15 August, 2010

Quick Indian Snack - Samosa Recipe

One fine day one of my friend asked me, “How we-Indians got independence?”
I said we fought, struggled and latter got the freedom.

To this my friend said a story behind this fact that how we actually got the freedom from the Britishers. My friend said that one fine day the Britishers were invited by Gandhiji over a evening snack gathering. Those were served then with ‘Samosas’ with the tea. The Britishers got so amazed to see the Samosas. They wondered how come the potatoes went inside the samosas without a cut, slip or any opening. They were so surprised with the culinary skills of Indians and they gifted us by signing a treaty of freedom, the Independence. Perhaps, it’s the Samosas that we owe our freedom!

Well on the serious note, that’s all not true yet there have been so many stories attached the making of Samosas. For Samosas are truly delight tasty little savoury patties originated from India. In India, it is available every hook and corner of the street, quite cheap, easy to make and full of strong appetizing flavour.

Every person have their own signature way of making and adding the ingredient...yet I’m presenting the basic and the easiest way of making this snack that would be served at your tea-time or any time of the day when you like to munch a bit!
::The ingredients make around 15-20 samosas


For the quich easy delicious Recipe check the link below:
at ButterPunch Blog at happy hours :)


  1. haha.. Nice one Happy independent Day

  2. I can say with authority that my wife makes the best samosas in town.

  3. Yes rachna u r right.... The same i had heard several times from few of the hotel chefs too...

  4. Hmmm...Samosa...wow....looks so delicious...:)

    I was smiling with your story why the Brits signed the independence of India from them, because they were bribed of Samosas... :))

    Looks so delicious...I wish to taste a couple of it!

    Won't you send me some thru DSL...lols...:)

    Just kidding dear!

    And yeah, before I forgot, congratulations for receiving your second award at Lena's being the "Best Blog Post" awardee for June?

    Keep the spark alive Rachs...:)



  5. ha ha ha..
    hope u had a samoosa filled IndiDay and the his birthday too!
    Cheers Life...

  6. very nice share...
    thank you :P

    take care ji

  7. Rachana, Samosas at it's best.. Well written, but definitely not beacuse of Samosas we got it..

    --Someone Is Special--

  8. Thanks for giving Samosa recipe and this snack recipe is looking so delicious. Here new healthy Snack recipes and great taste of these all recipes.


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