24 December, 2011

Your life in 60 minutes - Easy Tip

Nature Discovery - Tip to reduce stress this Christmas and New Year Eve!
This is a venture for every week on Thursday dedicated to the beautiful month November I had. Venture called as 'November Rain', showering just the best of everything in the coming days!

PPeople and children are happy and eager to enjoy the festive holidays soon but it is also believed that festival time is one of the most stressful time of the year. Where people are buying gifts and the expenditure of the credit card rises, the blood pressure also streams down running from one shop to other to satisfy their urge of shopping escaping nutritional food on time. Sadly this is also a time when people are overloaded with many projects and down line submission of reports of the year. And other down with late night parties and get-together. Definitely there are many tips and ideas to cope up such financial loop of anxiety.
  • And here I add my one single easy practical tip to reduce the stress this Christmas.

Gone are the days when we used to play for hours in the garden/park watching the little delight of the nature. But guess that's one of the best practice one must have and get closure to nature to surface your innocence and boost you up with joy.

A simple walk in the garden for 60 minutes just brought be so composed. And I came up with this true prose exactly in 60 words with the rejuvenating feeling to be in the nature.

The picture below is contributed by very talented photographer 'Sandeep Rathod'! Do check his awesome unique art of photography by clicking on his name below.
*For the picture below ALL RIGHTS RESERVED so Kindly do not copy it in any case!
© Sandeep Rathod Photography

Smell of rain
Feel of breeze
Scent of spring
Mysterious dew
Magnificent mist
Embrace revival
Chirping rhyme
Colours to coincide
Cloud of dreams
Effuse equanimity
Sole earthy masterpiece
Tiny twig sustains
Nimble vine
Holding tight
Shoring high
Passion intervenes
Beauty at its best
Simple yet vibrant
Sprouting seeds
Living treasures
End of expectation
Willingness in words
Endless appreciation
Nature salutation!

Literally walking in the garden does not mean really walking even if your knees hurt. It just implies us to think to go to the garden and stop thinking what we keep thinking the whole day. A break from what you are regularly doing and bringing back a simple routine to give a slice of time to yourself and bringing forth the 'ME' in you.
Experience the incredible energy and power. Regenerate the great hope and discover the courage in you multiplying happiness and joy around!

Spend time with Nature - Spend time with You!
60 minutes - Simplify small and serious stuffs and bring back you Self-Confidence!

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~ Keep the Spark ALive..
~ Happy Holidays!
I wish you guys the best and have a blast in Happy Holidays!

Prose written for Poet's Rally Week_59


  1. Beautiful & True Rachana... 60 min walk and your 60 words prose is too good.. Everyone should spend at least one hour a week in Park or in calm place to rejuvenate one self. :-)

    Someone is Special

  2. Beautiful write Rachana.. you get 60 /60 for this .. it made me think of what I wrote with my own exprement on this.. have a look here:


    Understanding such simple yet extremely profound method to practice peace is all the more difficult.. I have seen people finishing their walks in the garden with minds lost in the turmoil of past or fear or anxiety of future..and they complete rounds without noticing the splendour around... but then I know what you say is worth trying to reap the fruits of joy and happiness.. well done.. hope you will visit my Christmas Haiku..

  3. So truly...Endless appreciation!!!

  4. small and a simple one but this post reminds us of what we use to do when we were teenager .

  5. Very beautiful poem!


  6. Nice picture, sweet write, happy rally!!!


  7. Well done ... so full of inspiration and spirituality. Thanks.


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