15 December, 2009

55Fiction - i call it the National Shame

Note: 55 Fictions is precise form of micro-fiction that refers to the works of fiction limited to a maximum of fifty-five words.
This 55 fiction present below is an attempt to throw some light over an element which is almost a deafening issue where a women/girl deals everyday in their daily life, defending their dignity!

|| Painting (c) Priyanka Raman ||

I was born and brought up here.
But it has never been so difficult to survive.
It’s not about the price hike,
not about climate change,
neither it’s about the religious riots
nor the political fights.
It is the woman disgrace,
You call it
eve teasing,
Perhaps, I call it
"The national shame!"

I want it to be CLEAR and LOUD to know your views on everything you know about this, about what you feel,or even about whatever you have experienced!

Until we don’t talk about it freely, we wont be able to know what’s behind the insane scene and sinning mind.

  • YES ! when we talk about it, some people will also think we are only making too much fuss about the issue.
  • Perhaps, then let’s first agree on the basic, this is definitely an issue and this is an absolute shame!

From minor unnecessary flirting, to sudden wink, to utter brushing shoulder, to deep staring the body parts, to the passing of unwanted comments

  • Just say CLEAR and LOUD about everything!

I have below mentioned few points to keep in mind and try following them to prevent molestation/ eve teasing :
  • Under any circumstances never travel in a crowded bus. Better wait for the next bus and proper seat.
  • If traveling in the local train, then prefer the ladies compartment.
  • Try to avoid cab and auto rickshaw late night. Never share your auto rickshaw with any person even if the driver insists.
  • Always be aware of the new place, keep yourself updated with some perfect info of the place if you are new to the city. This shall boost some confidence in you. And any driver or person cannot fool you around, taking advantage of your situation. Carry a map and be well read.
  • Never stand alone on the street, try to be accompanied with some other girl.
  • The moment someone tries to bug you on the street try shouting loudly to attract the crowd. The insane people trying to tease are actually very scared of being publicly acknowledged with their acts. So bring on spot light on them.
  • While walking on the road try to be at extreme side far from the road. Walk on the foot path, to avoid any nuisance or disgrace act by some cyclist or biker.
  • Carry your Mobile every time you step outside. Also keep the speed dialing number of some of your close one to take Help from.

YOU might be having some more and other guidelines which can prevent or actually help in avoiding eve teasing and molestation incidents, please do share with us in the comment section. Let's educate each other.. Be alert !

I heartily thanks Priyanka for allowing me to have this wonderful and apt painting in this post. I'm so glad to add her name too; in my talented contribution list of the blog :)


  1. Well said...

    It is a slap on all those hypocrite indian men (who regard their mom n sis as angels and the rest of women as their prey of ridicule and fun.)

    The increasing acid attacks on women improves the intensity of this national shame...

  2. Hi Rachana, how you doing...

    > "NATIONAL SHAME" is the apt word.
    I have faced an incident during my school days,and have been so scared of being alone or going near that class of people. It was many yrs later, I was able to come out of it and trust me it sends shivers to think how many of inncoent girl are going through such molestation or eve teasing. I HATE the environment these "few men" create in the society.

    > Nice points, I stretch on the point that every girl needs to follow them and be extra cautious when they are alone. Not to take any private cabs, auto or taxi, late in the night. Avoid such situation in the first place, when you know its not SAFE.

    > Having fun is nice, wearing those clothes are ok, but take a moment to think what kind of place you are going and whats the crowd present.

    > Always inform friends and elders ( if possible in case of parties); before going anywhere...

    Overall, keep SAFETY in mind first...
    am very careful personally, atleast am trying not to land in any trouble...

  3. A very good attempt dear...but to how many boys it'll reach? Those who'll hv access to such articles are less likely to be of the 'cheap ' catergory....I think the root cause of such misbehavior lies in the upbringing manner...A child gains most of the habbits and thoughts in his young stages from:-
    1). His family
    2).His environment like,school,colony,village,town,whereever he goes..etc.
    3)His friends or the company in which he gets.

    It all lies in the mindset of a male.Most of us will agree that eve-teasing and molestation have been 99% times initiated by males from lower backgrounds.

