28 March, 2012

He loves me - He loves me not

Happy Birthday Saravana! I'm so glad and happy to share this post of mine on his birthday. When it came to write a post for his blog, I knew I would end up writing something related to love since he is so much in love with his dream girl, I couldn't stop myself, sharing this very post with you all. It was a post I was actually writing during the same time when he had written that beautiful post 'Be a voice of love to change the world around!' This post is in it's own way related to it. I hope you like it! And buddy thank you for being there... being as someone special! May your this day and days ahead be full of bliss, joy, success, colours, creativity and grace! Gracious ALways!!!

He loves me he loves me not..he loves me he loves me not...
How many times you have played around with the petals of the flowers and only to guess whether that guy actually loves you! It's not that a stable relationship is enough to be prove to know how much someone loves you but even a long stable serious relationship brings out some random questions.

Your man is busy watching television instead of looking at you, and you wonder for a split second, 'Does he loves me?'
Your man is not paying proper attention to what you are saying, and you think again, 'Does he still loves me?'
You have some misunderstanding and you literary ask him, 'Do you love me?' This should be probably asking him same thing over 8th time in a day!
You get upset with something on him and you end up saying, 'You don't love me anymore!'

They say women are often nagging while they keep asking 'Do you love me?' even after years they just want to know!
Don't know why but as far as I know Women don't want to know but love to hear what you say.
It's crazy but so true..it happens, it really does, every lovely conversation ends up with some fight, a fight which we(girls) long for, because we love it utterly when guy try to make up...we like it... it is not the feeling to be powerful or dominating but when guys say sorry and all that silly stuff... they actually forget one single line of three words to address which would have mend everything instantly. If they say that in first place the fight would never be stretched further. Finally all that drama in guy's opinion was actually only to hear those miraculous three words in sync to glory.

But what if he simply doesn't says...

In my own little way I have tried to recapture in points certain things which I personally have looked and believed observing mine as well as my friends behavior in relationships. Interestingly no matter how different you and me are in real life, when it comes to love, we tend act and behave often similarly with an urge edge.

He actually say it :
I have seen very few people who are actually good in expressing in good lines and words. People sometimes are brought up in such a way that they think saying would not be important to show love. A lot of men assume that their women know they are being loved. If he says those three words and says them often, count yourself lucky. Men have difficulty in saying those three words more often accept that.

He shows you :
He would order the food that you like. Might get you something that you like it. Not like he is showing his money-power, but his own personal way to show he cares. He might play your favorite song in his laptop or in the car when you are around. Isn't it wonderful to see how he is trying little thing to make a mark on you. Did you forget, action speaks louder than words! He loves you but he has this a different approach in letting you know!!

He's happy around you :
He would change his plans to meet his friends if you say or ask or you are not willing to go. He will know that you are feeling low and have not spent time together lately so he simply comes to you.He would abruptly close down his work/laptop only to be with you. Please don't call it carelessness in work. He needs a break from his works and knows that to be with you is the first best option to feel good.

He listens to you :
This is one of the most tricky thing you can ever ask or imagine. Every time when you are saying something he is either looking into TV or reading a newspaper or surfing internet. But when he actually looks at you while you are babbling something randomly, you must read his eyes. Or take it like you are talking to him and he is not watching you suddenly you stop saying and he looks at you. Understand he was listening you actually but he just have that bad habit of pretending to look busy and indulged. Come on! dear Man..look into the beautiful eyes, sink in buddy, listen to that pretty voice, give a bit of attention, show her you are concerned to her concerns even if they are not important issues. You say something and your words are like his commands! Celebrate! You are treated as a princess even if it mean he is bringing you water, spilling all half of the hallway!

He compliments you
He notices those earring. Or notices the effort you made to look good or dressing up right. He appreciates your efforts and tells you that certain colour suits you or he likes certain colour which mean he is hinting you that he would like that colour on you. Max making a deliberate effort he will end up saying, 'you look good today', ahh you know you look actually stunning and you will and you definitely matter to him.

