5. @ Mahesh

    Firstly Thankyou for being the first one to comment and also in such a beautiful expression.

    Very true..words binding actually made it difficult for me to flow.

    BUt anyway...i enjjoyed writing this post..felt as if i was in some other world...like lying in the craddle and innocently watching the changes in amusement.

    Thankyou so much for liking this post:)

    ~Keep the Spark ALive..

  6. @ Priya

    SO glad that you liked this post:)

    It is always to wonderful to see your endrosing my posts with your lovely comments:)

    ~Keep the Spark ALive..

  7. @ Bill

    Thankyou Bill for dropping me a line and adoring the effort.

    Indeed, Mother's are special!
    Happy Mother's Day to your Mom and Other moms too:)

    ~Keep the Spark ALive..

  8. beautiful post a perfect tribute for all the mothers in the world!

    (p.s. check out my latest post if you have time,,.thanks :3)

  9. Superbly written and wonderful drawing :)

    Way to go >>>>>

  10. Hey that's an awesome and fabulous tribute one can give on mother's day.. U have beautifully brought out the subtle nuances of the motherhood.. Felt a kind of longing for my mother after reading this post..

  11. Hi Rachana;

    Hello dear...:) Thanks for being first to comment in my post..but you really made me smile coz the baby I was talking about there was my new blog christened as "All Acrostics"...arghhhhhh...sorry if I mislead you because of the blah blahs I have written instead of directly telling you about my new blog.

    Thanks dear..have blogrolled you now and will surely follow your every new posts!

    You made a very lovely post here and touching, too!

    Mothers are best, isn't it? Words are not enough to express how special they are to are!

    Thanks for sharing dear!


  12. Touched by ur words. A lovely tribute to ur mom. Am sure she must be proud to see that her little girl has become so matured :)

  13. RE@rachana: hmm..it's just a short story..so there's no continuation..but ill think of it haha..

    what about the fonts in my blog..?


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