    From my experience I can conclude that there are many towns in India where the typical male-female biasness persists;where females hv to be in 'ghoonghat' all the time;where the FREEDOM of a WOMAN has been curbed;where education is there but literacy is not;where the less educated mothers later in their lives forget to teach their sons the right values;where society only claims to hv been progressing wt time but ,from inside, the mentality remains orthodox....In such areas men make fun of any women they come across and boast it amongst their peers...Elderly men drink and misbehave and nobody is present to stop them...the women hv no option but to just shut her mouths because they have been taught by their OWN elders that men are such by nature (What an excuse to hide ones' son's mistakes !!!!!!! DISGUSTING) ...She lives her life sulking and assuming it to be her destiny.....

    In the cities ,on the other hand, women are becoming smarter and are ready to raise their voices against such crimes...but people in cities are not bothered for strangers...so even in a public place a girl is actually ALONE....Crime from the North region of our nation is spreading to the South ....

    I think it'll take generations for men to understand what a DISGRACE they bring to their OWNSELVES and also to the Nation.

    I want to share a bit of information with all.The Delhi Police has a separate branch for the women named as CRIME AGAINST WOMEN CELL. This body protects women and also provides solutions to their problems.They conduct work-shops from time to time to train women so that they are able to fight tough situations.Anybody who needs their help can get their helpline no. from their website.

    ONLY and ONLY if women face BOLDLY and INTELLIGENTLY ,will this problem end.By this ,I don't mean that we have to react on every experience...But I mean that we have to be smart enough NOT TO GIVE ANYBODY ANY CHANCE to tease us or take advantage of us...

    For the post I must say, RACHANA gr8 going, it requires courage to speak for all...and PRIYANKA, very well done.

  4. hi M S !
    you have struck well once again with a thought provoking national problem... nowadays it has become a part of feminine life..its a VIRUS spread wide every where..

    my sister's friend once came across thus happening..she was spending her time with friend in beach when a 50+ man and his gang(shit) happened to tease her and pulled her toward his body... she was so brave to slap !!! him so hard that he feel down and well they managed to get hold of him and handed him to police...her family was also supportive that they filed a case on him and he was imprisoned... this event made a great news in pondicherry and hope that was a great start agaisnt this NATIONAL SHAME !..


  5. @ Mahesh

    Indeed, this acid attacks on women are very scary, only a thought brings shivers in body.

    I wonder what type and level of insanity those guys suffer from..

    Perhaps it is not just a shame but a Slam to the Nation and Humanity.

  6. hey that was a nice one..

    but do u think still this eve teasing occurs to that extent..

    The point which you mentioned to follow bye the Eves sounds as if they r living in hell...

  7. First I would like to thank you for adding my name and my creation in your block. It is my good fortune…..

    Very True Rachana....Every young girl knows about this eve teasing. This is a huge problem faced by almost every girl in INDIA. Doesn't matter where you are, there is always a huge chance that you might encounter some tharki who will comment on you or look at you weirdly. The worst part is that it is not limited to a certain age group. From young boys to middle aged men do these type of harkatein...
    Normally we girls pretend not to hear and get into an autorickshaw. (Let me not even start about the horrors of traveling in a bus in India and the daily fight against being groped.) The rickshaw driver adjusts his rear view mirror to get a better look at you, and you sit with your files and bag clutched close to your chest as you avoid eye contact with him through the journey.....

    So what's a woman can do?

    As RACHANA has mentioned few points to keep in mind and try following them to prevent molestation/ eve teasing are the best bcoz Better safe than sorry…

    Some more points which I come across to prevent eve teasing are below:

    Many have resorted to carrying pins, pen-knives and even daggers as a deterrent. Others have taken self-defence classes and don't hesitate before landing a karate chop on the offender's shoulder blade.

    Don't walk through a dark, lonely street or you're only inviting trouble. In a well lit area you'll be able to see and avoid potential offenders.

    Don't daydream and don't look lost - even if you are. Look as if you know exactly where you are going.

    If you are going to spend the day in crowded areas, don't wear a mini skirt or anything which invites attention. True, women in salwar kameezes get harassed as well, but there's no need to call attention to yourself. Save your skimpy clothes for the nightclubs, when you're the one who's on a prowl!