He takes care of you
He calls you and says he was in sipping coffee, had a break so called you or he might like to call you and ask if you had your lunch. Or might call to ask what he needs to bring while coming back from work. When you are ill, he will take care of you like your parents. Take you, force you to see the doctor. You will know that he was undoubtedly devoted to you and your health. He might even come to help you to fix the dinner or other household work after his long hours of work only to bring a bit of ease to you. Moreover, if you take the garbage out without being asked, probabilities are you'll be getting a big smile in return when you come back.

His friends and family respects you
One of the vital point to notice is to see how his family members and friends treats you. Sometimes you can determine how a man exactly feels about you from the way his circle of friends and close family behave with you. If you see all comfort and celebration around, if they hold you in high regard, you can be sure he's been telling them just how happy he is to have you in his life.

He appreciates your worth
He might not tell those three words often but you will see how he adores the work you do. If you are working, then he will be support you in your career. He will appreciate your talent, praise about your hobby or any other special skill you got. This could even be like, 'She keeps the clothes in the cupboard nicely and neatly.' Or he might not compliment you everyday for the lovely food you make for him but surprisingly you hear him saying between friends that you make certain dish very well. These are little indirect ways to tell how much he is amazed with you presence.

He asks for your opinion
Whether things are directly related to you or not, he does anything or every thing but takes your opinion. Your view of point or idea from buying a house to making a big or small investment, he takes your prospective on it and likes to act upon it deliberately. He doesn't want to disappoint you!

He takes your feelings into account
If something upsets you concerning his family or friends, he tries to see your side of it. He is not shy to share his emotional side for certain things and people whom he calls his loved ones. He feels for you and even if he's seen you cry number of times before, he still tries to make you feel better. And that one warm hug while you are still in tears is only to show he cares.

He's interested in what you want too
Let's say you like to eat certain thing and he ends up eating and sharing the same thing in the restaurant instead ordering his favorite dish. Or lets you watch your choice of T.V. show, missing his live sports show. You must know how much he loves to see you happy. And if he actually sits through it just because he wants to be by your side. Bingo, you won a jackpot Man heart! All little efforts are only for your happiness!

Not that you don't know that you are being loved but it's in a human nature to be a bit curious and suspiciously designed emotions which needs to be reassured from time to time. Specially when it comes to girls, they do not act over-protective and possessive like guys are all the time but definitely she have more obsessive nature.

Now, girls stop cribbing to hear for those three nasty words. Your man sure loves you and you know it well. Guy, don't make you princess beg to hear those little lovely words. She deserves to be heard and hear all the time, every time, each time she asks 'Do you love me?' It's all that much affordable to say those three words than to please with diamonds. Moreover, it takes only 5 seconds to say and make her world glow. Don't be shy, say it, practice it daily 'I Love You, honey'! umm...sounds like caramel sweetness melting words..say it one more it Sweetheart!!

~ Keep the Spark ALive..

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23 March, 2012

Give and Take Compliments

Every one loves COMPLIMENTS!

No points of guessing whether someone like to accept them with grace or brush off silently! People do have sometimes problem in accepting compliments, basically they don't know how to react and express the gratefulness.

However, no matter what things are and could be each one of us have our own smart or dull way of taking and giving compliments.

When it comes to me, even if it is like 'You look good today' I might just blush and say thank you sweetly. But hold on, I always wonder what made that person say that today. How different I look right this moment? What catches his/her attention?

Now this is possible, the other person said that sweetly only because he/she wanted to break an ice. Even if the words were truly genuine they were uttered only only to grab the attention or make an impression of some kind.

I have a sheer trouble then. I like compliments of any kind but I simply adore if the compliments are pretty simple and 'Concrete'. Just like a concrete criticism only helps you further improvisation, it gives a right idea and ray to follow and make a difference in future.
I appreciate 'Concrete Compliment'!
For example: Someone saying 'You look good today!' is nice to know! But if someone says, 'Yellow suits you, you looks good in it' I know exactly what he/she is noticing and bringing light to me upon the compliment. To me this is more beautiful and stunning to accept.

