08 January, 2012

p.s. i love you - passionate prose

8 letters 3 words 1 meaning,
a Special feeling that you made me believe "I'm Special.."

Right now you are away
I am floating in intensity
When I am no longer near
Will you merely linger
Wait for the familiar tingling sound to hear
Kill time for the warm warp around
Take pause after first lone sip of coffee
Fill the little space between skip
With memories melancholy yet emptiness,
Find meaning of what existed
Stumble over to exit measure,
While the moment may or may not return,
The feeling will never leave you alone
Proclaim you are mine!
Brave desire, just claim
Cross sweet spans, sweet pain..
Profess, I am in love!

Draw doodles of us
Scribble names and decorate
Fill sky with red ink
Wonder about the morning dream walks
Appraise those poetic lanes
Reciting verses of infinite love
And colourful soft petals touching skin
Unraveling the unadorned undone
Explore, evolve, excel experience emotions..
Passing slow summer
Fleeting humid happy days, those rains!
Careless our single breath
Reminding the winter embrace
Treasure the moments together
Time has gone really sweet and slow
Amity in sync grows, unlimited possibilities
Salutations shared, smiles showed your care!

Last love was..
The first love was...
Latest love is such a lasting love!
I refuse to let you go
I want you to stay!
When words will vanish
Stories forgotten
Reality sets apart
Again self-indulge into work
Gauge control over heartbeat
Lost on transit ones more
Will you still close eyes to escape to me?
Will you miss writing mush without worries?
Tell me will you miss me...
Promise me you will still love me
When one day I fade away!

  • Passionate prose above in 50 lines!
  • Prose for Dverse poets-Onomato-Poetics
  • The picture above is taken from the movie Delhi6 featuring Sonam Kapoor.
  • Written for Poet Rally Week 60


  1. wow this was gorgeous and tender...and i pray he answers you in the affirmative...smiles....draw doodles of us...i like the playfulness in that...

  2. Superb. Especially loved the last lines.
    Happy New Year Rachana - Keep penning such lovely lines.

  3. AMEN to that ..

    beautiful passionate poem..


  4. smiles..nothing better than falling in love..

  5. Beautiful! "Let the love last until she fades away".. what more can I say????? Keep blessing more of this kind from your pen and I love the new design of your blog.. Pleasant to the eyes...

    Someone is Special

  6. Lovely lines , bold and stressed ..liked the clip that lingers with your words :)

  7. OK.. it started like this. I got up and the first thing I read from my half opened eyes was this poem and tell you one instantly feels passionate about love and things after reading this. This prose leave u with the thought of ur loved one throughout at the backend of ur mind..
    Nicely worded Rachana..as I always say, you're a magician when it comes to portrait feelings and emotions.. :)

  8. how beautiful and flowing your words are.

  9. So sweet and I like how the pace quickens like your heart as you talk about how you feel about him.

  10. what a beautiful write... so much intensity in your emotions.. well expressed :)

  11. Very strong and moving! nicely done :)

  12. wow i was humming all along, so lovely written and meaningfully felt!

  13. Beautiful words of love and passion


  14. Hello.
    So tender & sweet.
    Lovely imagery throughout. Hope you get the answers you want to hear.
    Very nicely penned!
    Thanks for sharing.

    Harp Of My Soul

  15. Wonderful poem, nice imagery. I love the last sentences:
    Promise me you will still love me
    When one day I fade away!



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