30 May, 2011

a wish come true

Note: The beautiful picture is captured by my very dear friend, 'Parker' :)
This post reflects the hallmark of feeling and more feelings, true emotions and few random scattered thoughts collectively brought together!

Sometimes words defining wishes kept me awake and away from slipping into reverie!
Many people think making a wish is a fairy-tale inspiration. They don’t know a wish is a sweet chase of small, simple things that brings immense happiness at the core. I know my life is generally heading in the right direction but wish gives it a better storybook where while reading I can wish to open up my wings and fly out like a fairy princess. I really would like for a while to believe in such a wish!

Yes! I had few wishes. In fact, quite a list of wish!
A wish about anything and everything...
Isn’t that tempting!
Perhaps, I don’t really know what I want!
And honestly my list of wish was a bit unpractical, out of any concrete plan and just a blur thought.

Though I wanted them to be fulfilled only with an expectation...
What if I wish things were like that...stuff would have been different then!
What if I wish life would be like that...I would have been different then!

Don’t you wish sometime!
I do wish and often have no plans to possess..

And just imagine when that wish gets rewarded unexpectedly!
It's like; you think, wish, forget about it and suddenly find it came true, freezing moment...
Wow! A moment of pure-joy with all gracious feeling!
Indeed, with an insight of the buried longing deep inside the heart!

I’m still in an awe stage to accept the sweet happening in life! And I don’t know whom to thank this for...the best wishes which friends give, the blessing which elders gave. A wish to possess had no plans but a power..! Like a collective approach of many tiny matter and dust creating a master-piece for me in a form of the most unexpected great sunshine day. And an impossible turned into possible in just a flick of an eye.
Right now, I’m just bit worried, my wishes will reveal literally how selfish I am.
Nevertheless, right then my most wishes seek joy for all!

A wish is turning dream into desire...
Things were different, things are changed, I’m dreaming? Or living a dream!
Even a dream is ones visualized and pondered upon but there is just one moment simply better than a dreaming yet so fulfilling and content...ahh..a sweet wish comes true!
I wish a wish for you...
I wish you were here with me..

Now I know my wish was worth!!
Déjà vu! I discovered the Genie in the magic lamp...And my wish is his command! How sweet, isn't it!

~ Keep the Spark ALive..


  1. Little wishes that unexpectedly come true? They convince me that life is not unfair at all, it just takes time to process the orders I make and think life refuses to take.

    It's really enthralling and don't worry if your wishes might look like selfishness to some. It's okay to think of everyone, including yourself. :D

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  2. In my case, I wish the most peculiar (okay, fine weird is the word) wishes which never turned out to be true. I think God is also dubious about the fusibility of the wish I usually ask for and this is really not done.

  3. Wishing is not bad but everytime expecting wishes to come true is..
    but all in all we all wish and keep wishing throughout our life and those wishes which come true become the defining moments of life..
    I wish u luck for all of your wishes. God bless :)


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