24 August, 2010

Reflecting the Rain

Rain rains Go away,
Come again some other day...

And drench me in joy all the way..
In the hue of rainbow with a
Steep fall of raindrop over my forehead..
For it’s the celebration of downpour..
Pouring pure all around and on clay!  
For the gentle green lush grass growing in the surround
Softly soak and showers blessing over me and tall
Rain water on the road reflects the sky, my soul..
Flying high and covering rainbow slither
Thunder grumble
Skin savor moisture sensation...ticking my senses
Water ripples beneath my tiny toes
Healing the heels
Walking down the dash and splash
Facing the cool breeze with everlasting drizzle..

But for today..
Rain rains Go away...

For I can take a break from the busy day..
Enjoy a rest on a cloudy-muddy-lazy day...
Elate showers from the sheds

So Come again some other day..

I won’t runway from the rain
Never will shun the rhyme of the rain
We will play together tomorrow and have some fun sway
Waking the child in me and cherishing the innocent way..
Reflecting the sunshine in the refreshing rain,
The rain so condense and feeling so content,
For no reasons will hold back my feet
Will run in the rite rain facing the cool breeze
Circumstances will cease
Certainly there will be bliss

But some other day..
And not today..
Rain rains Go away...

The sun won't for a long stay
 The endless drizzle shall envelop and conquer the play
For I don’t want my friends to trace my tears..
Or crack on the hidden fears and missing mist,
And tag it as regular raindrop gist!
I shall triumph over if you get little more sensitive and care..
Sooner or later I will tang you, my friend the rain..
With the whole glimmer, bliss essence and glean
It’s when I’m celebrating the monsoon..
Move on Move on...Moving on..
Yet so much moved with the Memoirs
The Mood swings Moments,
With moves and swings in rain dance tune!

But for Today..
Rain rains Go away..
Come again some other day...


  1. "Rain rains Go away
    Come again some other day"
    This KG rhymmes should be changed by the one penned down here..
    Great ! Great ! Great !

    Coming to Blog, A perfect girl's blog, pinkish, cute, lovely attractive and so on.... I love this design and layout a lot...

    I am missing the ~ in Keep the spark alive...

    Header image is stretching out of the page, please check it..

    I love the blog totally, so cute.......................

    --Someone Is Special--

  2. I second someone here...

    How about including this in a rhymes book...
    I could never write such total rhymish poem on rain(i will radicalise rain too)

    Yes, it do have eve and feminine flavours with refreshing words and thoughts and it do reflects a gals response to rain .

    Liked the expressions, "healing the heels" .... "condense and content" , "rainwater reflecting the soul"

    When u said "Move on"..... it said many unsaid memoirs of every reader i guess

  3. its been raining here for quite some days now. And the rainy season really makes me crawl into the bed. Its a struggle to push myself out of the bed each morning and with each brush stroke on my teeth I dangle between
    'Go to sleep' and 'Go to class'.

    I love the rainy season...
    it can give myriad of emotions to us,

    fun, fulfillment, sadness, tears, happiness... aah its uncountable and you enumerated a few of them, oh so beautifully.

  4. You have to experience this years rains in Delhi and understand the misery of delhites.


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