05 April, 2012

fortune cookies to crack

My second guest post to Lena's 'Colour my Soul'!

Yesterday, I was relishing the Chinese food in dinner.
The best part was the end part when I had to crack the cookie and read my mysterious fortune tag. I’m not at all the superstitious being but anything mysterious gives such a magical feeling. You believe it or ignore it is absolutely your choice. But I just love this concept of fortune cookie!

Sometimes I wonder how would be the life without a cookie. Everyone needs a kind of motivation in life to keep the momentum go on. There are ample of troubles and hefty of worries to keep us all on our toes. Each one of us needs a kind of cookie. It’s just like we give a little child a Cookie (this is a different Chocolate Cookie), to keep him/her encouraged and happy. We the grownups also need a cookie, sort of a Cheerleader to keep going courageously.

In every circumstance and different junction of phase a cookie changes according to the need. It could be a nice friend when you are sad, a good stable job when you need money, a prosperous family when you want to be cared. For just one of the kinds of cookie for which we all are working hard, costs every penny and spending our precious time on.

Chronicles of cookie defines continuation, survival and way of life.

Bring me sunshine, give me a cookie!

Now I remember I need to clear the cache and cookies to keep my computer working fast and fine. We could be utterly clueless at times but Life is full of Cookies* to Crack!

Just as I opened my fortune cookie to see, a piece of paper popped up with certain words, definitely made sense to me...I read, ‘Speak only well of people and you need never whisper!’

As soon as I read that, definitely the first thought was ... READ MORE here.


  1. yes u r right dii . we always need a cookie fr inspiring ourselves . the way ur blog inspired me .

  2. What a beautiful post!
    Loved it! :)
    Friendship is the most powerful bond relation... Match of thoughts ,connectivity of hearts and trust is all we need!

    May the bond of amity of yours and Lena goes on forever with the same spark of love and affection!


  3. Inspiring post.. keep it up.


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