May be like some people have a trouble in accepting compliments, some people just don't realize to be at ease while complimenting!

Whatsoever be the case, praising, appreciating, complimenting is a need to a human being to improve, to feel good, to feel special and to be blessed of being there. Yet, compliment can also be an act of courtesy or showing respect. And if nothing means so much take it as an acknowledgement.

Honestly, I don't care much if the compliment is a sort of flirt sign, though easily I can make out, or it is a sign of breaking an ice to start a conversation, or simple genuine one! But often I get into a trouble, wondering that if I gently and quickly accept the compliment it might be just misread. But when I don't, I feel more guilty to not have justified the worthy words with my unfriendly gesture.
So whatever it be, good words need to be accepted and appreciated with good gestures. And I expect other too understand.

Appreciating someone when he/she is not around or praising someone and letting the person know are not so easy efforts to make. But one should not feel low when the reaction is not the one expected. This is no reason to stop complimenting something you truly adore.

However, true compliments comes with very First moves!
Like I love rain! Now to say that I need not think about raindrops or clouds to express I like rains. It comes very naturally to say with the guts feeling what we like or dislike. True words are not bound to any kind of spontaneous behavior and are beyond the extrovert nature one have.
If one waits, watches other's steps, the whole scenario coupled with situations and thoughts influenced... those words are not genuinely spoken! I don't buy it! Not should you!

Words are powerful. Yes! words can break someone's confidence in a second. If you cannot give someone a compliment, please do not discomfort them with absurd words. It's sad, I always make mistakes. I'm not perfect, I want to learn and use words appropriately! I'm trying my best, you can also try, it's not that expensive or that difficult to share good words!
Keep complimenting, some day you may learn right words to touch the heart of the person. And some decent day someone might just give a smile and make you feel worth for the words spoken!
~ Keep the Spark ALive..
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15 March, 2012

Long Distance Love

Geographically not close!

The sketch below is created for this post as an extension of rachi creations..

a Long Distance Relationship...Perhaps, people who have never been into long-distance-love shall never understand that such love does exist. There is no bar of age, caste, colour, region, religion and even miles of distance in between least bothers. Love is a love after all.

Anyone in a long distance love will know, how much you love someone and how difficult it gets when despite of so much love, you still not be able to express the best way how much they love and miss them every single moment of their life. Intimacy has its own costs for sure, the closer you are to someone, the more likely you are to miss them badly. And missing a loved one actually involves something much deeper than wanting to be around them. The one in love would know, how they dream every night before they sleep that one day they gonna meet and you sure know how badly you want to spend all your time with that someone special, just for playing games, going out together, eating together, dancing together, feeling the hands on cupping the face, looking into eachother's eyes, watching every facial expression, every gesture when you are together...everything that you like to do together, everything that needs to be done just together, in real together!

While not spending time inevitably and getting angry, protesting all the way when got time to speak, the protest phrase turned a bit playful "Please stay, don't go", a phase when you had no choice but to respect the distance and love inevitably. It is then you discover that there is something much bigger and more powerful than distance and it is the persistence. Persistence of wanting, waiting and being wishful. They say there you can call everyday, talk for hours, more personal to get is to chat(yahoo messenger,g-talk) or have a video chat(thanks to Skype) for comfort.

And there you wipe your eyes before opening the window to chat, and while everything is shared and all talk done . . . .

