21 April, 2010

Live with passion - Live your passion

Every child has an inspiration that often turns into an aspiration when grown up. I had a huge fascination with “Alice in Wonderland”, and used to always imagine that there is a different beautiful nature oriented world and some day sure I shall get through there. In a way I can say I’m still in search of that world but somewhere sure I know my quest stops when I paint!

People ask me, “How do you feel…you can draw so well! Why don’t you turn into that profession?
And my reply as ever is,
~ Painting/drawing is my hobby and drawing money through it has been never my aim yet I want to possess just Drawing and proclaim the heights of creativity and imagination through the lines I make with my paintbrush!
Perhaps, I’m pretty happy with the reply and happier the way life-book turns its page automatically leaving me mesmerized every time!

My Passion
~ My Passion @ rachi creations.. ~
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However, how many of you have cash on what you liked doing! Or have been still in continuity to your only passion like dancing, singing, painting, writing, playing football or even collecting coins or stamps. Do you continue and are consistent in passion that comes effortlessly to you without a sweat on your forehead, regardless of your earnings and shedding sweat on your job.

Surviving to your livelihood is important but getting the life is no less when you get back rejuvenated doing or accomplishing what you like the most apart from the routine job! Perhaps, the sideline carries the charm of life!

There have been people who do and have been doing the things that are their only life-mission, the passion they follow and bow to! The people of entertainment business or sportsman or a musician have been following their hearts! However there are also some, who are genius in certain subject and enjoy teaching their skills in forums, schools and colleges…it is their way to rejoice!

~ Passion multiplies your productivity, power and creates something that when you look back your past brings out a Proud feeling!

Perhaps there are, also few in fact many that are born to earn and only earn money sacrificing their inner urges. Not to blame them, they have been brought up in such a way that they have forgotten their likes and choose to work like machines. Hence, follows a break down and a serious instruction to go to hill-station to spend some time for a change, compose their thoughts and perceive calmness in life.

  • People like Boman Irani a famous actor of Bollywood, holds a polytechnic diploma turned as a professional photographer serving ages until he discovered his new acute passion in acting at the age of 40s. 
  • Nikhil Chinapa popularly known as VJ Nikhil is graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture degree from a profound Institute turned to his passion being an Indian Radio jockey followed by being a popular Video Jockey in MTV Channel.
  • Jaspal Bhatti graduated as an electrical engineer latter becoming a cartoonist in the Tribune Newspaper in Chandigarh. He took a step further and became pioneer of  creating home-made comedy serials and humor.
  • Very famous and talented Harsha Bhogle holds a Chemical Engineer graduate degree and went to the esteem IIM-A and then pursuing a job in an advertisement company but preferred being a Live Cricket Commentator to follow his passion and love for the game Cricket.
  • Shobhaa De after making her name as a model in India, she began a career in journalism and is a successful freelance writer following her words.
  • Preity Zinta has earned a postgraduate degree in criminal psychology, but later took up modeling making her best name in Liril Soap and Perk Chocolate Ads followed by extraordinary talent in acting in movies, Though her still prime passion is reading and writing where she have also written series of columns for BBC News Online South Asia. 
  • Shahrukh Khan earned his Bachelors degree in Economics (honors). Though he pursued a Masters Degree in Mass Communications, he was accomplished in sports, drama, and academics but opted out to make his career in Bollywood. Now popularly known as King Khan and rest follows a huge history!

One life and left without options-open is a waste!
People in the hush of life and running behind the money have lead and left people to lose their passions for the hobbies. But there are also other’s who do opt what they are best in and perhaps life holds the best for them there. Names and example are many with ecstatic experiences and life stimulating stories.

Let you too again pick your guitar and play some tune or create a doodle in the A4 size paper or just pulling up your socks and heals to dance pose! Do anything that your love…kiss your dog, go for a walk or pack your bags, go for trekking! Pick your camera and click the tiny ants, take out your chessboard and win a queen...Bottom line - do anything YOU LIKE!

~ Perhaps say that,When I grow up, I thy never grow up…to leave my passions and my childhood aspirations!

Not everything can be traced and tracked or planned in life…certain things comes in natural pace and tickles. One need to flow with it, alone or with friends around but surrounded with green lashing trees!

Go trekking, be a travelogue and tackle life!
~ Just don’t forgetting the zeal, the fire you hold in thyself. Let it ignite and glitter. Let your face too shines and posses gleam. Give a retouch to your talent and add a novelty!

Life is not about only
Calculations and counting Money,
Life is about the
Celebrations and counted Moments!
Career for livelihood is the part of life..
Creativity actually gives you a Life..
~ Relive, Rejoice, Rediscover, Renew and Revive it!
Never give up..
Live with Passion
Live your Passion!

  • "Pursuits of Passion" is my next take, where I have presented the post with my favorite people/pioneer souls who have inspired me in certain way with their leisure novelty pursuits of Passion…perhaps for following the one religion rigorously that is CREATIVITY! SO do follow up with the updates and check the link :)
  • Drawing is my passion and the above painting is created thyself as an extension of rachi creations..
  • What is your passion that gives purpose to your life..?share with us :):)

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  1. VEry nice post...
    You ar absolutely right in saying that we should do what we like to do...even if we don't get money for it.

