15 January, 2012

if only you knew - Love thoughts

Love - Pain this whole crazy yet sweet thing together..

How would you never know...
You would never know I assure,

How much in pain and tears I went through only to look good in front of you!
How much I search, pretty much everything that is related to you!
Every single quote, that song, those movies...reminds me of you!
How much I miss eating ice-cream in the rain..
Memories from decades flash and fade
Pain in love seemed purposeful
Concealed yet coupled with the rainy withstand.
Barely could I bear
Bet myself rain would wash away recurring fear
Last time tear slipped,
I don’t cry very often, but when I do I can’t stop.
Ones I was falling in love and now only falling apart
Bet myself I would not take another fall, not again...
If only you knew..
But I'm ready to fall for another moment into your gravity!
Merely possessing your warm hug, strong hold, broad shoulders!
Because you never know!
If you can recall, I always ask you to guess
It was only a way to make you say what I wanted to say
Perhaps I knew you knew
I have been longing to hear from you..
I have been longing for You!
Wonder then why you shy away
Why never said?
Before I truly told
And cracked those adore* code..
Say it to me now...“I’m in love with you!”
Simply say, “I love you!”

  • The picture above is taken from the movie 'Maine Pyar Kiya' featuring Bhagyashree and Salman Khan.
  • Prose for dverse potics - Fernando Botero

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  1. not sure if i'm on the right post for the botero prompt but i definitely love eating ice-cream in the rain...smiles

  2. nice...warm for sure...and the battle of emotions through this is not lost on me...

  3. This has a charm in its sincerity. I like the way that they come out like a litany.

  4. An expression of longing..nice flow of feelings and emotions..right from the heart indeed as if suddenly the dam has got a huge crack...it's good..it frees one.. I would be keen to know how you felt after writing..Rachana...

  5. beautiiifuuuuuulllllllllllllllllllllllllll flow of emotions.. Loved it so much Rachana.....

    Someone is Special


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