24 March, 2011

Bits of Life - mixed emotions

Okay now I feel that I’m growing up...almost fully grown!
I mean in a sense to values. I feel that I’m groomed now to manage almost all the emotions, relationship and more harmoniously.
I can currently also comprehend why there are so many people who are looking for peace and introspected own soul. I recognize why people want to take a flight and free themselves from all the frustration.
~ bits of life - survival ~

Life is tough no wonder!
The more I live and see around I see everyone facing and fighting their battle. Indeed, no one battle is less significant than anyone else’s. And when each one of us is fighting our wars to win...we are not alone, I guess! Perhaps this thought helps me sometimes and demands me to be a bit kind to others too. However each one of us is doing our best almost every day to overcome it.

Few days back one of my friend’s younger sweet sister was upset and puzzled about something. I got to know it from her facebook updates stating as, "Mixed Emotions!"

I without knowing the issue promptly replied her,

..I think what you are thinking is right now so correct, just go for it, do not hesitate...don’t doubt your heart :))
See 2+2=4...now no matter how many times or 1000 times you add the same thing....
2+2 will always be 4.
Indeed that what heart is saying...why recheck and doubt your own will!
But if you still have some kind of doubt than hold back your horses, may be your brain is still calculating the moment.
But alas! Your heart has already given you the answer of your life that would make you or break you in your opinion.”

However as far as I know, "heart never gives doubt...it’s the mind that troubles more"...it's calculative huh!

...But before you choose consider this too...if the situation is 2y+2 than the results won’t be the same as 2+2. We need to find the hidden value of ‘y’ and many possibilities are that the results will not be 4.
I think ‘y’ is something hidden agenda...and need to be explored. ”
Sometimes in a crowd we think same like others looking at each other’s face. We need to have different prospective before we make major decisions, there is nothing wrong in hearing after all!”

Perhaps, calculations are the part of the life right from the beginning. Some planned steps and some unplanned but calculations will remain and you would counter at many cult of moments.

LoLz....I’m actually bad in subject Maths!
But creative calculations sometimes help!

And finally after many hardships one thing I have understood,
“It’s not that easy to fall,
Until you know you won’t get hurt
or you know the dept
or you know you will fall over the gushy of green grass and carpets of supple flowers and bounce back..
..then you might just jump instantly put up your feet up with your arms open wide and least bothering to touch the ground with knees!”

Note: I’m ruled by planet called emotions hence u don’t find my existence over this place...and perhaps this is a reason nothing rough comes by my way but only love tickles!

Okay before I sum up my calculative funda...mull over this one:
What is the sum of 2 + 2?
*found in forwarded mail from a friend.*
An accountant will say "What do you want the answer to be?"
A mathematician will say "I believe it is 4, but I will have to prove it."
A statistician will say "The population is too small to give an accurate answer, but on the basis of the data supplied the answer lies between 3 and 5."
An economist will say "Based on today's thinking, the answer is 4 but the answer may be different tomorrow".
An engineer will say "The answer is 4, but adding a safety factor we will call it 5".

*How do you sum up your life formula!?

~ Keep the Spark ALive..


  1. The battle, the war within is out in open in your post.. Mind creates that 'y' factor in the simple 2+2 theory always..
    Tthough u'r not in maths but calculation of life is perfectly portraited by u..
    Good one, a different one...

  2. earlier i use to know the difference between numerals and variables as well as their impact ....
    but now i doubt the very existence of the numbers....am not even sure whether the symbol '+' will definitely do addition.....i suspect in case if it does a subtraction or multiplication.....life has become so complex that its tough to believe even the elementary things ....

    am not sure whether 2=2 ...


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