27 November, 2011

Meeting a Celebrity

Watch this video and tell me watching it what do you marvel...

What if we get an opportunity to meet Salman Khan in real?
My friend asked me in a casual talk.

I gave a thought for a moment, pretending to give a reply in with a concrete plan of action.
Yet finally sharing a feeling how it would feel to meet Salman Khan in real.

“It’s a dream to meet him. I think it will remain a dream.” I said with a conviction.
To this my friend replied that “don’t lose hope, there will a day in history when we will sure get a chance to meet him, talk with him at least for a while.”

I smiled at her thoughts and again started sharing my moment of truth would look like.

“As I said it will be like a dream come true.
Salman Khan shall be sitting next room waiting to see his fan, I shall be prompted to go ahead and meet The Salman Khan. I shall take some long breaths...really long one then few really steps, with heart beating at the highest pace. A little knock on the door with a slight push to the door and only head leaning into the room to get the glimpse of an actor quickly before I could actually bring my dream in to substance of reality...

And I will see from a distance into his eyes...his deep warm eyes!
And just as his eyes gets my little glimpse across the room from the half opened door...I sure shall faint on the spot!

A great actor with a golden heart, Salman Khan shall ask the other people around to take me to the hospital and he will go back to his work for shooting a movie.

Ahh! I dream to meet Salman Khan shall remain a dream forever for me!"

Its an absolute delight for any fan to meet his or her Celebrity crush or idol and when the big day arrives what...can happen instead what should happen!

Well I know normally you will say...what can happen?

There will be a calm hand shake with a warm hug and a sweet conversation shall take place between the two, the admirer and a celebrity.
Is this all what can happen...well I think if it is so normal...than normally I must get nervous! I still get those shivers with a thought itself of meeting... ;)

And we busted into a huge laughter!

And to my surprise my sweet friend prompted something really funny again.."Seriously, wonder why Salman Khan does not know that we Two girls do exist in this world, who are such a well-wisher and marvel only about him every single moment of life."

The Picture above is the wallpaper of the popular Hindi Bollywood film 'Hum Aapke Hain Kaun' released in yr.1994 featuring Salman Khan aka Prem.

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  1. I am confused.. I hope this is the first part.. So you will faint on the spot?? and I wish he should know that you two girls are very strong admirers of him.. :-)

    Someone is Special

  2. I often wonder why u never mention my name in your posts... let the world know about your this crazy friend too :)

    wish u luck 4 more


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