    If you see a group of men hanging out, or a man who's making eye contact with you and trying to get your attention, take a detour. Better safe than sorry.

    Though this may not always be possible, try and work out some arrangement where you have a male escort. Eve-teasers by and large target women who are without a male escort. Of course, if they are very frustrated, even the presence of a man may not deter them - so better safe than sorry. Take the necessary precautions, drive with your cell phone handy, don't walk outdoors at night, and learn karate!

    So, Let's educate each other.. Be alert!!!!

  8. @ Shrutzz

    Absolutely Shruti, I agree on each line you wrote. Being a school girl I have also gone through many such embarrassing moments on streets.

    Today, its shocks me more to see that those idiots guys do not bother about their or other’s age. Girls in such a humble age…are just kids and then being a woman too…goes through such awful moments. Those moments are not momentary but a scar that they carry throughout their life.

    Of course being educated helps us not to get stuck to such incidents but move on with a much stronger safe spirit.
    Very true, enjoying and looking nice should not be any excuse for anybody to attack. But definitely
    I believe why invite attention unnecessarily!

    Just putting some head before dressing according to the occasion, might just help to avoid perhaps sometimes avoid such incidents.

    I agree and add absolute Yes to “Always inform friends and elders ( if possible in case of parties); before going anywhere...”

    Really being kids this habit annoys a lot; however, today being old enough, I understand the need and importance of the informing.

    I have always followed this and even today follow religiously. Perhaps, I have a plan of a day and all should be informed about it.

    One must always carry a Mobile before you step outside, DO keep a speed dial number inbuilt of your close one, for reaching out help.

    Being a bit alert shall only help us to act smartly before, on, and after the incident.

    Thank you for being Loud and clear...and sharing your incident with us all.

    I wish U all more strength and support in coming new year:)

  9. @ Madhulika

    Very much I agree, Madhu!
    And it’s sad that this message can’t go long way…perhaps I only wish it should as it is the call of the day.

    The upbringing has to be from the family absolutely. The family must teach the child the importance of woman in our life and unconditional respect they deserve. The biased thought hampers so much throughout the generations. And the core need to basic etiquettes is ignored.

    But it’s not just the lower background people only involved in such acts. In fact, the rich brats are also equally to be blamed. Don’t you remember every year we often hear from different parts of the country how rich father’s young boys in the New Year party misbehave with the girls!

    I liked the way you compared the small towns and city people with apt correct info that presents the state of their minds due to strange prejudices followed.

    Good you have mentioned about the CRIME AGAINST WOMEN CELL, this shall help many in their odd times. Such cell should be extended to each and very corners of the city throughout the country.

    Very much we need to act intelligently bold and catch hold tight those collars who take a chance of our innocence!

    Thank you so much for your introspection of the post and presenting your personal strong thoughts and enlightening this post and our views.

    Keep the spark ALive..

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. @ Suree

    Thank you for taking time to go through this post.

    Yes, I do believe eve teasing does occur as frequently as ever, no matter we ignore the fact and call our self intelligent and educated. You might not be paying much attention to such incidents, hence you say this.

    However, the fiction might sound a loud and striking…but this is one the very common occurance in the daily life’s of the girls, regardless their age.

    Absolutely, they stay in hell when such incidents occur with them. Any such single incident brings a fear forever in her heart.

    You being a guy won’t go through any such incident and even if you go through any misbehavior you might just smack the nose and move on…but a girl doesn’t do anything like that.

    Your views are welcome…even if you don’t agree completely over the post; however the important fact to remember is that you respect the woman dignity and privacy at any cost and propagate the same :)

  12. @ ayu

    Thank you so much Ayu for likening the post so much. It feels good when my post helps in learning something so important.

    DO go through the comment section too…other readers have also given some good things to remember:)

  13. @ Priyan

    O dear Priyanka, thank you so much for allowing me to use your stunning creations.

    Very well depicted the horrors of eve teasing. Also the tips as the safety guidelines are something definitely to follow and believe in.

    Thank you so much adding a very relevant comment.

  14. @Rachi
    Hey good attempt, I like how everyone is responding to your blog.

    I liked that you should inform someone before going anywhere.

    2) and 3) are most appropriate I guess.

    The company and environment is all responsible for eve teasing and molestation.

