04 December, 2011

Love is a dream - mini Love Story

This is a series of love. ~ For I don’t Hate-Love Story!
We met and I knew you would fall for me.
Well that was my presumption; it went the other way round.

But then he did call yesterday morning.
He asked me out, but was it a date? I was so confused then...

~ Cafe ~

As fixed time and place, we met in a cafe and sipped together our first coffee. Ever since then I had been a big fan of coffee though being a tea-lover. There was no guitar tunes or piano rhythm, still the thumbing of my heart beat was enough of artful music to excite me.
Looking around people sitting and having a good time, I looked dumb struck with lost words to start the conversation. Usually, I'm quite a talkative person and getting into any conversation, giggling comes easily to me.
But don’t know why I was feeling so conscious then!
Isn't it right to hang around with friend? LOLs! The beginning itself is so screwed with this friends tag!

“It’s a beautiful day!” I instantly bluffed believing that he will ignore my dumbness right that moment, since I'm not like this always! .......ahhh Today, was definitely so special and speechless I was proving it every passing moment!

I liked this guy for several months and we used to hang out with our other friends. We were not really great friends but sure we shared something uncommonly common between us that today we are sitting facing each other sipping coffee.

Of course you were responsible for that, I murmured without his notice.
“Now, he had good sense of humour, was smart enough and had excellent conversation skills. This guy was hot! This is definitely a bonus to everything!”

It was a slow start but it had that magical spark which can be proclaimed as a good talk.
We started sharing our few remarkable life incidents and few embarrassing moments too. I was surprised to see how he had planned the whole day. A coffee time, followed by a lovely movie latter some shopping to still keep me up lively and finally a lavishing dinner at my suggested restaurant.
Ah! It was not just the sweet friendship...sure it was more than that any fool could make out. But neither I’m a fool nor am I smart enough to believe on pretentions. Until he does not say it...I get into no concrete conclusions.
“If you love me baby, you got to show me and say me simultaneously that I’m being loved!” I stick to my old rule-book.

At the most I assumed that he was truly a gentleman and sure treats any lady with charm and care, ultimately which is the most important gesture in any kind of meeting, and I appreciate that truly!

~ Shopping ~

We decided to go for the shopping first. Actually it was my decision. Why to keep the best for last?
So moving on to the best part of the day, Shopping!
First time in life, I thought I had nothing to buy, I had everything....ahhh let me complete my whole filmy line, “I need nothing to buy since I have you, My Love!”
Well I did buy little stuff here and there on the streets.
And he was helping me by holding the shopping bags while I was still busy in bargaining.

I was just trying to divert my mind from the coffee table.
Every time I blinked, I saw his eyes.
I was so much occupied by his thoughts and this was creating a complete new notion of emotion into me. I cannot take it for granted; when this sweet guy has asked me to only hang around like good friend!
But honestly ‘ignorance is bliss’ sometimes.
That hide-n-seek of acknowledging my feeling for him while I still pretended looking busy in shopping was so beautiful. I clandestinely looked at him from behind the shopping bags. It was beautiful to see him, how he didn’t get annoyed moving with me from one shop to other and finally buying from the first shop I saw the stuff earlier.

Between this was also a good way to see, what his taste was like.
From shoes to earrings, I took his opinion on everything. His positive outlook was shining! I was having a great time and it was a good day for him too. That’s what I presumed anyways, it was his plan to take me for shopping!

~ Movie ~

Then moving on to the movie, which movie...Ah! Just any mediocre movie, he just wanted to consume the time schedule. What an efficient act! I thought, he wanted to spend some good time with me and watching movie, sitting next to each other was a beautiful endeavour.

Whatever could have been his thought, I still feel it was one of the best times so far.
Sitting next to each other, giggling and often trying to find a chances to whisper into ears to get closure!
It was so cute!
And just when I was enjoying that darkness of the hall with some splits of light rays of the movie, I felt something. There was a sudden current running into body. It was the damn touch of his rubbing shoulder. Secretly, I wished if he would hold my hand, play with fingers...But I think I was rushing into my expectation. It was just by chance a little touch but it made my day I guess.
Who watches the movie when you have your crush sitting next to you that too so handsome one? I loved the way he brought pop-corn, coke and water for me considering my preference.

Moment by moment, action by action, all the while he was proving to the best! I was already so impressed.

And while the movie was still running into its pace of the climax, I was busy dreaming about our future together. How we gonna live together? How will our family react to our decision? Which dress will I wear in the wedding reception and finally how our kids gonna look like?
Everything seemed so right with him around. Was this moment like ‘This is it!’
“How was it?” he asked me shuddering my hand.
The movie was over so as the dream.
And my brain is genius making real movies out of nothing. Welcome to reality, gorgeous!

~ Dinner ~

Way to our dinner!
I was still dreaming, couldn’t believe I could think so much.
"How could you...?" I yelled!
He bewildered looking at me asked what was I asking! I replied softly, ‘Nothing!’
Goodness! I marvelled so much but the fact is I don’t even know that is this my first date or we still hanging around as “Just good friends”!

