12 August, 2010

Cloud of Child Labour

'I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.' _ Mother Teresa
~ This post is the combo post to reach out to all groups with the intense emotions imposing with an aim only to support and suggest the best in our own little way and ability to spread the awareness regarding Child-Labour.
_Kindly read the first part of the post too, 'Child labour - Lack of Compassion'!

  • This post opens with the 55fiction by astute thinker Mahesh
  • Followed by prudent post by aesthetic poet Priya
  • Then comes the Video reflected by our very endowed artist Sam
Many of them don't have Education in-spite of having parents...
Some of them don't have even parents....
Few of them don't have Education in-spite of having Work to do at a tender age.....
But they do have two precious things in their tiny hands....
'Future' and HOPE.....Let’s, together, help them blossom as children....
_Courtesy: MAHESH (member of NGO. LINK: http://hope4needy.blogspot.com/) HELP US!

Kids not playing but selling toys at traffic-light signals

We all know the existence of "Child Labor" and how it affects children or a child who wants to enjoy the freedom being a child rather growing up fast working for his/her family.

Who are the sufferers of this so called tragedy in this world?
Who makes it happen?
Its 'WE" the people who treat and ill-treat for the act of selfishness in terms of quick money making industry and also the adults/parents of that child who wants to earn with this child's help.

Have we all wondered why a child's mental ability to learn has been blocked in order to do a job?
We live in this world worrying about self more than the awareness or making them to learn the causes of children exploited. They are exploited in many ways unknown to this world.
_Freedom to breathe is the same way a child wants to live his or her childhood days. But we rather go for cheap labor, make them work at industries, construction sites, house maids and what not. When they grow up they only show more anger, despair and agony than love and compassion. Their mental stability is tested right from the day they start learning to walk and handle things.

If Poverty is the reason, can't we humans help each other to increase the family income for the adults instead of employing a child?

With Love and Compassion, we can change this labor into a rejoice with good education and social needs to the families who lack the support for a better living.
~ Child is born and let to work with pain and no joy because the world looks at them due to lack of resources including health care.
When every child is born,
Another goes to work..
When every child dies,
Another is burdened to work more.

I was so touched with the immense response I got from them instantly!
And here I got introduced to one the video which was send by one of the profound artist ‘Samarjit Roy aka Sam’ followed by a profound note written by him…
Kindly see the link and read below…
LINK:: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o2VFOzH1Qr0

A video is of my region showing child labor.
===My father is a doctor there. Instead of practicing in town, he chose to open a chamber in the far interiors, near the river Balason, where these families live. He loves his job so much that he never misses to go there twice a day, in spite of the harsh weather or difficult terrain. He travels 8 km twice daily on bicycle for doing that.
I don't know why I'm writing all these, but I felt like letting the world know that many poor and mediocre people are doing a lot of social service and are just ignored in a country where only Cricket and Cinema thrives.

_Samarjit Roy

Kindly have a look to the kid sitting between the new wooden bed to be delivered at home..

T The thought of writing this post came into my mind…and I felt so restless only to see that with so much having written and know about child-labour, I wasn’t able to sum up my thoughts which perhaps were somehow getting so much engrossed into the passage of losing of innocence story of so many children trapped in struggle. So instead of writing the dwelling story, I thought to reflect upon in bringing many new ideas and thoughts from my fellow blogger bond friends…
  • Giving the right justice to the underlined words and compiling the post as stimulator to spread awareness that really matters. Yes! A soul-stirring 55fiction by Mahesh as an eye-opener, thought pondering article by Priya and pricking video recommended by Sam in whole act as motivators.
I was just so touched with Sam’s 100words! I’m not personally acquaintance with his father but was so much inspired with the genuine effort he is putting in bringing in a bit which makes a difference. Sure it’s an example to follow to dream, hope and believe that we all can in our own little way do as daily routines acts of compassion!

Every little step just reflects back and ripple beckon back as waves in the water.
We tried in our way and will sure move forward with every tiny step we take!

...let's be more Compassionate towards
Because, WE believe in being solitude, and it must be maintained but solitudes together should join hands to enrich and enhance the creativity and thought..I'm so glad that I shared such post with creative people! Which again I like to believe that will happen more often in future! If you think you are interested in contributing in such joint forums for awareness, write to us to share your views over any topic!

'We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop' _Mother Teresa

+Check this link before your ones again shy away from the reality...

I bet you wont love Chocolate anymore...
Children trapped in Cocoa Industry cloud of Child-Labour

~Keep the Spark ALive..

~ We need to spread this awareness, so kindly share the link of the post as far as possible!
Thank you everyone for taking time to go through :)


  1. Fantastic collection of posting!!!
    Sounds like Reader's Digest!
    Its so pathetic about the Child Labor!!!

  2. A brilliant attmept to rise everyone to the evil of Child labour..its really heartening to see these children do such things that we even couldn't dream of as kids..
    I wish and I pray that your posts change the life for some..
    A very nice job Rachana :-)

  3. Superb Super post :)
    Very well said/written....
    Hopefull people should change reading such posts :)

    Way to go >>>>>

  4. very well written. I loved the 55 word post by mahesh..and you have brilliantly placed them..good work.

  5. you know, the main problem with child labor is that the children are hungry and needy. If their needs are fulfilled they don't have to work. But who will fulfill the needs of the millions?

  6. I have no words to say, but @Mahesh, what a thought man...

    "With Love and Compassion, we can change this labor into a rejoice with good education and social needs to the families who lack the support for a better living"
    @Priya a very awesome talent, I wil follow from now on..

    @ Rachana, well compiled post.. Great initiative, happy to comment and acknowledge that I would like to be a part of this..

    --Someone Is Special--

  7. :( :(
    we just dont care for things which matter most to us...

    My BLOG- Wen I was a boy..


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