 ‘‘I have babbled everything from what I ate in the morning to what did I see in my dreams late night. In between told you about the temperature and climate changes this city have. Also spoke to you about the funny neighbours I have here. Told you about what I have planned to shop and what I have already shopped unplanned. About how that evening I enjoyed my dinner and how much I listen the music these days. Even revealed my new playlist and my new fascinations for photography. Discussed about the latest new poem I read and what news is nation’s headlines. Asked you all the same questions and with same rhythmic loops. After all you have answered and asked, we still feel asking for more and saying a lot.
Basically, we could not even realize in that ease, when did indeed 'I' became 'We'. We were only trying a little hard to ask as simple, ‘How are you?’ and wanted to let you know, ‘I missed you so much’. I was so mesmerized by your presence that it wasn’t that easy to say, ‘I Love You’ in first place, so I choose to say,‘I Love You TOO’ before you could even think of ! Your voice still amaze me everyday! And still I get in awe looking twinkles into your eyes. Love you Honeybunch!’’

. . . Type sniffling those last words 'Good Bye!' to your loved ones living half a world far away, then close the window of the video of your loved ones face shows up, wipe your eyes again before you walk away literally carried a particularly powerful emotional punch than ever forever urging.

And just in case you screw up something in between when you procrastinate but act as a perfectionist while sharing a word, a long distance relationship would only naturally magnify the hurt-feelings. Worst, you know that you can't be present there explaining everything physically standing there. Request, never switch off your phone when you are upset for something. Let the SMS, or offline messages keep coming until you are ready to mend up. And one who is actually making an effort to mend up, keep trying or just make that simple extra mile drive to mend up! Never let it be, sort out before you sleep, anyways you will not be able to sleep until you fix everything!

Now, no matter what the circumstances are around or the kind of situations you have created, you know that there is simply one place you can be as you are and feel safe, that what each one of us are looking into while being in love or feel secured to be loved.

Being precise, a right technology and that hardship of eXtra patience could help a bit more to excel in long-distance-love. Only the one who is in a long distance relationship and loves madly-truly-deeply will know how difficult it is to look good on screen, smile and talk smoothly, sweetly. When all you want is a tight hug and there is simply so sweet word that is so comforting and is warmer than a hug or actually holding hands for that simple to mention!
Human beings, being human essentially thrive on touch, connection, interaction, even if it’s sometimes laced with conflict or weird circumstances that life throws.

We might like to deny but we still know that love actually, love only can clear up, modify and simplify so many complex tangled things, involves you only to evolve in life. Lets try to deal with life gently as far as possible and respect every little thing that love has proposed us.

I thought, rather calling a 'Long Distance Relationship' we should profound it as 'Living Deep Relationship'!

Missing you Mom - Happy Birthday to you!!
Living Deep Relationship with you always!!

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08 March, 2012

Women Empowerment

Happy Women's Day - 8th March,2012

ladle in her hand...
(Read remaining lines of Haiku on Women's Day HERE)

For me “Woman Empowerment” stretches from major issues to some very tiny details. It’s more and beyond gender-equality, decision making, or choice to create personal like or dislike list or promoting the role of women in society.

I look forward to unbiased access and sharing of resources like property, credit etc and backing for being entrepreneur by the family and society. A genuine care for the sanitation, right nutrition and other health related issues in all the phases of age. Perhaps, absolutely not ignoring or forcing to do something just for the sake of tradition, cultural, society pressure or sheer superstition.

A proper frame work has to be broadened to view the multi-dimensional aspects regarding HER well-being, physically, financially, emotionally, politically, socially without disregard of the basic daily routine acts of compassion where we find single mothers, divorced woman, harrased teenage girls, conflict behind closed doors, selling them like cattle, cheating and cursing with disease and perhaps not cheering for the girl child birth.

It's not about giving liberty to woman...
but treating her just like any individual liberally!

I’m so proud and blessed single child of my parents; I completely support girl-child education as the first major step to enrich the woman-empowerment!

If you like reading more of what Woman want...which is in itself the most difficult question, to my understanding I have mentioned few concrete points to follow, how to treat any woman right! LINK: Women's Era
And further I request you to kindly go through at least ones to this lovely poem, I wrote sometimes back reflecting a very important social issue related to woman. LINK: Pretty woman walking down the streets

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05 March, 2012

Every scar have a story to tell

a real Story of Scar turning into Strength!

