27 December, 2010

Fleeting Beauty at Christmas

Note: The collage below has the pictures taken by my very talented friend Parker! Hope you like it. Also the prose below is created in exactly 100 words!!

Fleeting fine beauty said..

Deepest-darkest winter hours,
Twist turn dance frisk in, freezing a moment,
Shiny wink,
I bat my silver lashes,
Fleeting beauty, falling head over heels...without a sound,
Touching the soul, other side of the windowpane,
Settling smoothly, waiting willingly,
Lingering and dreaming of him
Knowing all would be hard,
Knocking would hurt;
Knotless admiration is worth knowledge!
Graceful spark from the confident core!
Tiny yet so intricately inimitably joy formed.
Considering a contribution this Christmas,
“Before rays trace me, look at me, my love!
Warmth in me is the coolest thing...
I felt melting in your arms”...
... fine Snowflake said!


  1. Nice one Rachana.. After a long time I got time to stop by your wonderful creations... Belated Christmas Wishes and Wish you a wonderful New Year 2011...

    --Someone is Special--

  2. Nice clicks.
    And the conversation is beautiful. Warmth is the coolest thing. Nice thought.


  3. Merry X'mas and a happy new year

  4. Wow !!! What a feel this poem has brought....

    U r such a gr8 poetess Rachana I can't describe in words.

    The surprise in d last lines wins my heart.

    Keep the gud work going...



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