27 November, 2011

Celebrity Crush

Please do READ Part 1 of this post..Meeting a Celebrity

Another hypothetical situation my friend said...
Imagine if some fine day we together get a chance to meet Salman Khan in person...what will happen..??!

We for a minute tried to visualise the aura and in started describing....

“We two girls shall get a chance to meet Salman Khan in a show and we go to see him. He is on the couch sitting and waiting to meet his two big fans. We enter see him, say ‘Hi’ to him and latter to start a conversation we start describing him, which movie we loved watching in which he has worked. With a non-stop notion we continue to discussing about his movies, songs, sequence, acts, style and so on..."

A casual and an unplanned conversation which was supposed to be cool and calm with no panic attack ends up actually hyper. We girls wonder shouldn't a celebrity be happy and excited listening thyself brilliant stories live from his fans.

Yet we assumed that same time watching his fans, Salman Khan gets bored with our constant talk about movies and songs. He puts a thought to think and act normal. Hence, behaves just as a normal guy tries to divert our girly conversation and makes an effort to know about our _fan's life, our daily routine life is like?

We reply, that’s pretty boring topic to talk about us, how about that movie you have worked in...We continued bluffing! Ultimately we shut up Salman Khan from talking and ask him to listen about our girls talk. We indeed are busy talking about his movies and much detail of the scenes and dialogues that we of course have by hearted.

Salman Khan gets bored, irritated simultaneously and leaves the room at ones.
Amazingly We THE Girls are still constantly busy in discussing and chatting about the songs and expressions of the movies of Salman Khan.

The crew of the show rushes behind him and asks him to please continue the show. At last Salman Khan breaks his silence and says ‘Hum toh anth mein Bolenge’(We'll give our opinion at the last..)(a dialogue from his movie Hum Apke Hain Kaun) and walks away”

Ahh! Nothing stands strong not even daring Salman Khan can stand bravely against the constantly chatting girls.

Perhaps, a dream comes true with a twist.

Between, what it’s like meeting a celebrity.
They might behave much calm and toned down. Indeed, now we realise we are not crazy to meet Salman Khan yet we insanely wish to meet ‘Prem’ the character hero of the movie, Salman Khan plays.

So let’s expect when we meet our ‘Prem’, he won’t come like walking, he is our hero...NO! He is our super hero, and hence he shall come swinging over the chandelier with his catapult armed with a ‘genda phool’(kind of flower).

And just when I was going through internet surfing to get the best picture I could add for this post it was getting so difficult as each and every photo was excellent and heart-throbbing. And lately then my eyes were glued to see few pics. All the while surfing internet, I was wondering about the beautifully shot scenes of Salman Khan movies. Few brilliant shots of the movies, you will notice in Heart-Beat Love Connection - Series of Love poems on this blog Humming Today!

There is still a lot to share...well wait for the Next Post....you might just fall in love with Prem aka Salman Khan again..and again...just like me...Watch it on this blog in his Birthday, 27th December,2011 for the second part of this post... Yes! It's exactly after one month...
Because 'Patience is bitter but its fruit is sweet!'
So do wait for the sweetness and a sweetheart post!


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