30 January, 2012

Waterfall of Words - Birthday Wish

Seriously,I cannot Swim. ...Seriously!!
No Seriously, It's sad that I really cannot swim..Really?!

You are an artist and mermaid by nature. I appreciate, you are a great swimmer too, a true Aquarius trait I guess. I thought you should know that I cannot swim. And right now being seven oceans in between its difficult to be on time. But I can write this and all, only for you! Love You!

Happy Birthday (30th January) my sweet B-Buddy, Madhulika Garg! (Happy Now! I mentioned your name too, after all it is all for you)
Celebrating YOU!

Take my hand,
Hold on tight,
Down I fall,
Trusting, falling backwards!
Immersing waves of memories
Hope bounce exuberance
Don't let go,
Don't you dare even try!
In the darkness
And in the lonely nights
Hobble ebb and walk
Hold on tight
Show me the light
In your eyes
Light to light my way
I know no swimming
I got no fins
Paddle my life
You are my mermaid
Don't let me sink...
Pull me up with your hands
Take me deep
Into your world of ocean
Sapphire blue as sky
Teach me strokes butterfly
A pebble skipping, hurdles dropped
Full force reverberating echoing surface
Before sinking
Well spring of words
Surf surging survival
Swell on the surface of stream
Flowing, filling lines
Finding treble voice
In murmurs whispers musing
Tides and waves
Shades and images
Beyond the mirrors
Cleansing soul
Caring a pearl in heart core
Thirst to be quenched,
Cupped a cheers in joy
Spirit in few dew drops of desires
Floating over shallow fears
Dive deeper into dreams
I tried swimming once.
At least I tried.

I don’t know if it counts,
But if it hasn’t,
I can try back again
Kicking my legs up and down,
Syncing and making waves back forth and froth.
But I tried matching your wave-length
Slowing down and throwing off my rhythm
If it still not looks bright
What matters, at least I tried!
I wish my humble soul
Returns like a free bird
Chanting out for shower
Drizzle upon the shore
Sprinkle sweetness
Ahead the rocks placed right
Keeping you strong and rocking
Hours sitting would feel like a while
Marvel the milestones
Drenched in your handful of hue ideas
Feathers touching water
And then spreading
Smiles upon the water ripples
Get me back my wings
Waving in the wind, I wonder
I loved being with you
Under the ocean-bed
Carpeted with shells
Right now I rise high,
Teach me how to fly and sing
Sway in the breeze
Reaching the sky
Help me to try and glide..
After all, Grapes are sour,
The water for me was just too cold!

The picture is taken from the movie, 'Zindagi na milegi Dobara' featuring Katrina Kaif and Hrithik Roshan.

Written for dverse poets, a prompt for a spoken word poem.

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  1. "Beautiful words to weave a beautiful poem" - Beautiful wish :-)

    Someone is Special

  2. wowwwwieee:)this is so cute:):)

  3. Your friend is lucky, Rachana..to have you.. may you find many more occasions to weave such magic..beautiful...inspiring too..

  4. LOVE YOU BABY.. i feel so blessed to hv u in my life.... this is so spl 4 me ... i want to get this poster in my room

  5. If the OCEAN DEPTHS are for me,then SKY is the limit for you.If m a MERMAID then you are a BUBBLY BIRD IN BLUE. I name u as My BLUE DIAMOND DOVE... my love... muaah... n therefore i sing 4 u.. " Massakali Massakali... Tujhe kya gham tera rishta gagan ki baansuri se hai... Suraj ki roshni se hai..Pawan ki guft-gu se hai..... Udiyo na dariyo.. kr man-maani man-maani...udiyo na dariyo.. kr naadani.. " Keep flying my BLUE DIAMOND ...

  6. Coming to the post I am so honored ti finally see my name in your post :)))))) .. Yayyyy n I m glad, you hv created this JUST 4 me.... ( Like yr many other earlier posts ).. This has captured my heart n soul .. The video clip mesmerizes me everytime I replay it .... Your amazing amalgamation of feelings and words is taking me to another world now !!! N hey.. don't be sad..I WILL ALWYAS BE HOLDING YOUR HAND n also teach you how to swim... With me you'll never drown... I promise to take care of you always.. Let your FEAR FLY OFF... My world is yours too...

  7. smiles...what sweet words of celebration..love the flow in this...and hey..it's never too late to learn swimming...just saying...

  8. smiles...i learned at an early age but i know plenty that learn late in life...i knew you would work this good based on your others that i read....you work the flow well and fill it with emotion...nicely done...

  9. Your words are almost lije an ocean in and of themselves! I could feel myself sinking in them. What a strange feeling to have words producing the experience of a person trying or learning how to swim. I can feel the joy and happiness as you and your friend brave the waves!


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