26 January, 2012

a whole lot of nothing

Good Morning love!

We are talking after a long time
It was yesterday morning we last spoke..
And at times when you are asking me
Simply the reply comes up nothing more,
Just a simple single word ‘Nothing!
I was nothing!
I felt like nothing. Less than...
When love gave so much of warmth to heart in a way
It was the same love which was liable to tear me apart from inside
Don’t know how I took one step forward and two steps back same time
I was there where I started
It all began here, slowly
I crumble a bed sheet with little tight fist
I want to sit down calm, next to you
And tell you, ‘I’m trying, really am...’
But I don’t say that.
Don’t even know why?
I choose to say ‘nothing’ in fact!
I hope you do everything just the way you are expected to do
I desire you act every time just that fair you are suppose to
You did see my eyes would never lie!
Only want to let you know that I care, really do..
I want you not to worry or hurry
I want to share in your happiness
I wish you to be happy always, but sometimes...
I just don’t know how..!

Above is a picture taken from the movie 'Dil ne Jise apna Kaha' featuring Bhoomika Chawla and Salman Khan,


  1. this word nothing create lots of mess but sometime nothing is very useful . without speaking a single words your eyes can say everything .


  3. heartfelt and sincere words,
    love the flow.

  4. Very intense.. and no pretense...Rachana I like the way you gather and put accross your thoughts..wanted to say more ..but then leave it..it's OK.. nothing..

  5. very nice.... you seem to be bit complex like me...
    you write some very nice love posts....
    i have some sad love poems at www.pibi2.blogspot.com ....

  6. I just don't know how..touching posts..

    Someone is Special

  7. Hello.
    Silence & nothing can indeed be detrimental to any relationship.
    With that being said, two hearts beating as one will understand each other & sometimes no words are necessary.
    I enjoyed reading this.
    Thanks for sharing.

    The Jewels In You


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