01 June, 2011

game of your life - destiny cards

Note: The beautiful picture is captured by talented and very dear friend of mine, 'Rhonda L. Hall'. She is a self taught artist and photographer. Thank you so much for contributing to my blog you awesome piece of art.
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This post reflects the hallmark of feeling and more feelings, true emotions and few random scattered thoughts collectively brought together!

Now I think and have to learn a lesson!
A life lesson to trust and have faith in the unknown.
Honestly, I have a fear of unknown.
For me anything that goes out of my planned schedule actually freaks me out.
Hence I need to understand that certain things in life happen for a reason that is not always known to me and I should not always know everything, right!

A worrier (one who worries a lot) has to change into a warrior!
I should learn to deal with the cards I have. So here come the game of perception and easy way out to perceive is like a defence mechanism. But even that practice of perception has to be shunned.

It not about mystery but it’s just mastery not to over analyses the things and try cracking codes with perception.
Neither going with a flow nor being still...all I need is to feel the graceful breeze!

Try not to over-look the consciousness.
Now no matter what enigma life creates throwing hysterical dice for you...
Be composed with your limited jumbled cards, to cope up the circumstances and reckon the reality!
Just remember, regardless of what cards you get, you still can direct your life with little efforts to recover rendezvous moments and choose to live life king size always anyways!

~ Keep the Spark ALive..


  1. Wow for the picture and.............wow again for the post Sama. :)

  2. sometimes our own conscience becomes a hurdle in achieving our targets ....

    sometimes detachment itself is warriorship ...

    rather than understanding the game of perception , knowing the psychology of perception helps us to overcome our drawbacks.

    Not just certain things, everything in this universe happen, has got a reason
    and sometimes we do fear of the known too...

  3. Fear of the unknown exists with everyone, its just how one help him/her self to overcome the fear and be a warrior and not a worrier :)
    analysing is good but yes over analysing and perceiving or try to perceive everything is bad..

    nice job with your words and emotions. :)


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