    But sometimes you get lost in life,work,family...things that every1 expects from you.Sometimes yuo just don't have time...or someone maynot know what is that they really love to do.

    lol... I wrote a lot ...

    take care friend

  2. Wonderful post Rachana :)
    Pursuing your dreams in today's world can be a big hurdle where your pay cheque determines your status in the society.

    It's sad and disheartening, but being able to pursue your dreams would be a dream come true for anyone who has been working in a field plainly to earn the bread and not out of passion :)

    Keep up the good work buddy :)


  3. amazing post Rachana...loved the last few lines and the short poem, simply hitting hard on me, as to am I doing the right thing....
    lovely-lovely...love your posts

  4. @ Rainboy

    Actually my say is different...getting lost in the work, family and other issues is not a big deal...perhaps..lets not lose our talent!

    Something that God have gifted us..!

    And someone who does not know what is his/her passion can start anything and evrything to know what skill is stored in hands!

    Life shall always be busy and tough...
    It was busy when we were in school..when we were in college..or when we are working....
    Yet we need to find some time..just an hour in a week to keep up our act...or eles pack bags to go hill station and cope the depression and anxiety!

    Bwt: Love your comment..keep comming again:)

    ~Keep the Spark ALive..

  5. @ Chatterbox

    Yes CB, it is really very sad..and some people are very unlucky!

    But its one life..atleast we can afford some fun in life! It simply as that...and my message in this post!

    It is really wionderful to always read you comment:)

    ~Keep the Spark ALive..

  6. @ Shrutzz

    SO so happy that you loved the post and as well the last lines!

    You like it and writing is worth!

    May you too enjoy the passion of yours and live a passionate life:)

    ~Keep the Spark ALive..

  7. Very nice post....very true and appropriate examples! :)

    Awaiting more such posts from you! :)

  8. Inspirational ... nothing can stop u if u really wanna pursue ur passion

  9. Superb Post :) Superbly written or told... Nice message for everyone to think about their passion :)

    And Yes amazing drawing :)

    Way to go >>>>>>>>>>

  10. Quite Comprehensive and intriguing post....
    I like the concept 'passion' coz of its impact on a person...
    You have aptly said, 'we cannot blame anyone in any aspect irrespective of their choice and treatment of their passions'. In most of the times the logistics of life dictate how to deal with our passions.
    For some passion is both a self actualization and an earning source...
    Few new realize their passions into reality...

    The most important aspect of this post is the financial angle....

    I opine that....
    in some cases people do twist their passion to suit the commercial purpose...I am not blaming them....they may miss the gratification, but this is all in the part of survival for existence...

    Personally , i would say passion reaches heights only if it is being separated from external factors and expectations....

    Perfect post i would say....
    As usual, u r an adept in presentation as well as the impact.
    Great job buddy.

    Everyone should read this post at least once to rollback their thoughts and choices...

    Both the rationality and objectivity are well balanced.
    The fabrication do bears the stamp of Rachi creations and yes the picture indeed project entire post in a pleasing and nostalgic way.....
    Kudos for the post:)
    Keep spreading more such aromas and sparks of beautiful life :)

    PS : I did had a hunch of 'Alice' in you : ):) :)

  11. @ Anu

    So glad that you loved the post and are waiting for more! I will sure update it soon :)

    Love the encouraging words...! Thanks a lot Dear!

    Luv u!

    ~Keep the Spark ALive..

  12. @ Sam

    Who eles would understand my post better than You! You been working/ studing still take time to shape up your passion with those wonderful sketches...! Simply loved them all!!

    I shall always bow you for following your passion! Keep living YOUR PASSION..and flaunting your creativity:)

    It is always so wonderful to read your comment:)

    ~Keep the Spark ALive..

  13. @ Suni

    So so happy to know that U loved the post and format!

    yeah! Message is for you too...so do keep your fingers busy in creating drawings, your childhood passion!!

    And thanks for the lovely Award! I shall soon upload it, in my blog:)

    Luv yeah!
    ~Keep the Spark ALive..

  14. @ Mahesh
    You often comment as if you summarize my post in the best way!

    You are truely amazing in picking up all the different aspects of the post and understanding them the best!

    Yes! You can understand the post the best as you have been applying to your life too...your passion to work for the ground persons and acting ambassdor for bringing the Change..through forums and writing..! I shall always respect you for your humble acts..despite having a busy schedule..and hush of life!

    One thing forI loved to read your comment was that very line ~"Both the rationality and objectivity are well balanced." Nothing better words I can demand from You...!
    ~ Thanks! accept only the GREEN ONE

    Also thanks for endrosing this post:)

    ~Keep the Saprk ALive..

  15. To be passionate about your life is all that matters. We can't all make money at what we love all the time but we must do what we love anyway. The quest to make money is an EGO based drive that has no fulfillment. Make time for your passions & enjoy them fully!!



  16. This is so full of information n holds so true...One must live ones' passion...

    Luv this post

  17. Beautiful drawing. Wonderful post. Inspirational you.

    You have a fan in me! Following you.

    And you are right, one will *always* be busy, we still need to make the most of now.


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