29 August, 2010

I do - frame of freedom

This post is for the beautiful photo contest of Blogadda.

I believe I got stronger, independent, compassionate, more passionately inclined and much responsible to pursue joy in each and every aspect of my life’s dream shared and supported in free-will to enrich bonds.

However, I definitely feel that When a wife has a good husband it is easily seen in her face, in her smile..!

_No one say “I do” to lose the liberty..!
Perhaps, I married and found overflowing freedom!

~ It’s rare yet it’s precious, call it right or blessing to owe...I enjoy more choices in frames of freedom!

Frame of Freedom Rachana
~ frames of overflowing freedom ~
Click here to see in Enlarge

~ Keep the Spark ALive..


  1. the picture shows how happy she is... the diya symbolizing its smile and happiness :)
    lovely capture

  2. “When a wife has a good husband it is easily seen in her face, in her smile..!” --> i really do agree with this~ that gorgeous smile on her face makes me feel light ^^

  3. The smile and the picture are so expressive.

  4. beautiful picture and beautiful lines there..

  5. I guess even the diya is smiling in response to ur smile...

    ek dum full to Rachanalicious

  6. Great image and I discovered lots of other cool photos that were entered into this competition through the link. Thanks for sharing!


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