Sketch (Angel with one wing) below is an extension of Rachi Creations.. created by thyself for this post!

I don't know what nature a peacock possess but I know that I like peacock for their beautiful feathers looks. Everyone of us very humanly first get attracted to the physical appearance. A human desire for physical beauty is perceived to be aesthetically pleasing. Well shaped and perfectly polished by the media culture and old school meter to judge a person in one look actually has much deeper roots. How our eyes looks, nose is appropriately fine, sharp cheek bones, long lustrous hair, shinny skin and our height weight, balanced craving structure that we actually almost forget who we really are.

Being beautiful by heart is something one can evolve in due course of time if we want to. No wonder we also want to be like Greek Gods and Goddesses. If not absolute then at least nearly having better than just good looks. But when beauty means only by the skin, involves body or hair it is equally tough to deal with the standards society have created. And if that same body have a scar nobody can save that person from having left with piercing mark on hearts too. Living with any kind of scar is tough, physically and emotionally.

...while scars are harmless to health but leaves marks in mind and soul..
I don't know exactly how a guy would perceive a scar on his body, may be an alluring sign of being rough and tough. But when it come to girls, they might never want ever in their life would like to admit it that they owe few scars on their delicate body. And having scars on visible parts of their body causes them some amount of embarrassment!
When the scars are natural or by birth we crib but often learn to accept them. But when the scars on the body are by some accident, surgery, illness or injury those scars leaves deeper scars on heart too. This is tough to handle for ages. Scars which are at the visible part of the body makes us always self-conscious that people might know about it and will then talk evil about it pretending sympathy, even if they are not talking negative, the person with scar tend to get bitter by nature. There are ugly times in darkness when those dark scars reminding about the event, an uncontrolled circumstance when they actually got them. While scars are harmless to health, wound heals but leaves marks in mind and soul.

Iwas five something, a very active and an energetic child by nature. Like any other usual morning I woke up early. My school used to be in afternoon so I had enough time in morning. That was a day, something in mid of winters, when I got up early and thought that I must do something which I learn in my school. So, I wore my shoes and went out for a walk. Just like any other busy morning, my father was getting ready for his office and my mom busy to prepare breakfast. Nobody had even a hint of what the later day holds. I went out without saying anyone. It was a matter of an hour. I went to a garden not very far from my home. I choose going there because there were lots of flowers and hence had lots of monarch butterflies fluttering around. That place used to be my 'Alice in wonderland' kind of place. I had this vivid colourful imaginations and heaven like fantasy about that place. And like any other happy child would do, I was walking and running around catching butterflies.
Next thing I remember somebody shaking me, asking me my address, my name, my father's name. I was in half unconscious state. Someone picked me in his arms and took me to my home. My mother fainted looking at me. My father was instantly called off from the office. There was red blood all over the white shirt and hands of the man who brought me home. They immediately took me to the hospital. I was made to sit on the table in the hospital emergency ward. My mom was there holding me tight. The nurse teared off my pajama with the pair of scissors. And literary they found kind of chunks of my leg flesh. My leg looked like having a hole and blood was oozing out of it. (I am sorry to have written this, not mean to scare you but something truth need to be told ). My mom closed my eyes with her cold hands. She was shivering. She didn't wanted me to see those wounds.

While my eyes were still closed, my mind went back to the story to it's original status. Suddenly I realized that when I was walking in the garden, I think since I didn't see at that point of time that a mad dog came behind me and with his sharp long canine teeth pierced my skin and garbing my leg. He violently dragged me and was simply unwilling to leave me. I was shouting, suffering and same time I fainted by fear and unbearable pain.

I think that the crowd came to help me but nobody could actually know how to help. Then I remember a stranger coming to me, patting my cheek constantly to wake me up and asking my name and other stuff. I was already in half unconscious state of mind, by then.

