19 November, 2009

Celebrate You - blogger bond Award

Golden sun rays passed its fingers through the curtain and followed by some drizzle. Within minutes I discovered a beautiful Rainbow, this morning. Celebration was already in my mind and this colorful rainbow added a tint as an approval to my celebration. Celebrations are magical moments and here it defines my passion.

It is the celebration of the colorful journey I had being a blogger. Throughout this roller coaster ride, I enjoyed learning and sharing my expression with you all.

  • This post of my blog is hitting 100th post, a lucky Sachin’s Century…!

From:: HummingToday~ Blogger Bond Award

I take this moment as an extension of the bond being shared with blogger buddies.

Also it’s a moment where I want to thank all the people..who have directly and indirectly involved in motivating me in creative existence.

# Throughout my blogging expedition, I have maintained long posts..
..not deliberately but co-incidentally, so kindly bear this one also as a long post.

  • Trace the Trail:

I still remember few of my very first blogs I followed were of Priya, Lena and Ode Writer. Amazingly,Priya and Lena hold a very special position in my blogging subsistence ever since.

I have been blogging seeing as two years. But it’s been in recent times that I have actually, started following frequently in routine some very enchanting blogs.

Thanks to Blogger "Follower widget’ and ‘BlogRoll widget’, it made much easier to be constantly in touch with the new posts of yours.

Neeraj, PriyanRSV, Rajtilak,
Srivats, Shruti,

I follow the above mentioned bloggers because each bloggers and their blogs are ingenious and philanthropic. Each one has a unique way of writing and each one possess an exceptional ocean of wisdom and creativity.

Many among you have honored me, helped me and enriched my thoughts with the ideas and outlook towards life. I want to thank you for accepting me in your list of BlogRoll making me feel accepted. Thank you so much for acknowledging my Spark.

I’m glad that I enjoyed their discovery and in return got as many as my friends, the buddies, the well wishers with an everlasting bond creating a harmonious world of its own in this blogosphere.

  • Rear the Celebration:

As my celebration started with the colorful rainbow, roller coaster ride, I thought and scooped the flying colors of the butterfly to add creativity in the celebration.

So here’s my token of love, affection and creativity in form of rachi creations.. only for you.

"It is a bright little effort made to share and dedicate this blogger bond Award with you". This award is for YOU as "You are Phenomenal! and Your Blog is Unconventional in the Willful Way.."
Kindly, COLLECT and accept it as one more award in your list and honor me. Let me Celebrate You.
 # For your convenience, I have created a small size of Award.

...let us together CelebrateLife!
Celebrate friendship amid in blogger's

AmitSemwal, Geetali, Madhulika, Nupur, NikitaBK, Nirmala, PradeepRao, Payal, Tanushree, Suparna, Siddharth, Vinit, Suneeta(suni)..and many many more my dear friends.

The Contribution listed talent hunted heads, my very true friends who believed when I had cease my belief in myself and in Humming Today.

It is indeed worth being feeling like accepted.

Also well goes the saying that,When a wife has a good husband it is easily seen in her face.

(BWT: hope he celebrate today taking me out on dinner :P)

Thank you Hubby,for making Maggi and Tea for me when I'm busy
 in my Humming thoughts:)

Keep the spark Alive..

Thankyou for being endearing and persistent in reading.
Let the video loads completely..Enjoy! Celebrate You!!


  1. YAARRR CONGRATULATIONS n CELEBRATIONS !!!!!!! U r playing a wonderful innings..n I must say u r so so considerate towards your family n frds..This award is an honour for all of us indeed...Thank you so so much for remembering us on this special occasion...its is so kind of u to have taken out time for us n creating this unusual award...its is pretty..n u r equally deserving for it....N so is yr hubby who has been cooking for u while u were busy wt yr blog...

    My heartiest wishes to u n him...i wish u more n more success as u move on...

    Jab Tak suraj chand rahega...BLOGGE R BOND AWARD tera naam rahega....

  2. hey rachna...

    Hearty congratulation on ur 100th poST.. its really a great achievement.I always love to read your posts.

    Thank you for your wonderful award.I am a bit surprised by seeing my name on ur post. I am glad too.

    May this blogger bond between us continue for ever...

  3. Hey
    :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
    :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

    Congrattttttttts buddy..... Pretty party time.... You did hit the century with a sixer. Celebrate with fun and frolic around. Have cheerful time with your hubby and friends. Thanks a bunch for honouring me with this special bonding award which symbolises the emotion of netizen bloggers togetherness.... :)
    Keep blooging with dazzling and enchanting sparks. Keep spreading the positivism and beauty of rachana creations. Keep showering the expressiveness through your innovative flavours and brilliant ideas. Let us feel the fragrance and aroma of sublime and serene festive occasion. Thanks again for sharing the award .
    Have smiles...have fun....have life :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

    mahesh :) :) :)

  4. @ Madhulika
    O baibi...I'm so so happy that you liked the concept and Award!

