13 January, 2012

Waiting - Love thoughts to ponder

Love - Pain this whole crazy yet sweet thing together..
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Walking slowly and waiting down the steep climb...
How much I wanted to talk to you walking a mile!
I missed telling you my stories some real some which I made
I missed them all sharing with you...don’t know how?
I wished you would know, know how it feels, right now!
And just when you hold my hand helping me to cross the path
I sailed smoothly living my dream...
How could we not cross the boundaries of heart?
How could we finish something which we could never start!
Turn leaf of pages and days, keep promises and pray,
Drove miles in dreams before I sleep!
Please do not wait for my words to get wings...
Treated me as I'm only one,
Embracing my imperfection every time with your infectious smile!
Wondered wandering, was wait worth?
Waited for the reasons you said...
Waited to express the excuses I made..
At long last, I learnt to wait!
Waited just to love you!!
Left with the time to rewind the best time we had unwind at pool-side dined!
How could you not know, I can’t help waiting until the moment we talk again.
How would you know, I can’t help wanting to be more than just friends..
All your greetings to a friend that is me is still with me safe, coloring my soul..
How could you not know that all your memoirs are still crisp sight?
Just like clinging curtain slowly in the room creeps today morning’s first sun-light!

  • Picture above is taken from the movie 'Parinda' featuring Madhuri Dixit.


  1. Excellent.Full of feelings.

    At long last I learned to wait
    Just to love you

  2. Ohh girl u infuse soul into emotions and sometimes to the memories of others and alwaays inspire them for a beautiful and blissful relationship..
    Thanks for inspiring ppl to love :)


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