20 January, 2010

Daily Delights

So U like an Irani Tea..huh..!
Earthy Tea cup (c) Amit Semwal

I absorb creativity in my every motion and moments of living in the real world. I do love dreaming and the flight of the imagination but than the best and most striking sight to consider the creativity for me are in the daily normal life and in every solitary step.

There is a continuous stream of creativity flowing around, beyond and within me. I get the best thoughts of ideas when I’m on the bed and just before the sleeping. I think of things and just the varied random things of my daily living, about the people associated with my life. And when the thought of idea pops into my mind, I interestingly don’t hop off the bed to make notes rather lie down more with my laziness and enjoy the fleeting moments and observe the flits the wave of colors of my mind.

Creativity attracts me from anywhere and everywhere. It creeps in every split second with the change of motion and state is a beautiful way of exploring the best in self indeed.
The journey of searching that distinctly right idea is by itself so captivating. But the matter of fact is that, there is no quest for the chase of creativity. Creativeness comes so naturally by just lifting our thoughts at a diverse level. It is indeed a unique way of looking the things around. It’s the way of seeking the enhanced sense of well-being and lifestyle. It is the risk, the kick, the tick of instant moments of life. Life is neither controlled nor certain yet life is full of courageous creativeness choices.

Say a walk on the road looking at my own steps taken over the small pebbles and sand. In the market looking at the grocery shop and watching how delightfully the shopkeeper have kept different vegetables in such a synchronize way. Another shop of household things and looking shampoo’s vivid pouches hanged on the bamboo stick covering the corner wall.

The lavishing snacks corner of the market where people enjoy the pucchka/gol-pappa/pani-puri. A person put the whole and larger than their jaws pani-puri in one shot into the mouth. Immediately there is a flush of spicy water inside their mouth, pouring down the joy over their faces. It is one of the totality expressions of experience and creativity for me to view and enjoy.

I love watching the birds holding tiny twig into their beaks and flying off and those cute puppies playing around the car. I also enjoy watching the faces of people and their peculiar expressions made either while speaking or smiling. Nothing like counting them on the scale of good and bad but just the wrinkles and lines on their face is a unique way of exquisite balance in life and again the creativity for me to seek effortlessly.

It wasn’t a deliberate sweat made to look out for the things around but then the nature has it own beautiful way of readily responding to your senses.

There are many other moments of daily life which I love drenching into the essence. Like in a day the changing colors of the sky, looking the people passing by the lane and their shadows following them, staring at the wall scratch still in no motion and discovering the symmetrical silhouette into it, gazing the pigeons at the window, recollecting the memory and remembering a particular aroma of the food or the sound of particular place reminding of old days.

Everything has its own way of stirring and striking a chord the impressions of experiences of life.
Have you ever stared blankly at the clock, looking at the hand of the clock ticking minutes, connecting each dot and without missing even one second?

It inspires and delights me to not miss even a single moment of bliss. I love the heights and the depths of thoughts and wish not to miss the surface of beauty that lies in the fragments of daily life. This isn’t a deliberate effort made to do so but there are things that get noticed without being intense and without an intention.

Do you ever play your favorite songs cd and listen quietly doing your other work? Perhaps you never give credit to the music which created an ambiance and also enhanced your great mood to work more efficiently.

I take pleasure in the simple yet so powerful vibes in patterns. These are my ways of observing the expressions of originality and meaningfulness of daily dose of creativity. I like the stimulating and engaging proposition with the laziness in me. I indulge myself in the art, colors, words, strokes, wave, smell, motion and each playful moment of experience and experiment coming all unplanned.

This feeling brings rejuvenation and happiness in me with the daily routine things.It is the insight and aspiration in me to feel blessed. I enjoy each and every twilight moment in my mind with my laziness to scrutinize the creativity.

And where others go through the hush and buss of busy day, I choose to enjoy the best of same buss of the moments in creativity. There are no certain factors but convinced fractions of life involved in looking the silver lining in the daily acts of the nature and the real world around us. It’s a joy in observing the strings of thinking thoughts through lying lazy on the couch and embracing the creativity around.
I want to think, multiple and traverse the thoughts. It is not about being idle, bore or wasting time. Rather within the indolence attitude I explore, excel and get the effective results with the manifold view.

Perhaps, for me the creativity is just another way of being grateful to nature and God for the wonderful miraculous joys and magnificence of life. Creativity pierces into my mind, defining the Me. I live each moment in my own way and yet in spur-of-the-moment instinct. I see the colors of my life being conserved with creativity!

