12 January, 2012

just we - Love thoughts to ponder

Love - Pain this whole crazy yet sweet thing together..

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I just wish someday I could actually tell you
How much I loved you..
How much I waited to get your call and...
How much I thought before calling you!
How much then I missed holding your hand!
How could you never understand?
Just two letters, one word ‘Hi’ I longed to hear!
Even if you did not mean it,
I desired if you had asked me “How was your day, Dear?”
And when I was sad,
How much I wished I could show you my pain-pail!
When I was watching you, wished you did see...
Perhaps even come and sit down next to me!
Wished you knew,
How much I wanted you to be with me all the while,
Just two minutes - just we two - just me and you...
When I was alone or standing in the crowd with a smile...
My smile had a reason that I would fancy your beautiful eyes!
This might sound like same old tune played again and yet again
Trust me it's more than rhyme, words or poetic sublime...
Oh! Darn it...Love gets me on every line, every time!
Wish you would figure out the true emotions intervene!

  • The picture above is taken from the Hindi movie 'Swades' featuring Gayatri Joshi.


  1. very well written :) somehow i feel i hv experienced each and every line in my life :)

  2. "Just two minutes.. Just we two.. just you and me.." Beautiful Creator...

    Someone is Special

  3. this one is great dii . it seems like it is related to my life . awesome one again

  4. why does it not happen .. yeah wish people figure the true love rather then going after something they will never get ..

    loved the poem

  5. when evr i see some one so much in love with love; i feel so happy. i feel content. there is lot of love around and some are blessed enuf to express it thru words. like you are! let your life be filled with love , love and more love. :)


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