    Ahaannn..yep my hubby quite pampers me alot and i take it mostly for grated ;) But definitely he deserves this award too:)

    Thanks chweety!
    Luv yeah always..

  5. @ Suree
    Thankyou Suree for celebrating with me!
    Also, its completely my pleasure to know that you like and accepted the Award!

    SO congrats for this BLOGGER BOND AWARD!

    Keep the spark Alive..

  6. @ Mahesh

    Yes am too excited..and did not expected to be so exciting...like bouncing high in air..

    Ok! this one is very important to tell you that, it was actually you who gave me a reminder for the century few posts back...otherwise I would have definitely forgotten it completely. Thankyou So sososoosooso...much..buddy!

    It is my honour and happiness to know that you liked the award and acepted it. It is just the way to celebrate the bond we share due to blogger!

    So lets party...and

    ..Keep the spark Alive

  7. Hi Rachana, CoNgRaTs!!!!! kEEP WRITING LADY!

    Am so new in your blog world and loved your last post so much, I became a follower the next sec. But its surprising so see my name in your post and thats very special to me. Thanks for bringing that smile :)))

    Have a great day!

  8. hi rachana
    Accept my warm wishes and heartiest congratulations on this big achievement and felicitation time..cheers!!
    Thanks for the acknowledgement in such a beautiful way.. :)

  9. Hey party time...!!
    I loved this award, I was really enthralled after seeing your comment. I came here and joined your Party!
    Thank you so much for your award!

    Three Cheers to you!!

  10. Heartiest Congratulations from my Side... :)
    Wishing you many more milestones to reach! ...
    Thanks a ton for giving me this beautiful award...:)
    Extremely happy... :)

    P.S. wouldn't be regular for next few weeks as I am going to join DRDO very soon...Really missing your wonderful posts...would read all once i am regular...

  11. Thanks a lot for your generous award. I am honoured.

  12. @ Shruti SriHarsha

    Absolute, my pleasure to bring a smile, all you wish comes true!
    However, not forgetting to tell you that, I like you blog as much as you like mine.

    Perhaps even here it took a second to add you name in this list. I heartily wish all the best and greater happenings in your life and you blog.

    Keep the spark Alive..

  13. @ Vishal

    I have always adored you write up which are indeed very unconventional!
    Hence you definitely deserve to be unique in a willful way.

    Thank you so much for celebrating with me and accepting this blogger bond award.

  14. @ Shruti

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog and caring to accept the award.

    Definitely you deserve this and many more…as I believe to read your blog forever as it’s really a beautiful feeling to aspire and have Hope.

    Keep the Spark alive..

  15. @ Singh Amit
    I’m glad that you accepted this very gesture and celebrated with me.

    Thank you so much. I’m equally excited and happy to have able to get to read you blog:)

    Perhaps, wishing you all the best for your careers and joining. Enjoy this moment at the fullest as you may be remembering it throughout you life. When you become more regular latter, do tell us your side story in you new job and so on..Our Best wishes are always with you. God bless You!

  16. @ Bharti

    Thank you so much for accepting this award. As I enjoy going through your write ups and learning every time something new…you definitely deserved this award and many more.


  17. congrats on your 100th post !!!
    this in a great moment and am happy that ur sharing your happiness with ur co-blogger by awarding them !!! thanks of your award and cheers!!! may your blog reach 1000 post soon !


  18. Congrats on your 100th post girl. I am glad you continue writing with your creative style and keep up the good work. Thaz a very cute award.

  19. Hello Rachana,

    Thanks for the lovely award mate :)

    Belated birthday wishes to the hubby... hope the both of you had a lovely day together...

    take care and keep penning your thoughts :)

    have a lovely day...


  20. thanks a lot dear...

    it's been a pleasure knowing a beautiful soul like you...

    take care and bearhugs

  21. firstly many many congratulations rachana di[ i hope i can call u that:)] for 100 posts:) hope u write many many more keepin yr lively spark alive:))
    n u have written yr 100th post with utmost creativity! kudos for that!

    its a pleasure knowin a sweet soul like you..:)

    i m elated with this award..its so cute so pretty n most importantly its created by u!!!!:))
    so a heart felt thankyou!:)

    keep writin..
    keep the celebration alive!

  22. @ Arv
    Thankyou so much for accepting this award plus for all those lovely best wishes! Thankyou so much!

