13 February, 2008

Valentine Day - Lets "V" be together

Valentine Day is celebrated around the world every year on 14th February. It has a strong history since 19centaury in memory of St Valentine. Not going to its much detailed history, this Valentine’s Day is the season of love and affection to share. But haven’t said that let it not be just a day..lets work for it and earn more good memories with the loved ones. Call it high-school sweetheart, college-crush, friends or any member of the family.

Billions and trillions of greeting cards are sold all around the world for this occasion, and all participate in to make the day as a memorable moment of life. Cards, chocolates, flowers and other gifts are usually in demand.

February month, itself being the most beautiful month in India, blows the love air in nature, where u find new tiny green twigs on the branches and flowers sprinkling the streets and cool breeze waving its mark in lanes and in the hearts of people splashing romance and sweet thoughts.
Each day is special but try and make it eXtra special. My five must on Valentine day to make it special is all follows:
  1. Chocolates : Chocolates are beyond adequate description it is exceptional. Cadbury and Amul are the perfect brands to get melt in the mouth. Amul have proved from time to time its quality which is melting so smoothly. Chocolates are my love mark because almost all happy events in my life go along with these dark earthy brown chunks as a gift. Indeed a clear sign of being CHOCOHOLIC but many reasons to celebrate and cherish the moment.
  2. Gifts :Pamper the loved one with the gift. A surprise is always in demand and gift reflects a lot of your feelings and thoughts. The beauty of giving a gift is, one doesn’t think about the price or size but is just as willing to give it. I made wonders by making greetings (Rachi Creations) on my own. Well that is the best way I could express in colors and lines. You can even send a greeting online, if you are not good in drawings, its good sometimes. There are so many variety and creativity and have so many accurate words in online greeting cards that speaks almost your love language. So thank to technology ones again. It gives smile in the shortest pulse of time.
  3. Outing: Eating lunch together in bright afternoon or just dinning in candle- light are some the best options to be looked forward. Basically the straight motive behind is actually spending time together. Eating good aromatic food actually synthesize good thoughts. It’s indeed a best time to communicate relishing the food. I am a total foodie and hence can’t wait for Valentine day and hence hang up around the restaurant every alternate day.
  4. Photo: Click the moment and cherish it life long. When you are working so hard to make your day as perfect, glorify it with a flash. Take pictures. Click it either with the mobile camera or any specify one, what shall matter latter shall be the smile and the twinkles of eyes captures in the time-space. Believe me it’s not about the only Valentine day but the photos shall look more sparkling than expected as its February month and the natural-beauty of climate shall support the occasion.
  5. Movie: Leave a movie to capture your mind at home. Indian Bollywood offers a huge collection of love story based movies, so utilize it to rejuvenate. Even English movies will do its magic; it’s just what one chooses. My vote for Bollywood love movie shall go for “JAB WE MEET”. It’s new, latest crisp happening sweet movie with its own hints of comedy and moments so special. “LAST KISS”, “LOVE ACTUALLY”, “DIRTY DANCING” is my choice of English movies to enjoy this valentine.

Valentine Day is down corner and all things naturally shrinks into Heart-Shape.
Lets "V" be together at "V"alentine Day. Voila Valentine !

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