01 December, 2011

Talking to you is like

This beginning of new month December, a venture for every week on Thursday is dedicated to the beautiful month November I had. So I shall call this venture as 'November Rain', showering just the best of everything in the coming days!

Talking to you feels like summer vacation,
In the park playing on swings-set, slides and seesaw!
How much I loved going up on the swing with a slight push you gave...
And when the gust of cool breeze rove in hair replicated the same emotion each time you said a word in my ears...Oh! I didn't know it was secrete, you meant and I assure you, I did maintain!

And when every time my bare feet go up on the swing brushing softly the green grass below...touching the blue sky above almost the sunset horizon,
It seemed as if each word you said was an echo for a while in the aura!
Your simple stories with such poetic lines conclude with crystalline sweetness sublime!
Leaning for love and value for life's more overlooked oozing little joy of that summer evenings!
You said ‘Say that you can sing too’, urging my soul to shape up a little more
But I saw, you sang more than you said...proclaiming silently that ‘You're blessed!’
And I say,‘You're the best!’

Years fluttered yet feel like Yesterday..

Same summer scent, same breeze and same blue sky with same soaking rain of tears standing under the tranquil Gulmohar tree!
Without a blink I see, I feel the whole wonderful notion right in front of my eyes.
Me dancing and you singing the tune so incomplete yet with a merry melody node,
As I grow old they say memory does get lost slowly but Ah! I bet some memories never fade!

Never thought you would turn up as a serious sincere singer some day
The silver lining nights lines, surprisingly singing sweetly as sunshine!
And I still see my breath believing in you,
And my heartbeat dancing for you,
And thyself tapping feet at your guitar tune!
Vibrant vibrating guitar wires with your fingers,
Roaring proud to see you, sitting in the first row
Watch my little star, childhood sweetheart grow as rapture RockStar!
But to me, you still sound like a song to me...while you say those small silly stories!

Picture above is taken from the movie 'Rockstar' featuring Ranbir Kapoor and Nargis Fakhri


  1. Mere bachpan ka pyaar turns Rockstar!! :)
    Its long that I have connected wid ur blog n savored the poetic rhythm of ur tender thoughts n xpressions..

    thnks for bringing me back to the blogging world..

  2. Very refreshing and beautiful...liked it.. no,no, more than that enjoyed the flow and the essence.. well written..

  3. :) :) :) Beautiful and Nostalgic!!!....Its jus really so touching. I felt exactly wat u wrote, every word, every punctuation....AMAZING!!!

  4. Rockstar, the first paragraph in which you painted about the park, see-saw is very beautiful.. and the way you ended is just so amazing.. Beautiful, as always..

    Someone is Special


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