    You definitely deserved it!

    BTW: This is not my hubby's birthday...but i shall convey your wishes :)

    Keep visiting more often and
    Keep the spark Alive..

  23. @ Priyan
    You are welcome Priyan:)
    Glad you liked the concept and accepted this award! Thankyou so much for your best wishes!
    Keep the spark Alive..

  24. @ Priya
    Glad that you liked this Award. You owe more that this from me!
    Love Yeah!
    Keep the spark Alive..

  25. @ [V]
    It been my pleasure too, to have known you and you loevly poems!
    Thankyou so much for accepting this award..
    Keep the spark Alive..

  26. @ Divsi

    You are most welcome Divsi..to call me di' if you want.I dnt mind evenif you can me with name..All its going to be mine Absolute pleasure Chweety!

    I heartily appricaite the way in a short duration you have made this mark that I had to convey my thanks through this Award. You for sure deserve this chweety!

    Let us celebrate this moment and create an eternal Blogger bond!

    Thankyou for accpeting the Award, glad you liked it:)

    However, I enjoy at you page same way hearing those lovely collection of songs! Simply loved your choice Sagi Gal!

    Keep the spark Alive..

  27. That was awesome painting and good words to go together! Thanks a lot for the award :)

  28. oops almost forgot! congradulations to your 100th post :) wishing you many more posts!

  29. kudos the winners..and mind me joining yur blogroll and blog buddies... :)..cya around this space


  30. wow.. thanks for the award.. i feel a bit weird that am not havin enough time to read ur posts.. ur blog will be filled with my comments after my exams..


  32. @ Srivats

    Thank you so much for your Best- Wishes!

    Glad that you liked the painting in the award…I believe you as you, thyself are a very awesome and talented Painter!

    I’m also pleased to see that you have accepted this award!

    Keep the spark Alive..

  33. @ Hary

    Welcome to Humming Today!
    Glad that you leaving a comment with your amazing link of your blog!

    Hope to find my blog interesting and shall expect you visiting my blog more often and leaving a comment..


  34. @ Vishnu

    O dear Vishnu, Simply no problem…my blog can wait and shall wait…You pay complete attention towards you exams…as those can’t wait!

    This Award is for the people whom I follow and enjoy reading their thoughts…and hence I believe your blog is one of them definitely. However, glad that you liked and happily accepted this Award! You surely deserve it!!

    Come back to humming today when your exams are over! My best wishes are always with you…may you deserve the best in this world!

    Keep the spark Alive..

  35. @ Ravi Sir

    It is an immense joy in me to read you comment finally…but at the same time feel a bit embarrassed to see that I did not add you name..

    How could I do such a silly mistake…pardon me and please accept my best wishes with this award! I hope you will definitely forgive me...for missing you name from the list!

    Perhaps, I wish and hope you will be a more frequent visitor! Please do leave your comment to enrich my post! Thank you for you best wishes!!

  36. Congratulations dear...u have an excellent blog and u r an amazing person...thanks a lot 4 remebering me...u rlly made my day...thanks once again....

  37. @ Aysha
    Pleasure is all here, Aysha..You are truely talented and I respect your skills!

    Keep in touch..Hope you visit again Humming Today.

    However, COngratulations to you too for receiving this Blogger Bond Award..

  38. Hey Rachana,

    Thanks for that beautiful award! I liked your creativity when you designed the small piece of graphic! That's indeed honorable!
    Keep up the good work!

    Best Regards,

  39. Thanks so much, Rachana and congratulations for crossing the century mark! I liked the award designed by you so much that I have just posted it in my latest blogpost. Thanks again. My Best wishes to you and your blog!

  40. @ Gopinath Sir

    I remember, the first time you actually commented my post year back…leaving your back link to your blog…I knew I was blessed!

    I’m deeply touched and immensely honored with the gesture and words your have made in considering me and my blog as one of your post in Your Blog.

    I’m…well no words can actually express well how much right now I’m blushing.

    Your consideration for my blog is such a big blessing as I have always regarded You as God of Articles.

    I’m humbled and I desire more to hope that you will always be there to enrich my knowledge and life and create an eternal blogger bond:)

    No body have ever complimented that way you have with your word like “With your blog, one really doesn’t need an occasion to celebrate, I guess.”

    I really appreciate the admiration of the moment!

    Celebrate Life..
    Keep the spark Alive..

  41. Man! Thats the best I have come across in months now! Awesome :) I am glad I am here, thanks to Gopinath ;)
    As a first impression, I find a lot of similarities between you n me ...wanna be here more often
    celebrate you :)
    and ya Congrats :D

  42. congrats on the 100th post...
    n thanks a lot for the award :)


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