03 April, 2012


This post is a refection of thoughts, something I absolutely relate to, something I adore, something in some lines I'm still in process of recreating my image into words, written specially for someone on request!!! And heartily Thank you dear friends for your support on facebook, it means a lot!
*For the picture below ALL RIGHTS RESERVED so Kindly do not copy it in any case! The original photo has been tilted up-side down for the need of the post. © Sandeep Rathod Photography

Salty water rolling cheeks,
transparent, evanescent
texture of the water
rendered patterns expression
textures in colors of emotions!
Roller-coaster of life!
I feel the earth,
swelled with joy in tidal teeming
I smell the water,
more like beautiful as rains,
drizzle soaking earthy grains
more like humble as lake,
serene as it looks
more like powerful water-falls
breaking bottom lying hard rocks,
naive tides and mysterious rivers
creating creaking streams,
more like huge story-teller oceans
naughty repeating waves,
like muddy as puddle
proud parenting pink lotus,
like unfathomable fountains
blissful birds getting dips,
like innocent simple dew
childlike credulous clue,
like cascades down the cliff
candid and so liberating,
Every tiny little single step
on the sharp stones,
and sailing smoothly on pebbles,
I went on a small walk
some husking rustling sound,
no words, no sentence,
just like a strange serene silence
a sound of wind blowing
through the leaves
on the tall trees
asking to 'let go',
'Set free the tree'.
And a leaf obeyed the breeze
and left the branch.
Like a lifeless, broken, alone
yet bright orange leaf
fighting the dust and heat,
finding it's way,
following the shadow,
falling for the reflection,
floating on the water
re-living and taste ones more,
the last final moments of life
with it's own reflection!
Contemplating thyself in the mirror of water!
I felt as always like a fish out of water,
and to me you are always the sober sea!
Which I utmost need...
Just as I read you more
I see the vanilla skies,
I see the purple mountains,
I see the eyes full of stars,
I see the empty hands holding vast,
Your face is a painting
A painting with water colours on the water,
Soft strokes and revealing illusions,
Brushing and washing over rocks
I love that parentheses care
of cupping your sweet face
and spilling it all the way
My quench in a refection,
I keep watching it
Reaching the light,
that's been waiting
but it keeps changing,
even with a slight thought,
light effect, delicate touch...
with every rhyme
billowing breaths
estuary by the tide
every composition on water
every story of every drop
of joy, Behold!hold water!
I don't hear words
I listen waves..!
reflect over my thought...


  1. yet to read.. I know it will be beautiful.. so much of expectation creator..

  2. I don't hear words!
    I listen to rhymes!
    I reflect on reflection!
    I write my heart!
    I say this is beyond words!

  3. wow! wonderful poem, amazing photo rendering... I love

    "I don't hear words
    I listen waves.."

  4. wow nicely done....your face a painting...that is my fav line among others but a lovely read....

  5. wonderful....wordings and suitable image :)

  6. wonderful....Nice poem and suitable image :)

  7. Your thoughts are just so lucky...they are wrapped in with your emotions along with beautiful words.

    I so love it!

  8. Your thoughts are just so lucky...they are wrapped in with your emotions along with beautiful words.

    I so love it!

  9. A unique rendering, I'm reminded by your style - the repetitions, wordplay, and rhythms - of the ripples in the water in the image, as if some metaphorical wind stirred your descriptions and made them reflective of the picture.

  10. The photo and poem are amazing. Beautiful work.

  11. I have often tried to hold water...
    happy that some drops
    stay stuck on my palms and fingers
    enough to quench my thirst..
    and the water that slips through
    create a puddle in which I keep seeing
    reflection of the unknown and unseen

    Rachana..it's not a poem..it's a river of thoughts that has simply found it's way meandering through the hills and valleys and planes lying deep inside your own vast space..finally to meet the sea of emotions head-on and the impact has splashed words on this canvass creating a kind of a painting on a dry leaf that must have smiled seeing its own reflection...in the water..


  12. reflection of world by your words............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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