08 December, 2011

Sometimes words are not enough - Thoughts to ponder

This beginning of new month December, a venture for every week on Thursday is dedicated to the beautiful month November I had. So I shall call this venture as 'November Rain', showering just the best of every thing in the coming days!

When he was trying to praise her, he tried giving examples of little beautiful things in life existed. Not that he was comparing but he was making an attempt to give the best suitable definition.
Such was the beauty!

When she was upset and crying in pain, she could not speak her sorrow or explain him, how badly it hurts! Only this she said was, ‘one understands only when one is going through such betrayal’.
Such was the pain!

When they were celebrating the sweet moment of life together, they smiled, blushed and blessed. Unparalleled moment of joy couldn’t be described in words!
Such is the happiness!

He stood by her side in rain and sunshine. She would have broken if he was not that supportive and encouraging. Appreciating and saying thanks in words are not enough for the care taken.
Such is the gratitude!

Indeed there are many instances in life when you are actually dumbstruck.
It’s not that you cannot talk or speak fluently. You certainly think a lot. There are infinite thoughts and boundless lines for that one feeling you want to put across. But honestly you know that you just miss words to put in right sequence to reflect the best of the feelings.

You wonder about grammar, adjectives, adverbs and beautiful synonym to convey certain thoughts.
And you a literate though nothing seems generous and you are literally lost in such awe moments!

The best of purest strong emotion are supreme and unreasonable to be depicted in words.
Any form of example set is just not adequate, making it difficult to describe the emotions! There are millions of harmonizing influences of inspiring words and more multiplied sacred sounds in different languages, yet they are not just sufficient sometimes!

The feeling to miss someone badly, cannot be explained in words how deeply one cares.
No poetry or song can explain the love one has for someone, who only prays for the best; loved one should posses. May be this is the reason; despite of many accomplished creative work of arts, pious souls painted, writers wrote, musicians composed... people are still trying best to invent new lines, recreate the fascination of aura with decent definitions for the ecstasy that might just replicate the true state of mind and heart. (I’m also striving and struggling each day to express the best way I can and this post is again one of my sincere effort to put across my humming thought..)

Sometimes just one word touches the heart cords and sets the whole attachment into a strong bond. Words are powerful and can instantly change life. Words can hurt and words can heal. But beyond the powerful realm of words and valuable sounds as a strong form of expressions. Whether within our own thoughts, verbally spoken or in written form, we stand sometimes speechless with grace in eyes, glory in soul and prayer in heart portraying true emotions.

That’s the time when, words are just not enough to express the best true sentiments!
One must learn to differentiate between text and thoughts...
Not everything which is written or read is actually felt, yet every single thought that passes through your mind in the split of second signify feeling!

Perhaps, the gestures and a simple attitude that is moving and are sometimes just more than words to add that missing warmth in hearts and leave a mark on memory.

It's when I don't require speaking my mind.
Because frankly I’m in a right mind state and won't be able to say straight.
And I don't want you to wait to listen to my narration!
All I need just a warm hug and a sweet smile that mend my day.

And just in case if I give you a hug first, hope you see that smile with a blink and understand the whole motive behind the simple affectionate act.
While words fall short to convince the feelings, gestures speak often aloud silently!


  1. Sometimes just one word touches the heart cords and sets the whole attachment into a strong bond.

    - touching post

  2. this blog is smthng whch touches the heart n soul of a person
    it shows tht hw a person cn express his/her feeling wthout saying a word or words r not enough to express there feelings ,
    its really november rain whch comes once in a year wth lots of memories !!!!!!!!!!!
    hats off to u again dii

  3. Rachana, first of all I love the movie Vinnaithandi Varuvaya madly,and the pic is a cute moment in that movie...

    and yeah sometimes words are not at all enough and this post is sweeter than any posts I read so far.. beautifully cute..

    Someone is Special

  4. Lovely Post, Rachana.
    You have expressed it so well - the power of unspoken emotion and touch.
    Keep writing such wonderful and uplifting pieces.

  5. All one needs is 'love' :) be it in any form..prose, poetry, gestures, silence . At times even indifference or maybe jealousy can show it!

    But yes..if words r swords then unspoken gestures r no less :D well written piece!


  6. You and emotions share a super beautiful relationship and that shows in your post :)
    Ur posts gradually sink through the the depth of the emotions.
    I'm dumb stuck with ur fluency with the emotions. You're a super woman :)

  7. basic human thoughts & emotions in this section is always beautiful, and ur wordings are making it more beautiful,enjoybale to read...not feeling bore even in a single sentence while reading. wonderful thoughts :)

  8. Hi.. :)
    I think this is the 1st time I 'm leaving comments to anybody after I started blogging.
    What I have perceived is that our feeling and emotions together is like a song that can be expressed in harmonies (Do Re Me Pa So La Te..).
    You have a different combo of harmonies for your different mind state or that what your soul says..!
    I really want to thank you so much to weave words so nicely to express what you feel.
    I also sometimes feels that same.
    I like it.


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