While waiting for a doctor, the wound was being washed under running cold water tape.
Soon doctor came, he asked the nurse to take me to the operation theater quickly. I was given a pain killer and was conscious. Until I reached the Operation room I had no idea what that doctor was going to do. I was asked to laid back. My mom was waiting outside anxiously. I was asked to behave like a good child. I was not getting fussy. But when I heard the nurse and Doctor conversation, I was scared. There were other male nurses holding tightly my hands and legs. I knew something worst and painful would happen next. I was afraid of something like a sticking a long needle directly into me without having anesthesia due to some medical safety requirements. This whole process took more than a hour I guess. I was tired of crying, shouting for my paa, my mom, tired of the severe endless pain. There were good fourteen stitches covering my leg, closing the wounds.

I still don't remember when everything was over and I was brought home.
I was in deep sleep, woke up only in the late-evening unconscious of what would had happened. I attempted of getting down the bed, tried walk and suddenly realized I could not bend my leg. One leg was almost numb. It was bandaged. And my hands had some blue bruise which were hurting badly. Soon my mom came running, brought me water. I saw my mom's face all so pale. She must have cried that whole day. I couldn't cry in-fount of my mom. She cleared her chocking throat and managed to say few words like, 'don't get down from the bed, you need anything call me!'

Initially I thought it was a matter of a day may be few hours.
But I was restricted to be on bed for next two and half months. Worst was still to come. I couldn't attend school. I couldn't play. I was tired of being on bed all the time. I got so irritated in nature then. I remember the food I love the most was cooked almost everyday. My mom did not scold me if I was not willing to eat vegetables and enjoyed my roti/bread with lots of (Amul)butter spread on it or eating it at times with only (Kissan tomato ketchup)sauce. Every day at every meal, my mom used to feed me with her warm fingers. I think this was kind of only good part of the ugly story. They were very supportive. My paa was also not angry on me. Yet then they did try to know from me what exactly the things took place.

Tough things and a rough time was still not over for me and my parents.
I remember taking bath sitting on a chair with plastic wrapped around my leg to avoid water going inside. My mom used to wash my hair hanging down the chair. Constantly rubbing and drying me off with a towel. Even a drop of water entering the wound would only worsen the situation. She would never like to take any such weird chances. I was taken to the hospital every morning by my paa before he went to office to change the dressing. I saw my scars. Those bad ugly looking dark threads of the stitches on my leg. 'Don't touch them!' a male nurse said to me. I remember asking him almost every alternate day, will my leg look fine later. He always smiled and said that the wounds will heal. It will take time but will be healed. I liked his dedication, his affectionate smile and that extra care he took not to hurt me while he re-bandage the whole thing.

Soon at the early age I knew there were certain things in life when we wait for the long period of time to act upon and heal the wounds. We had no option but to wait! Wait for the miracles.

According to the hospital sources they think,"I'm lucky".
They think that if the dog's sharp canine tooth had even slightly touched my leg bone, they had no choice but to cut my leg to avoid spreading of poison. I understand the importance of having limbs.

I always wondered why this happened to me.
I couldn't sleep for long because of bad dreams I had. Dreams like something was capturing me, chocking me, clenching from behind, something dark with strange shrills. It was a difficult time. I was still a kid then, used to wear skirts and frocks. And often my scar was easily visible to everyone. Sometimes my friend's parents used to ask me about it and feel sorry. The harsh was when one of my friend's mother in a sympathetic tone said 'You will never be able to wear shorts or skirts when you get older.' Wearing something specific was never an issues. But in a early age having on mind a kind of restriction is an unpleasant feeling.

