16 December, 2011

It didnt work out - Relationship

Relationships are very delicately spontaneous.
This post is dedicated to one of my very sweet friend*!
“Holding spark inside you makes you strong,
Yet sometimes letting it go makes you Spark!”

S Since you never know how other person shall react and watching other person how you are going to react. Or will you choose to not see the consequence and prefer to act the way you feel it right. There is a huge scope of possibilities, one must not ignore the probabilities of the relationships.

Let's live or leave them gracefully!

Any broken relationship leaves lots of bitterness around.
But one needs to see the positive aspect that it wasn’t that cruel when things turned upside down. If the relationship were meant to be worked out then despite of all hassles it would have carried a smooth journey.

Yet if now it does not work, it was meant to be that way.
Few things like clothes, jobs, adjusting to a new place and some relationships do not work out.
No sugar coating, let’s realize the simplest explanation of life, certain things doesn’t work out.
And this is absolutely normal.
  • Remember anything happening in your life leaving you pondering upon scattered things is for the reason that is it ensues for your good; occur for your upbringing and arise for your growth.

When we buy a knife, sometimes it is nice but difficult to use, sometimes it cuts fingers while cutting vegetables, sometimes one uses certain techniques to make it work and sometimes the knife works is just fine! Same goes with the relationships! Sometimes one need to put lots of efforts and sometimes it’s just fine.

However one thing is determined, knife is the basic need while cooking and so as one need to be in relationship to feel the warmth, that's perhaps is basic Being Human!

Don't let one incident ruins your kind sweet nature.
Believe in Love. Between I love YOU!!

There are trillions of taboos to fear.
The society makes it for its convenience.
Those taboos are enough to break you down when you are week. And from time to time it will be brought up into your notice until it makes you feel lost. It’s you who need to be strong and smart enough to understand and take a stand. Never let others or any situation to make you feel deprived.

Why it happened to you?
Actually it just happened and nobody choose it for you. However things are meant to be learned. There is no such thing as good or bad moments.
  • One has this power to change the worst moment of his/her life into the best turning point of life.
  • One also have this ability to spoil the best moment of the life with just one silly do.
You can dwell for ages and feel sad or you can be a motivation for life and move forward against all tides and sail away as a winner in life.

Good healthy relationships are the catalyst of cheer and charm which will definitely reflect on your face and in your thoughts.
And when they turn up bitter, overshadowing and complicated, it’s the right time to focus on something better in life. One Life! Live it at your best and do not crib for something silly which you cannot control.

You need to choose what you wish to cherish.
Certainly you have this chance to celebrate life!
The more you value life the more the life gives you back the praise.

Was it a mistake in the beginning or a blunder later on?
You will never understand why it ended up this way or what exactly the reason was?
Probably there is plenty of other a lot of wrong things you never understand.
Why there is hurt?
Why there is so much pain?
Why there are rolling tears?
And why now there is a unconditional rain?
  • There is no reason to believe everything you do or aspire for won’t work out.
  • Perhaps, there is definitely no reason to believe you are lacking in something good.

Sometimes there are moments one cannot control the circumstances and shuffling of time.
You need not be a miraculously genius to comprehend and mug up everything.
Little then we knew that the life have its own way to teach you something worth.
And we must learn to let it go.
Let it go smoothly like an ocean wave and let the new tide comes back touching your feet in gratuity!

  • Take this opportunity to create an art of your own and show the colours you got to flaunt.
  • Crop up the picture of your life as you want it to look beautiful and wise.

Sometimes when children fail in exams or class, there will be certain group of people who will blame them or their parents for their poor performance. But the people who love will then say; “it’s okay, study harder next time. You can repeat the class with new friends until and unless you have a focus to work hard.” So it okay, we all lose or gain at certain point of our life. We all have our own kind of battles to fight for. Indeed my dear friend you are not alone.

  • Let’s not dwell in hardship but strive for excellence.

It didn't work out - take it easy - it’s okay to be a bit plum and have curves!
Celebrate YOU!
Wish you lots of Creativity Curves, ebb and flow!
Set yourself free for only good, for something greater!
Focus for something that make you heart happy and that is something which will work and most important Compliment YOU.

Bring back my darling YOUR quote of Life, “I’m my Happiness” and know how heavenly you are blessed in many little ways! You will sure see the assent in the eyes of your parents, consent in the care of your friends!

Dear Readers need your best wishes and blessing for my sweet friend!~ Keep the Spark ALive..

The picture above is taken from the movie 'No One killed Jessica' featuring Vidya Balan.


  1. ths is awesome
    u cn give the strength to a broken heart person wth ur words , bt whn there is love there wll be pain also .
    whn sm1 hs gt a broken heart , he/she should never look behind past as it wll gv more pain . try to move on .
    grt post dii

  2. Sometimes in this lifetime,
    we meet a special soul,
    who fills our very essence,
    to almost overflow,
    we drink the cup of friendship,
    it tastes like ruby wine, and you know within your heart,
    this meeting was Divine. This soul that lives within your heart,
    no distance can prevail,
    an inner spark, within the heart,
    becomes a Holy Grail,
    the starting of a journey,
    in which you both shall be, a reflection of each other,
    for all eternity. ♥♥

  3. This is such a beautifully weaved Happiness Post... loved it..keep inspiring Rachana...God bless!!!

  4. Very tru dear, if something doesn't workout even after us being given more than 100% then just let it be.. Somethings surely are not in our control.....
    Though in life we try to control each and everything but 1 thing we must realise is that there are things beyond our control and the best way to live is leave them to God..
    Sometimes uncertain things add excitement and flavour to life. Relish life's flavours abundantly..

  5. woww so brilliantly written ... seems the art of living lessons can be learnt from here :)
    beautiful post :)

  6. Boost for Broken hearts! Awesome !

  7. I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award! Click on this link for details ~
    Keep up the good work! :)

  8. Wonderful post. I couldn't stop myself from appreciating it. I too share a same view on relationship, and felt as if my thoughts were translated into words. Brilliant and simple writing yet so effective :)


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