    There is also a crowd psychology working in such cases. If one does so does everyone. At this time how the heck many people lose their conscience and just act like that.

    This is a noble start by Rachi in order to create awareness. But how can we make small changes that can change atleast few lives.

    How can we spread the word ? Where people don't even have access toward such great blogs and forums.

    This is a great platform where we all have came express our view. How we can create a change?

    We can at least create a small group online, some kind of continuous involvement.

    Mitul Suthar

  15. @ Mitul

    I heartily appreciate your concern and concrete views.

    You were saying about some online forum, I almost forgot to mention that there is one site “Blank Noise”, and its an utter most perfect forum to make things happen just the way you desires for.

    The link is http://blog.blanknoise.org/.

    Ones one goes through such site shall understand the deep parameters in which it works and makes the common people like us act to bring a major change.

    However, if you have any other idea than this…I’m sure all shall agree to join you in making it happen!

    Love your spirit…so strong yet so humble to capture the humanity.

    Keep the spark Alive..

  16. @ Priyan

    Very true, Priyan…
    And an absolute salute to your bold sister's friend and her family in supporting her stand. Family support is very important in any case and this case needs the most. Slapping anyone needs a huge courage and then standing strong by your act is as important as slapping. Thank you for sharing your sister’s friend's applauding story with us. We definitely need that bit of it!!

    P.S. You still call me as MS...is such a beautiful notion.Thanks:)

  17. Very well written!!

    Excellent post Rachana. All I wish to say has already been stated in the comments before mine.

    Keep spreading the awareness and keep raising voice on such social issues through your powerful writings.

    Great points there Shrutzz.

    Keep up the god work.


  18. Hi Rachna,
    Very good post... This is a serious national Shame which i guess even after 1000 years it will not be fine because of those "FEW MEN".... As Gandhiji says: "The day a women walks alone at midnight, it is that day we get freedom"


  19. hey rachana
    sweet girl rachana has turned a progressive social activist!! :)
    a very good step indeed.. eve teasing is a national shame..and i condemn it in every which way..at the same time its call for women to turn more alert, aware and strong against such grievous acts.

  20. @ Suni
    Been long after your came back on blog!
    Truly glad so see that the post touches you the best way and appreciate the same! I wonder, Gandhiji was a great visionary…he knew the future, perhaps knew we are still not free completely.

    I like it this way,
    “When you educate a Man, You educate a single man;
    But when you Educate a woman, You educate the whole family!”
    Let’s educate each other!

    Keep in touch :)

  21. @ Vishal
    Hey boy,
    The sweet girl is Sharp too! Isn’t she!!
    Perhaps, sometimes people ignore HER!
    I’m only trying to seize the moment of Clear and Loud awareness!

    Absolutely appreciate your concern and understanding the issue.
    I liked the way you encouraged to be more Alert, Aware, and Strong against such stupid acts! In order to do so we need to be together in the race…perhaps I’m happy to see you are back to join us :) Probably, we can create something worth to learn!

    P.S. Welcome back!!

  22. Thank you Rachana for your feed back.

    From National Shame I am reminded about another National Shame and that is many Indians don't know how to speak in "Hindi".

    It really upsets me when someone who is born and raised in India and doesn't know Hindi, our National Language.


  23. i slightly disagree here.. u cant say flirting as eve teasing.. first of all flirting cant be unnecessary.. one flirts to know the other.. if he/she doesnt do that, then they would obviously hav to be gay.. i agree on the other..
    i guess women have gained the mental strength to tackle all these barriers..

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  25. Those are some good points which might help women in unpleasant situations.
    Good work of fiction too. Too bad that many people do not take this issue as serious as they should.

  26. I understand.. that whatever happens with Females out there in dark streets.. in isolated corners.. closed chambers.. thats really ugly and unfortunate..

    but sorry rachana.. what you are doing here {thru this article..}.. is also not commendable {as per ME..}

    i just cant get what you want to convey by saying.. "dont go to dark streets.. dont stand at a bus stop alone".. do you think its practical enough.. can a working female.. avoid the circumstances which you have listed..

