18 May, 2010

Cannot Escape the Question

+ Before you read this post I request you to kindly read the post LINK: Escape to understand the flow of this post...
Escape post have been appreciated a lot for being quite a straight-forward positive approach.
I’m glad to announce that the post Escape of mine, has been recommend to the readers to read, by an esteem blogger Mahesh from Wisdomism Blog.
~ Even I consider the Escape post as one of my favorite, for being much clear sure about my thoughts over the topic. People ask me how much do I follow what I write…And my answer to that question is.. I write not because I have to, but because I want to…perhaps I write only what I follow..!

Mahesh, has been the one who followed that post and came back with couple of intelligent questions (some clarifications) on the Escape topic and perhaps, I could not escape from replying all of them with full conviction.

Hence, this post is on the question round after a juggle of discussions and counterparts. Though the answers were written in the same post in the comment section, I thought to create another post for it, so that all my other readers could ones again be reminded that Escape is completely no answer to the problems in life…One has to face them all fiercely to lead a happy living :)

~ So below are 6 questions followed by MY answers/my perceptions...

1. You are saying that we cannot escape(accident memories) and you are saying that we can escape (to a beautiful fascinating Landscape). I find it contradicting...
  • So you agree with an example (accident memories), perhaps when I say…escape to landscape…it was also mentioned that… “If you STILL don’t AGREE with me…then ESCAPE…”
  • As mentioned…that escape for me is a very harsh and negative word to use…because whenever we want to ESCAPE it is always attached with run away experiences. Escaping from realities, escaping from being getting noticed, escaping from bad Memories…and bad experience…and so on…!

2. Speaking objectively, we can escape from the things you have mentioned in real life and its happening .
  • Agreed we do definitely escape from the things in real life which is happening…perhaps…how long! There will be one day your will have to face it…whether you like it or not…
Practical life Example:~
~ I always hated the Maths subject…because of which I thought I would escape it by leaving this subject after 10th class, interestingly…
~ I did! Was so happy for next two years rejoicing over escaping Maths :) but it dint last long…after 12std I was doing my preparation for selection in professional colleges..and was supposed to study Maths to qualify the exam…
~ I thought joining Hotel Management will help in escaping it again...but then again I had two different subjects related indirectly to Maths!
+ Of coarse, then I did understood I can never escape anyway…latter I did my preparation for CAT learning Maths and stuff to qualify for esteem Mgmt Business School…and my struggle to escape Maths continues though I know I will never be…we never can ! : P  lol

3. Isn't it "moving on with the past " is also a type of escape?
  • Taking responsibility for what you or your deeds have done is never Escape! I moved on with past memories...is moving with pleasure and acceptance...looking forward to whatever life holds in future due to past experiences and deeds! Hence, it is not an escape for me!

4. Is Escape quite subjective and interpretative ?
  • Escape quite subjective and interpretative…Oh definitely!
Like escape have different meanings for which way added suffice in the sentence!
+ Eg :
~ Escape to landscape as I love Green, is positive!
~ But if said Escape to landscape because I hate be in realities, is in negative form!

5. Is the so called "Explore" a positive escape?
  • Explore is no Escape…
+ Explore is what you really want to as for learning more or any other reason. You enter the problem to actually solve it.
+ Escape is something you don’t want to do something willingly and hence you tend to run away form it. You just are not keen or cheerful to find any solution of the problem…you just don’t want to…

6. Isn't escape a part of adaptation for survival ?
  • Escape a part of adaptation for survival! 
  • ~ It may be and it may not be
+ May be because:
  • Escape, for the survival , animals and human both have traveled during crises eras, (natural or social) and adapted new places and culture.
+ May not be as:
  • Adapt is a trait or nature of behavior! One might tend to escape a situation or place as may be because one does not want to face the adaptation...or any change that takes place call be a long term change or short term change!
  • Many a things in life have no direct correct answer in yes or no…they have shades! Perhaps, if one say YES, it might be correct and if one says NO it might still be correct! Yeah! You got it right, Relative theory exists everywhere in all notions!
  • Active participation to discuss the points is always welcomed and appreciated. If you have any query or thought, kindly forward it…it would be great idea to share our thoughts together!
  • Heartily Thanks a Green one to Mahesh for choosing my post to recommend the readers and also for making this post so memorable through his queries...directly helping me to understand and stand by my idea of belief!
  • And if you have still not gone through an inspiring post LINK: Escape, check this link and enjoy reading:) Thankyou so much for being such a wonderful supporters! Luv yeah always!!


  1. ya have read ur escape post and really liked its ebb and content... have also read some of these questions as comments as questions by mahesh on dat very post .. Quite introspective..

  2. Had read your escape thru Blog-a-Ton, right?

    And I am amazed at sharing your thoughts, I dunno how you did it but I find lots of moral in it!

    Rach, we all want an escape in different manners and ways...if only to make ourselves better, but could we really escape things we want to? I know, we cant!

    Thanks for sharing it dear!

  3. With all your Escape related posts, it feels somebody really is struggling between a decision. The question is who is that person?

  4. Congrats on your post being selected I always enjoy reading your thoughts.

    With the past acknowledgement is great but we also need to release the attachment we have to the past, it's the only way to move forward.



  5. wow..you really elaborated the word escape..i really learned a lot from this post ^_^

  6. @Sam, Rachana...

    Yes, somebody is suffering. The same somebody is shouldering the sufferings of other people too, for the reason only he knows. May be the somebody has got more pain and anguish to vent ....

    Great observation Sam. Great abstraction too. :)

  7. @Rachana,

    A cubic tons of thanks for bringing out the questions and the rationality behind those questions through the post as it revealed most important aspect of the discussion by Sam through his Q 'Who is suffering?'

    Kudos to you for experimenting in your blog through this unique attempt(I am doing something similar to this in my next post probably).

    I opine that blogs should provide platform for constructive discussions along with opinions and writing skills.

    Great job buddy.
    Frankly, am restraining myself to write more as the post includes my questions.


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