My mom used to always say that the scars becomes older, it will gradually fade away and become less noticeable. I could never understand that. Though, they will fade significantly over time, have been less noticeable but will never go away completely. That's scary right. I have been always self-conscious, no wonder. I kind of became a much more bitter and angry then. It's not easy to let it go when the scars are visible, people talk, nothing works and you end up pretending things are "just fine not a big thing at all" which makes us feel worse. Scars are emotionally exhausting and damaging to self esteem absolutely, I understand that very basic fact! Sometimes you can hide the pain but alas never the scar! (Oh! I'm literate and am aware of the science how much it have progressed. And if you are thinking of all that cosmetic plastic surgery stuff, I request you to kindly not read further since this is a kind of real suppressed story for years and is not a plastic perfect story to cherish! Sorry to disappoint you!)

Certain lessons in life you learn by yourself!
Nobody can ever teach you, since people never will never know what you are going through. Some scars marks are buried so deep and hidden inside a person's heart that it is harder to give help to heal.

For being two and half months on bed was not that big deal.
It was more of the early summer vacation of agony and pain. But there were my final exams which I could not attend. Since I could not give my final exams, a conscious deliberate tough decision was taken by my parents that I must redo my classes and not get simply promoted to next class. Basically repeat the whole year in the same class. Where everyday I could see my classmates and my friends going in other class, I was in a class with new children around me. Initially it was difficult to make new friends. But I had no choice but to accept the circumstances. Yes, I understand how innocent a child heart is, so fragile to understand the situations and act upon strongly.

Life was changing rapidly.
I was losing my friends but making new.
I was able to play again but with scars.
My mom loving me but getting more worried of me if I didn't come back home early. My father being true friend of mine during rough times when it was difficult for me to go school. He used to play with me, paint with me, sing with me. Because there are certain tough decisions need to be taken and act upon them precise.

Honestly, my scars, the fourteen stitches in my leg haunted me for almost fourteen years of my life, almost until I completed my schooling. Because I was unable to figure out anything positive out of it except that I still had limbs which serve the purpose and that's the utmost significant and miraculous thing.

I was doing my graduation, first year when one day we had to go out in some social get-together. Like any other teenage girl, I was preaching my mom which dress she must wear. No wonder I wanted my mother to look at her best. Just when I was helping her to wear the saree, something familiar yet strange came into my sudden notice. I saw scar on my mom's abdomen area. It was like a set back for me. My scars always haunted me for years. I could not bear to see a scar on my mother's body. I quickly asked my mother what exactly was that and how she got them. I saw my mother's facial expression of hiding something or she could not tell something at easily. The fear of having scars haunts everyone of us, my strong mother is no exception. She soon tried changing a story and said apprehensively she just have them. I again curiously asked her, finally she said with a smile that she got these scars on her body while giving a birth to a child, that's me. It was a complicated surgery. I'm a cesarean child. How could I forget that fact when kids in school in fun used to discuss whether their head popped first or the feet came first, I never had an answer to it ever. I couldn't understand what I should have told my mother at that junction of moment. I chose to be silently agreeing to her then. Though, I wanted to be apologetic to her for giving those scars.

But my mother taught me to rejoice the scars by accepting me and loving me at the most. I proclaimed latter that may be scars are there to tell a story, how bravely we recovered during tough times. It is massively unfair when society/people pin points and creates certain assumptions about the person who have a scar of any kind. I just wish they had seen a bit of elegance and grace, a person with scar portraits in every gesture only to look a bit of good! They definitely don't know the tough period, the person have gone through. Just like my sweet friend 'MG' says, 'Don't judge my path, if you have not walked my journey!'

It took me a long to understand and learn not to be ashamed of my scars or any flaws. Most of the time now, I don't even think about it. Today, I accept them whole-heartily and know that those scars have only made me stronger. These scars are today an absolute part of me, which have molded me and crafted my life all together.
I am more empathetic towards certain aspects of life now. There are certain things in life which cannot be mend. And if we learn to accept them, the sooner, the better.
I think may be the whole process was only to slow me down a bit so that I could enjoy certain little but sweet changes around me.
I would have never met the people whom I call my best friends today, if that event had not occurred and consequently decisions finalized.
I also learnt that I had nothing to compromise, there was no choice. I had to accept every little uneven changes in life and on the skin. Best part is I still don't believe in compromise. I will never compromise to any situation, rather choose to accept them whole heartily. I will only act tougher and stronger to deal more effectively to look so effortlessly good.

