22 December, 2011

quote with picture for my buddy

Merry-go-round with you

This is a venture for every week on Thursday dedicated to the beautiful month November I had. Venture called as 'November Rain', showering just the best of everything in the coming days!

It’s not that I’m crazy and you are Stupid...
It’s just that WE cherish a bit more than other idiots!
Celebrating Life in every Little yet Silly thing!
Cheers Buddy!

This thought turned quote just passed when I was chatting with my old time best buddy...
So this winters, this Christmas let me take a chance to share my warmth with all my loving readers, great blogger bonds, Humming Today Blog talented Contributors, sweet school friends, my college group, my best Misterious Girls/ MGs (source of support), my Miss Chamko ChamakChallo/Madhulika, only person who made maggie for me without ado my ex-room-mate college hostel, Nupu and My Bodyguard (source of strenght )....a still on goes the list...truly long and lovable!

Please ignore lines just in case you feel a bit offended reading them, I seriously mean it all and I thought you will understand since we cheers together :)
I wont spar anyone of you....there you go.....

  • this is simple, we are twins but no sibling, just brainless Rahul/RR
  • oh I call him joe the great ultimate photographer/VijayR
  • Though, I don't mind losing him in words, MaheshK. So I will fight till I win
  • the Haiku guru these days my blogger bond Leo, Konnichiwa!
  • Someone is definitely special/SIS, and I appreciate that
  • my sweetheart pair Nethra and Deepa
  • super talented painter Raja
  • twin to SPBala, Yes U.Clicked, dear Vijay
  • Morning is boring without Chaiwala/Lakshmi.R Sir!
  • it tickles when he writes Dear Gopinath Sir
  • wonder me wonder dear BKChawla Sir
  • Always a hint of smile in prose Dear Ramesh Sood sir!
  • Ultimate aspiration Vikram Karve Sir!
  • I don't mind to be a cartoon, I mean make my caricature too, Satish Acharya :)
  • my sweet new blossom mom Suni/Sunitha
  • my sweet new budding mom V-power/Surabhi
  • want to learn to write like U, I mean it Shivangi
  • little baby Sakshi
  • U miss T miss u Miss googli, Taskeen
  • one who gave a new dimension to my name as rasna, Siddharth
  • my new sincere reader Rocky,
  • aka all time photographer Amit Semwal,
  • the best hugger Saini/SRK,
  • just a keyboard away, PradeepKR
  • will make you dance one her finger tips and I love her rhyme dear Rhythm
  • fun is incomplete without the duo Ira and Ankita di
  • and loving Amity with whom I share maximum virtual hugs
  • Leena another Alice in wonderland, we are soulmate for thoughts
  • Pria, knows me since I started blogging...yep she knows me since, ones upon a time..
  • Tharangi and Ayu, I still love you my gurls!
  • Your words are Blessings, Dear Sir Nitin and Dasi!
  • hmm...what song do u want me to listen today....Ola Akiv 
  • pretty girl loves pretty girls, Baby Lily and Baby Ani!
  • ufff o get me a cup of coffeee, dear Sumit
  • with big inspiring ideas Jaky
  • and learn art of marketing by school buddy and blogger bond friend Mitul
  • I shall call him rather search song in youtube to listen Sonu nigam songs, Sameer

I'm sure I sill got a long list of people and presence of people to whom I want to tell that 'You mean a lot!'

Love always!
Celebrate Life!

Bubble of thought : I'm thinking of posting few more you decide wonderful or creepy thoughts/quotes of mine. I hope you will like and appreciate. Since my thoughts have been inspired by you all....you deserve to know them, I guess!

Between these beautiful cups in the picture were bought just few days back and like everything else in my life which adds to this blog fodder, my red pair of cups of tea instead of coffee this time also posses a sweet silly story...which I would sure share in due course of time...

~Keep the Spark ALive..
~Happy Holidays!


  1. this is crazy..u'r calling me brainless but i'm loving it.. Jst bcoz of the bond we share :)
    Thanks for being there.. I'm true admirer of ur work and senselessness :)

  2. Aww sweet of you, danks! :) And glad the chaiwala could liven up your day! :)

  3. Wow excellent list it seems I got a lot to read ..

    Have a great christmas ..


  4. So sweet of you Rachana.. Wish you happy holidays..

    Someone is Special

  5. :) :) :) ....m so glad :)


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