17 January, 2011

Distance and Destiny by choice

A miles difference
On your side
Me on mine
Minutes I count
I see the sunshine
Brightening my day
I think you see a moon
Same time on your way!

Thinking about you feels so right
I don’t mind if this keeps me awake all night,
I wish this all made sense,
I wish just that you understand!

Filling my evenings
Agony is out of our control
Feeling my heart
Things next slowly crawl

Hope brings edge
Heartbeat aches
Many more tears
Tearing me apart
As you sadly blink,
My spirits almost sink
Memories bound to pound
One of the rare kind sounds
Pleasure and pain countdown recount!

I have known you for years
This brings big smile here
Shaft of light instantly I feel
Every thought is so deep and real!

Ages been
When we shared a word
As you did precisely,
I fluttered and shared my world!

We talked, we walked
Lanes of memories and time zones
And as we fought in dismay
Yet strengthening our bond
And no matter how best I try
I cannot stop my emotions flow as I write
Still creating and rebuilding our strong tie
Sweet thoughts and affection all it binds and reminds!

Determination was always high,
Now I recall..
We never gave up or said goodbye..!
You have been always on my mind
Supportive, caring and healing divine
With every single soft breath I take,
I feel your presence and fleeting time
It’s there just so steady flawlessly,
A sacred blessed feeling...
I don’t know just how to define..!

Every tiny life path brick fits and phase lands
A new shade of painting story here it begins
Larger than destination,
Longer than bounded time
It's by hope and dreams refine!

I know no element or compelling force
That separate chords or breaks the codes..
Together happiness and warmth of our voice,
Glad! Life solved puzzles by choice!

Little mystery still evolves..
Humble fondness grows
Instantly connected
Always so close
Makes us reach
Unique unknown touch soul in each instinct
I believe, friendly spark in us is destined!


  1. It's impressive how you take the words dangerously close to the edge before pulling them out and into the positive light.
    Nicely penned.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  2. seems very abstract to me ... may be because of my abstract grasping levels of poetry.

    i have one query.

    In this post, have you used the words as a means to reach the end called "Conveyance" or have used the process "Conveyance" as a means to reach the end called "poetic words"?

    I feel like the words have become end in themselves rather than presenting means to a beautiful thought.

    The post is indeed very good in lines, but somewhere the thread of comprehensiveness is missing .

    Keep your aromatic leaping sparks flowing :) :) :)

    PS: Check ur mail once :)

  3. Again u've done it!! Lucky is the person who is at the backend of your mind when you were writing this..
    Truly amazing ..
    God bless you :)

  4. @Blasphemous Aesthete

    O dear i think you must be given the best commentator of the year!!
    You always make my day! I appreciate the way you perceive my words n line...May be it just the right way i thought while writing..yet I never knew until you said!!

    Thanks a ton!!!

  5. @Mahesh Kalaal
    @Mahesh Kalaal

    You always know the undercurrents, i guess!!

    And what a question indeed!!
    It definitely makes me think...n i shall sure give you a reply for that...

    Definitely you choose the right word...'conveyance'

    Well i wanted all that right on very simple words..almost equivalent to simple sentences we make to address things!
    I was trying that same in every phase and every para, hence you noticed the
    lack of loop in lines...!!

    But thanks for the feedback..for i always know and aspect the honest one from you!!


  6. @Rahul Rawal

    Well Rahul..
    How can u say it is a person behind the lines..it could be an imagination too....haina...!!
    But no secretes holding back... I had certain high voltage thoughts, emotions, memories...moments...which were just waiting for the right moment to come in form of this post!!
    Glad you liked it!!

    Thanks so much for visiting humming today :))

  7. Rachana, yet another beautiful creation by you.. I loved your words and thought process behind this.. Particularly the contrast between sun and moon, ages been para, and the last one made me say 'Wow! What a author you are! Should be blessed by God to pen down like this!'

    I read many poets in this blogging world, I do comment for all the posts I read, but in a line or two about the thing I loved in their creations, but whenever I comment here I couldn't stop in two or three lines, insted ending up in two or three para's.. Reason: I love each and every word in your creations.. You are truly blessed by God!

    Poem On! I am one of those hearts who wait for the creations from the CREATION(RACHANA)..

    Someone is Special

  8. @Someone Is Special

    I know that You must be knowing....how does it feels to get a feedback in terms of comment of your post...for I knw it is really difficult sometimes for the readers to get connected with the same intensity of thoughts like one who have written. BUT you definitely exceptional!!
    So well get hooked in lines n words which is kind of my fav. too in the post.

    I feel the genuine appreciation in your words and feel extremely touched and overwhelmed. I'm just so much happy to see that you like it every post most and best part you feel connected to every word.

    Okay now after writing so much above...I'm getting speechless...and right now i hope and wish if you could still read the thoughts i feel reading ur comment(s)!!

    THANKYOU so much!!!
    ~Keep the Spark ALive..


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