29 April, 2012

Yesterday was a fairytale

the moment
I saw him first
I knew,
I had actually found him
he held me
glued still
with his one look
and I was like
a little marble idol stood

his hand
brushed me
the frozen
emotions melted
with a struck
of lightening
a sigh forever!

so far I could be
he was still close
so cold I would be
his touch was cozy

just something
with the presence
he changed everything
just one day
with his promise
he might change anything
one day!

It was then, I knew
now I was alone
all that what happened
was just sweet
dreams at core,

Yet being alone
I was not
all that alone
I was a part
of something
a part
of your world
You were
the part of me
a part of

I knew
I would
If I
I should

But if I fall

I knew
you would
only you could
save me
the same me
spinning around
the story
weaving dreams
placing desires
setting dares

when you said
'who cares!'

as you said
'I was
all yours'
even if
it was
a painted lie
I liked being
part of
'You fail to convince me'
All that you meant,
'You cared!'
You sure cared about me
'I believe you'
'I care for you too!'
believe me
yesterday was a fairy tale!

and between all
the then and now
lies and truths
lies something
more better
lock me there
in your thoughts!

I'm right here
wait and watch
my patient fingers
upon sweetheart shoulders
sweater's shoulder woven,
such way that it sucks
soak in all tears,
which are simply
when I'm sad!
I write poetry
and rhyme what
I really meant!

There is a heartbeat
a double heartbeat
one heartbeat
pushing harder the other!
May be I feel your heart
with my heartbeat
with couple
of slipping
and thumping
in synergy and zing!


  1. Awesome style of writing my dear friend.... you always come up with something new every time. good one again :)
    The flow and the feel was remarkable.. One can easily start imagining reading this..

    1. One can easily start imagining reading this..
      IF this is the thing, I think I made it!!
      Thankyou for ur support! I always need it not anything but ur support!!!

  2. I'm frozen reading this poem..

    "he held me
    glued still
    with his one look
    and I was like
    a little marble idol stood"

    "I knew
    I would
    If I
    I should

    But if I fall"

    inspired Rachana..!

    There is a heartbeat
    I could hear the beat
    in her words,
    not just words
    but a rhyme
    to read it thousand times
    or more!
    let your pen
    write more
    beautiful ones!

    Someone is Special

    1. OMG U r poet.. u wrote such beautiful lines.. i wish i cud think then about now wht i'm reading.. ahh even now it's like now & then... lovely!!
      I always wait eagerly for ur prospective, not because you love to comment or often compliment me always, but when u catch words and say that this is what struck ur mind, I so love to knw!!
      Thankyou! you presence means a lot always, I have not other great or poetic words to express how wonderful it's reading ur constructive beautiful comments!
      Thankyou!! You are truly someone Special! SiS!!

    2. :-) a poet appreciating a poet.. happy.. thanks creator! I love to read your words and write whatever my heart says.. Smiles.. as you say, 'Keep the spark alive!'

  3. Your lines are succinct, but convey your emotions in every word. Great, too, to see that others are appreciating your work.

  4. really very nice...the short lines pull you down faster and faster...and there is something truly spiritual as well with your words in realizing that we are not alone even when we are alone.....

  5. awesum:) *feel good* poem...<3


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