    It is like telling people.. "PLEASE DONT DRIVE.. AS IT MAY LEAD TO ACCIDENT"...

    and please dont attach this thing with INDIA.. by saying it a national shame.. streets are more risky in LONDON, MANHATTAN, PARIS.. than streets in MUMBAI, CHANDIGARH, AHEMDABAD..

    as per me.. its all group dynamics..

    in a group of 20 men.. a female is not safe...

    as in a group of 20 women.. a male is not safe..

    But, one thing I must say..that Priyanka's painting,the way you have written it.. and especially the name..is toooooooooooo Gud...!!!

    All the best for ur next article release..

    n really sorry for poking in with my critical nose..


  27. @ Vishnu

    Firstly thank you going through the post.

    Dear Vishnu, I am not completely against the flirting and neither do I regard completely the flirting as the eve teasing. However I believe that everything has to be in limit. When flirting effects, humiliates and disturbs the person it is definitely an unnecessary expression of forcing to know other person, without her choice or permission.
    For example, a woman is being molested in the crowded bus or a woman being teased by a bunch of the boy, walking down the streets.
    So let us put this clear that the flirting is quite a fun but it is not related or in any way an ambassador of your strength to prove that you are not a gay!

    I surely agree with you that women have gained the mental strength to tackle all these barriers…however the fact lies that not each time the women is strong enough to react and forget the same.

    I heartily appreciate your efforts for comments even when you do not agree with the post views. Keep churning the thoughts:)

  28. @ Pulkit
    Thank you so much! I’m indeed pleased!
    @ Vishal
    Hey Vishal, thank you for leaving your new link; I shall keep the five notes for sure :)

  29. @ Lena

    I’m so glad that you read the whole post and understood the essence and critical up bring of the issue:)

  30. @ Pradeep

    Appreciating you for understanding the point and knowing the critical angle of the issue and the post!

    Here in this post I’m neither comparing the cities or any circumstance; however I’m only adding my light on the very truth that still prevails in India and other parts of different continents embarrassing the human-kind.

    Indeed when one drives on the road, one might meet an accident, however still one does not forget the right way to drive .

    One should still remember the safety norms of the road to wear helmet or fasten the belt. Such safety norms cannot be forgotten or ignored.

    Same applies to the precautions to act more alert and strong towards such obnoxious experiences.

    I consider the Precautions as much vital and huge than a philosophical practicality that people pretend and get stumble over the sheer shocking situations of daily life.

    'Group Dynamics' has to be more debated before I comment without understanding the core of your theory.

    Perhaps, I enjoy active participation in discussion, hence heartily value your views, so do share your point of view on more.

    Thank you so much for adoring the presentation of the post! Indeed the painting by Priyanka is perfect for this post

    Keep the spark Alive..

  31. I appreciate few lines of yours Pradeep (in the beginning). Yes, you are right now it is not a National Shame it is Global Shame… I think thru this line "dont go to dark streets.. dont stand at a bus stop alone"..c would like to say “PROTECTION IS BETTER THAN SORRY”. And dis is something which we all know very well. Yaah true, it is not at all practical. I am a working female and using public transport, I am facing these type of stupidity normally. Initially I try to avoid and protect myself as much as I can but now I speak as loud as I can. Bcoz may be he felt shame and stop doing that. I feel it is my responsibility to stop that, infact it is not only my but we all have to stop that or it increases day by day.

    Education is not only to get degree or certificates. It is necessary becoz “ Humankind sees in education an indispensable asset in its attempts to attain the ideas of PEACE, FREEDOM AND SOCIAL JUSTICE. So, as we are well educated and sensible as we can keep ourselves in control when our parents are in front of us or if we respect our mother father and sister why don’t we respect others????

    Well this topic has no ending it keep up changing person to person. But thru this marvelous attempt of Rachana we at least try to control ourselves and try to stand for the Wrong if it happens in front of us. I must say Good attempt Rachna...... And Pradeep is absolutely right u gave right name and idea to my Painting Thanks alot for giving words to my painting…

  32. rightly said, its a shame on the society that country is so unsafe for girls. girls are treated as objects of lust and not as a human being.... Its indeed A NATIONAL SHAME....

  33. I am completlly agree with you on this topic. It is "National shame"

    it's heights of hypocracy beause by one hand they abuse the girls and on other hand they worship godesses.


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