15 April, 2012

Subways Stories to say

Tile art in New York City's transit systems!

Platform number seven
waiting for someone unknown,
five-thirty sharp as she arrives
with a descending sunrise
a smile that out of the mind never goes
it has been fourteen months,
three days counting really hard
she is like a descending angel
stand by my side
together yet far
waiting on the subway!

As we walk through the train,
walking inside a by-lane,
pushing, pulling and sometimes hugging
Opps! most of it was a mistake
She clutched at the pole eagerly,
and her friend chatted down with her.
Peeking up from above her arm,
she looked at me solemnly with big brown eyes.
A moment for which I wait everyday
a little while looks like I'm dreaming!
She spent hours and hours just riding the subway
And I'm consuming every minute in hallucinating!

Idly sitting on the subway
thinking something and everything
she does not even know that
I dream to see a future with her
As she gets own her stop,
it is my time to sleep,
I would wake up, rub my eyes
check my stop,
then go right back to my mouth-gaping,
head rolling back, half sleep.
A battle to keep my eyes open
was my struggle everyday
I wish I could lean
someone cozy and strong,
Someone who could take my weight,
my pain, my struggle,
my stress off the shoulders!

I tried to perceive
beauty in an inappropriate wee-hour
People with bags,
newspaper, umbrellas, chips-packets,
People talking on mobiles,
People chatting neighbors,
some people silent,
some people sleeping,
some people alone, lonely
People with hands in hand!
My journey of imagination
never come to an end!

People with head-phones
bobbling their heads,
Head down giggling
How right a homeless sings,
a moment and a man with good taste
in fact, in a few moments
he words drew my hands into my pockets
search for some penny,
needless to say I enjoy
right now the most
with the aura of music in surrounding
and the trains are 3 hours delayed.

Stand still
waiting for the train,
Spilling over the coffee
look like people sipping tea,
Read magazine
while others reading newspaper,
Hardly go through the page
busy staring at people,
There comes a snack-man
selling some roasted peanuts,
There comes music, art and culture
in a little span!
Busy than busier life
under subway!

  • Written for d'verse : Poetic Subway
  • A gazal, kind of Indian song Sung by Pankaj Udhas Link is my fav. & reminds me of NYC subways! Thought to share with you all!


  1. nice...you really capture a bit of the magic and wonder of the subway in this...love too the views and texture in this...and life is busy in the subway but it is almost like taking a breathe...

  2. You capture the subway the and the love affair with in it"s urban beauty.

  3. I loved the very visual writing which transports the reader to your subway

  4. very cool...love all the details..and you really made me see the people...the subway is a bit of a magical place where the real world sometimes seems to fade away for a bit...love that shifting

  5. Never experienced this... but felt I was there... very nicely, and it appears to be so, spontaneously weaved post which hust flow.. hall mark of a good writer..

    Life in all
    its hues and colours;
    busy subway..

  6. Very nice job capturing subway life. Very nicely penned, tiny snapshots that fit together, as is what is observed when on a subway. Great job. Thanks

  7. what a sublime story . never thought that someone can write a post on subway also . great job rachana dii . like this post a lot


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