11 December, 2011

covert affair - Haiku

A Haiku 5-7-5 written for Haiku Heights - Prompt # 98 - Covert

appeared Care in veils
flashed out of the Bolted doors
vice Covert Abuse!

  • There is numerous kind of abuse. Yet not always yelling or hitting hard is only left abuse. Someone might just ignore you, be rude and rough with you are considered equal cruelty. And obviously you know that you are being insulted for nothing and utterly abused!
  • But covert abuse is subtle and disguised by actions that might appear to be normal, at times loving and caring. Covert abuse leaves you with doubts, insecurity, feelings of foolishness, jealousy and acts of mysteriously strange frightening.
  • Yet most of the time one never take any action against it, being in uncertainty of circumstances and fluctuation partner's behaviours. They are simply so unsure due to their own lack of insight into their feelings.Same things get repeated and the situation gets worst.
  • Though such victims may experience the abuse on every single little moments turning into weird issue. They will still keep wondering if abuse is occurring at all, indirectly weakening the bond of the relationship.
read more about Covert Abuse..a serious crime....

The picture above is taken from the Hindi Movie Videsh featuring Prity Zinta.


  1. Any abuse is disgraceful ... but the kind of abuse hidden has marks that dig into the soul!

  2. I agree with you on this and this kind of abuse must not be tolerated. In my other blog, I wrote about this:


    Thanks for the link too ~

  3. Good one. All abuse is disgraceful.

  4. Those who abuse can't reach those who don't and who are alive.. truly alive.. because for them turning back even to look at that abuse means wasting life in that eternal moment.. one gives only that what one has.. we shall move on.. Rachana every visit here gives something new.. came through Haiku Heights.. but here's link for my OSI post..would like if you drop in..


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