15 March, 2011

55 fiction - clueless loop of love

“Opps, I was just trying!” Nandini innocently said.
Sameer’s eyes narrowed yet passed a smile.
Nandini might have unwise loop of conduct and be childish, but he also definitely wasn’t that easy-going person.
“It was looking beautiful and I could not resist trying ones” she said earnestly.
Perhaps, she was trying Sameer’s mom wedding dress.


Sameer shrugged.
Nandini upset turned around and walked upstairs.
“You look so beautiful in this dress” Sameer finally acclaimed softening slightly.
She stopped at thirteenth step saying, “I always wanted to wear this dress while marrying you”
Indeed, it was a childhood fantasy, lived by her youth.
And he acknowledged it as a genuine desire!


Nandini whispered, “What to do now?”
From her gesture she knew exactly what she wanted to.
Silent though persuaded they stood crushing behind the doors watching mom passing by corridor.
“What?" Sameer arched his eyebrow.
“Say yes” Nandini insisted playfully.
It was seventh time in one day, endearing Nandini proposed and mischievously smiling Sameer disposed!


  1. They were good. :D Liked the first one more.

  2. JE BAAAT !!!

    Extremely playful and full of mischievous love... You always were a good thinker and a writer but with this post you have set a new level for your own self I believe.If Bhansali ji goes through this I am sure he would want you to write for his upcoming project... Very innovative and well expressed.What a romance !!!

    Also, the picture you have chosen to put up is just perfect.One of the best moments from the best movie.

    The title is very catchy 'Clueless loop of love'.Keep going my friend.Waiting for more.

    Good Luck and LOVE,

  3. :)
    hehehe nice one.... and love and desires know no bounds, of mind or body.

  4. thats lovely :D
    sweet and mischevious :D


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