We reached the restaurant and ordered our food.
Mean while, just summing up the day and cherishing good moments.
Now it was dim lights, delicious smelling pasta and awesome crisp garlic bread.
"Flirtini" for him, which is a flirtatious cocktail with the elegance of Champagne and vodka with the fresh, muddled pineapple in the tulip. I just wished if he would be a less gentleman all the time and flirt light with me now after drinking this cocktail.
We ended our dinner with ‘Death with Chocolate’, a kind of dessert within itself blends chocolate ice cream, syrup and dash of vodka and coffee liqueur and tops off with whipped cream and a cherry.

It was a soul satisfying food and a superb day supposing ending.

This is a day which shall be cherished throughout my life, I wonder. If it is a date than then there are still few more surprises to unfold. But if we are having a good time, I just wish and pray to have more of good time together. Well that’s like an optimistic, I praised thyself silently but craving for more!

~ Back Home~

He being a true gentleman came to leave me till my home almost at the correct time considering my family would worry about me if it gets late. Streets were subsequently busy. It was almost dark and street-lights were quite bright for the late-evening. We smiled a lot. And I blushed a lot. I was just pondering how he could not notice this glow on my face while I talk to him. Or is it just too much of expectation for the day. The day was perfect and I couldn’t ask for more.

One star was shining bright in the sky in the east. He handed over my shopping bags. We like good friends, said good-bye. That was good enough for a beautiful starry night to start with twinkle reverie.

Just when I reached my home, I realised I was still into the little moments we spend together whole day.

Well I couldn’t ask for more as promised but I could dream a little more.
Same like it happens in movies, I felt like singing, dancing and flying high. I opened my balcony doors. The night was really beautiful with cool breeze blowing curtains.

Was it a date? Will we spend time together again? Are we really just good friends? Such weird numerous questions passed my mind in a split second.

And my phone rang, it was him,
“I forgot to tell you, I had great time today with you!” he said.
This is it...he is a man with few words indeed!

“Even I loved being with you..I mean it was a good time!” I said desiring him to say more, something really sweet...
I...umm...I..truly like you..ever since the day we first time met.” He said after a bit of pause.

And a hidden beneath piles of ignorance, plea heard.
I was in such an awe phase that I couldn’t utter a word and spoil the whole love scene.

I wondered dreaming in the dark silent night. Only thing which was not right at that moment was that he had not even any wild idea that I had fallen for him.

...Cute love story have many Comical moments to Celebrate and Cherish.
And further the worst thing was that I was dreaming and there was a dream into my dreams.
Cute love story usually have many comical moments.
And that’s where my own cute love story unfolded.
A center folded miracle which blossoms into dreams of bliss...!
Love is like a dream which cannot be explained!
Strange yet sweet are those dreams!

The photo above is taken from the movie, 'I hate luv story' featuring Sonam Kapoor and Imran Khan.


  1. Interesting... a nice twist in the end..but then it didn't matter...the taste still was the same....

  2. Let me start now :)
    The story started with such an ease and moved further seemlessly, romantically into the world that can't be described in words, it can only be dreamt of....yes, u forced me to dream the whole thing.. Sometimes some! special's presence is much more than words and just the interaction of actions put everything in sync and seems like everything is just going with the flow as u want it to be..
    Lovely feeings filled romantico :)

  3. of course cute love story has many comical moments to cherish.. This is a beautiful start, date or a day of dreams, beautiful and lovely.. and yeah, if your crush is sitting is next to you will someone mind the movie??... Looking forward for the next one..

    Someone is Special

  4. I love Love- story ! experienced such moments when you really don't know what's your status- friendship/already fallen in love or dwelling between frndship-love or should i tell him or wait for any hint.. God ! really it's awesome feeling when u truly don't care about what u upto.
    this post brings back so much memories and flashed so many truly adorable moments ! i wish if i could tag him here :p but fb doesn't allow to tag people from ur dream ;)

  5. "and finally how our kids gonna look like?".. LOL.
    the post apart from having a romantic beauty also takes me to the psyche of a dreamy girl..at times innocent, stupid, sweet, charming, kiddish and above all inexplicable :)
    Ahh!! that twist at end..I can't help it but I feel it was not just a dream...

  6. AAuuww that's so cute story... they way you wrote, i just loved it, it was like as if everything was happening in front of my eyes. Loved many sentences of yours like "If you love me baby, you got to show me and say me simultaneously that I’m being loved!" or "How we gonna live together? How will our family react to our decision? Which dress will I wear in the wedding reception and finally how our kids gonna look like?". That made me actually laugh.. reading how could someone dream future just in that first meet which is actually a date nor with as a frnd. But overall, ending could have been little more spicy, but i still like it :)

  7. Such a beautiful love story this is! Cute? Nop, it's silently cute!

  8. nice love poem " barefoot to heart " at www.pibi2.blogspot.com

  9. Very sweet, a cute love story indeed!


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