And before I conclude my scar story, the one who gave me scar, I'm kind of scared of them, fear comes easily after accident but I do not hate them. (Read Here if you don't believe me.) Being bitter and bit of anger for a time being was natural but in the process of recovery I learnt to reveal the best of me. My scars actually helped to shaped and molded me into a better being.
I learnt in a hard way, that it wasn't anybody's as such a fault. Bad things just happen sometimes. I feel that I gave a big scar to my mom while coming to this earth and may be my scar was just a justified scar to that.

I'm happy to see that people love me because of who I am and not because of what I wear. I don't self-doubt which would make me more susceptible to petty threats and insults. It's like, you suddenly fell down on the rough ground and scrape your knee, a wound appears on that area. The blood gets coagulate and stops from further more lose of blood. Eventually, a scar like thing is formed to protect that same area from further wounding. Let that protected layer does not shield your true real image and prevent you to turn forever sarcastic and hide you from being content and really happy.
I stumbled but did not crumbled to the insults, harsh comments or hurt. I am not making any deliberate choices to hide my scars, since I have accepted them as a part of learning in life. I am grateful to those few people and close friends who were there at my side to support me during the whole process of recovery. In fact, I decided at a very young age to focus on good life and enjoy the pursuit of complete good health.

I constantly feel blessed and there are so many good things in my life to see and feel. Interestingly, I discovered that Life have it's own funny way of enriching and enhance your life, sometimes with blessed miraculous happy moments creating a mile stone and often with tough testing times, when we take decisions that changes our life forever, creating a turning point of life.

Unexpected scars, unknowingly searched a path of enlightenment! Since, I was restricted to get down from the bed for a long duration of time, I started spending time in sketching. I realized that unfavorable moment actually created a favorable circumstance for me to discover new satisfying skills. I feel that it was like a bird which could not fly with a clipped wing or one wing but I could fly high with my imaginations, crayons colour box and my sketching abilities.

I'm glad that today people associate me with my smile and not for the scars on the body. And this is a bigger picture to focus on. There shall always be little twists and turns that may happen along the way. Writing is a healing process, where we walk and re-live the whole thing and go through the same pain again for hours while putting up the emotions in words. Since I did that, I know that I am completely healed. To remember those hard times once in a while, it isn't a bad thing.
Everyone has their own battles to fight everyday.
Everyone have a little sad story turning into success some day.
Moreover, because it happened I am able to share one.
Each one of us have scars, few flaws and some imperfections making and moulding them to look totally fine and perfect in life.

On a lighter note, only thing I like and live for is bliss. I neither bark nor bite, thanks to French guy Louise Pasteur who invented vaccine way back in Year 1886.
Between I'm no more a morning person you see. Anyone who knows me well will see me late nights working like an owl. And getting up early in the morning is almost like an event. I think this is one of the major funny thing that has changed in course of life because of one event. I prefer to have a walk at night rather than in morning. And when I have nothing to do, actually I end up doing lots of sketches until my finger hurts badly. Thanks to identifying sketching skills as an asset at the early age. I am neither expert nor a learned professional in drawing/painting but I am truly passionate while sketching. Ultimately, live with passion, live your passion is more important in life, is what I have learnt and so far can comprehend.

Since, this contest by Indiblogger was about Kissan's 100% Real Blogger to share "100% real experiences while growing up", I thought of sharing this miraculous incident of my life which is absolutely very personal. While revealing it in a written form, it almost took me into hibernation mode and stimulated guts and grace together to pour down the emotions into words.
I hope you learnt something from this long post! Thank you for reading it with patience! Thank you Indiblogger and Kissan for creating this contest which brought down something real of me, something more of me in real.

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