01 August, 2010

My Super-Hero

  • Kindly DO NOT jump up to the last paragraph quickly by scrolling…
    please read the lines and paragraphs of rhymes that actually defines, MY Super Hero!
  • Perhaps, you gonna be so proud of the bio attached and identified in every word of the line! It’s like a fixation with the SUPER-HERO of mine.

Here, I’m sitting at the window with crossed legs,
I’m still thinking about you.
You have been with me wherever you can.
You have been my forever imperative strength!

It’s a beautiful bond we share
After all, for ages you know me so well
You follow my words just the way I meant
You even hear me when I’m silent.

And here I took out my three and half inch long heals sandals
You looked at me and said, “You goona hurt your ankles”
You were so sure and so concerned about me!
I like the way you care and pay attention towards me!

I soon took off them and wore my flat slippers,
For today we sure had a long walk to make up
To talk and discuss certain issues, I had
I needed your opinion and your word of assurance.

We walk together in the park of the city,
We walk on the side-path, a little longer,
You ask me to sit on the bench nearby,
You took my attention to the daily-delights!

When I’m low, you make me fine
You make me smile with the good memories trail, you remind!
You make me laugh at my foolish acts,
You make me feel important, when no-one real cares!

Perhaps, you always there on my mind..
I look forward to your company perhaps, every point in time
You are just you_ subtle, poised and sublime
And you allow being me the way, I’m all the time

Because we share beautiful chemistry
I wish, I could with you share a cup of coffee or tea,
To this the reply came, “I’m still there while you sip your coffee
Yet I cannot certainty be there to share a cup of coffee...”

Your words never make me sad..
I knew you had a rational head;
I like your intellectual style, with a tint of traditional touch
It makes you look unconventional yet original and uniquely clutch!

When I worry a lot and feel lost,
You constantly support and give me a pat
A positive attitude of yours always gets me amazed
You never leave hope and I like when you ask me to soon cope!

And when I say I don’t deserve it at all
You enlighten me with self-esteem
This is when I recollect my scattered thoughts
To build up the confidence for a second innings!

Is there anyway I could surprise you?
Gift you with something that would make you blissful!
To this you replied…“Enhance and enrich more with ideas,
Your gracious views subsequently will make me cheerful! ”

How wonderful it would be if I share more desires and dreams,
To this, you said you liked this high spirit and aspiration in me!
Your constructive words always inspires me to the best
And I like the way you give attention to every minute details.

Very few people in this world have actually understood me,
I’m glad you so well perceived and acknowledged me.
I like the way you correct me when I’m wrong…
I adore you for the precise instincts for me, you got.

I’m glad that even when I’m wrong,
You accept me with the mistakes and flaws,
You want to act sharp and smart,
And want me never get dumb-stuck caught!

They say, I’m have this eccentric passion for you,
I think, I’m have been fanatically obsessed about you,
You say, nothing wrong in this feeling,
If I don’t value you how will I get identify to!

You got the best suggestions and schemes for me
I like the way your thoughts team up with my little-things
You guide me to the instincts
You want me shine, sparkle and bling!

They say, you are mysteries & vague
You cannot handle the imagination
But for me, you unravel my hassle
Organize and manage everything surprisingly so well

Incredibly you love to see me soar fearless and step high
I like how it pleases you and never negatively exceed
You like me to see sailing and excelling
I think it’s your presence and free-thoughts stimulating zing

You are more firm and real with the decisions you take
I got improved because of your concrete feedback
You brought the best and bright of me
You are my sunshine and a best friend to believe in and look to!

You knew when I need a coffee
You knew when I need a tea
Perhaps when I knew not...
You reminded me
That I need a tiny chocolate treat!

All I know it all, all the time..
Perhaps you are always on my mind…
O dear! You are mine!
My stupendous rocking mind-blowing…
Not just my Super-Man but
Subtle Stunning Creative… matchless MY Mind!

I put my heart and my soul into my work, and have lost my mind in the process. ~ Vincent van Gogh quotes (Dutch Painter, one of the greatest of the Post-Impressionists, 1853-1890)

~ Keep the spark ALive..


  1. Hi Rachana,

    Happy Friendship Day!
    A perfect girl's poem, you have expressed what a girl feels and expect from a guy in a awesome way as you does always.. Very much impressed.. Very rhymming...
    The care from the Super Hero right from the slippers to coffee was very beautiful said, I loved this poem a lot..

    Yours Frendly,
    Saravana Kumar M

  2. @ someone special...
    between the lines
    it is not the guy ...
    but MIND!!
    mind it!!!!
    isn't it??
    .....i know i am right coz....such a super-sensitive-reader-observer-reseracher-organiser-masterrr or servant-et al..for anyone can only be god....or god's gadget inside one!!
    if i am wrong...and this super-hero is a guy....rachana u are in touch with the God himself....!!!

  3. I am a superhero, I am a super star, I so love myself that anything else is lovable...

    Mind doesn't do anything extraordinary, but does the right thing at the right time.

    Nice one,
    and why do you think that we would jump directly to the last para?
    are we insane not to read beautiful things?

  4. Interesting thoughts Rachana & a beautiful way to express them.



  5. ahaa the mind ... seems you talk to yourself a lot :P
    just kidding... beautifull coverstaion you have with yourself... and well penned too...

  6. aaaaaaaah..
    u wrote dis Juni.. yourself..??

    now don't say "yes.."
    that would be unbelievable..

    awesome yaar..

    but these kind of lines need a real inspiration..

    who is the epicenter of this inspiration dear..??


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