29 April, 2012

what hurts the most

written for You and I in this beautiful world Beautiful StorySpeaking MY Mind : Rahul's Blog

What hurts the most
in any relationship,
is not that the time invested
in building bond going waste,
Definitely time is priceless!
But the contribution
of thoughts for a person
connecting every thing,
small or big, faint or clear,
every single reflection
for someone special,
every other impression
tried for that one,
every small way
sentiment belief,
each and every cerebration
and feeling of want
and wanting to need,
and all dreams seen
of being together are true treasure!
Finally ending up
with no connecting dots,
to figure out
the churn up circumstance,
all rumination fading,
feeling of emptiness,
situations effecting sentiments,
fleeting doing nothing,
invading every word,
worthwhile of waiting
turning worthless,
far and away every bit of
every element detail
summarily and elaborately,
every sunset and dawn,
every comma,
every semi-comma
and an exclamation,
soaking into a question mark!
feels like wasted,
words lack in zeal,
words don't fly anymore,
neither they float nor sink,
no longer they are
created in day-light,
not long for anyone waits
to read them in moon-light,
space simply stretches
beneath the waves
to draw away
into seriously sad scars,
morning hours,
rainy days,
shadows of music,
every now and then
thinking with a halo motion,
pretending to hear
and not listening,
pretending to focus
and not actually working,
pretend living
and not being alive,
saying something
and wishing you had not,
saying nothing
and watched you walk out,
that what troubles the most,
most of the time!
that you always try
and I never recognize!
we never give
time to explain
to excel
and explicit
fear of flame
that extinguish
end of explore!


  1. to start with I wanna bow down to you and give you that respect that u really deserve.. you're sol blessed with the words and emotions that they effortlessly start flowing even before u start thinking and dwell on them..
    and now the poem..as it grows it grows on the pain, pain of the broken bouleward of dreams.. the feeling of emptiness grips but then across this pain is a world that still loves u for who u are and for who u were.. life goes on..may b with sm adjustments bt it has to go on.. and going along the way pain becomes the integral part of life.. and somehow life seems incomplete without that pain.. in short falling in love with one's own pain :)

  2. pain, pain and pain Creator. "fear of flame that extinguish end of explore" Agreed and this is one of your best creation.. I love to feature this on Few Miles FB page..

  3. raking the deeper strata of emotions ...

  4. raking the deeper strata of emotions ...

  5. This is very deep and beautifully sad and painful poem!...

  6. dang you just let rip tonight...this has a wicked flow to it...and felt the hard knock on the emotion as well....

  7. A mixture of pain and promise and sadness and hope.

  8. Hey! Racha rhythm !

    What a beautiful write up. While reading your words I found something similar that pop ups in my mind too but I never expressed in such a way!

    Just delightful :)
    Love you so much~
    Keep writing and rhyming


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