  • This post has been inspired by the post of :) Mahesh on Random thinking and writing the same with an unplanned outline. It is the wonderful post inspiring to be self for a moment and embrace the colors of life. His post is highly recommended to read. I have also tried my way of pouring into my thoughts and lines spontaneously redefining the ME reading his post. And as his post says “It is to be more of Me” in the moment then I have a say to it that MY post is an extension of ME and the Self reflex reflection. Perhaps I assert a thought of embracing the Creativity within me in every single moment of life.
  • Special thanks to Amit Semwal :) aka photographer for the lovely earthy photograph of the finished tea in the cup having creamy froth and bubbles all around the wall of the cup creating a fine-looking layer so much eye-catching. Boy your pictures inspire me everytime so much !


  1. thats a lot of creative information abt creativity and I love the way you admire the the day to day things like, vegetables, shampoo poches by the bamboo stick and puppies , birds and everything. I guess thats creativity.

    And I too get some good thought while I lie down to sleep, but I also say affirmations for a better future so mostly brush aside those thoughts.

  2. This is a right creative post, just in time when I needed this doze badly....before I SULk, I better appreciate the small things in Life...

  3. Hmmm...Your post on Creativity made me think today about many things in life.

    Sometimes while sitting in the bus struck on a road for long time due to traffic,out of nothing some words enter my mind and adjust themselves in some lines...i get interested in them and i start typing them in my mobile. I continue like that for some time and it ends up in 8 t0 12 lines of poem..

    While walking down the road, or while buying vegetables, or while standing on the road eating Cornetto, out of nothing a good idea for a story pops out.

    What i am saying is, there is no particular timing for creativity. it just comes out.
    Nature is another huge resource to witness creativity and you cannot deny it after watching James Cameron's Avatar :)

    Music is one another thing u talked about. yes, i do believe it helps in healing or coming out of depressed state sometimes.

    You covered a lot of topics here and there Which one an all is a very refreshing post.

    What can be more refershing than this recap of events emerged in your post.

    Well Done :)

    Had been waiting to read a post on your blog. Not anymore.

    See you around.


  4. @ Ayu

    Very true Ayu...Creativity is everywhere. Hey you menitoned about the poem...why dont you post those poems in your blog...it will be great to go through your creativity:)

    Glad you liked the post so much:)
    Luv yeah :*

  5. @ Srivats

    Seems this post convinced you:)...i feel so happy:)

    Hey do you know I also get thought in the morning while i brush my teeth...perhaps thought that is quite funny so did not write about it :)

    How about this...

  6. @ Shrutzz

    Hey Shrutzz...you are truly phenomenal...so never thing that anything just anything can screw you up.

    Glad this post inspires you for the right moves in the life:)

    luv yeah :*

  7. @ Mahesh

    Hi buddy,
    That was a great thought plus a beautiful poem. Simply adore it:)

    Your reply to this post has been so apt...just as the brief opening note for the post. Thanks dear:)

    Actually...i'm on vacation...for sometime more..been travelling a lot....but in the mean time try my best to catching up with some of a fav. buddies. Perhaps, this post has taken a quite a while to publish. Hopefully nest will come early :)

    Keep in touch...boosting the C3 into me...confidence, compliments, creativity in me!

  8. You have a very keen observation :)
    Loved the wonderful words you've written to describe your perspective of creativity and your admiration for day to day life goodness :)

    Loved the picture of a cup of Tea there :)

    Keep up the wonderful work :D


  9. Woww....

    You post did emulate and surpass in impacting the readers and credit goes to the stamp of Rachana again....those creative flavours and innovative aromas of narration....yet simple flow.
    Your post did bring the completeness to what i have scribbled ....
    A perfect complement through a perfect post ......
    Bunch of thanks for your pat, support and encouragement ....

  10. Nice Post.

    I tend to write at least a sentence or two on any creative thought I have. Losing a creative thought is something I cannot afford. From sticky notes to drawing board, I make it a point that something comes handy.

    I highly recommend you to read "Creativity" By OSHO. A nice read and a must for someone who want to be creative in his/her daily life.

    Mitul Suthar

  11. I'm the exact same way... it's hard for me to NOT find creative happenings in just about everything I do. Sometimes I'll be driving my car late at night, and I can't help but have a bunch of thoughts or ideas bounce through my mind. Other times I'll be sitting outside on a nice day and it all just seems to swarm in.

    I think this is evident in your writings though, because it takes a truly creative person to be able to transform what we see in our daily lives and turn it into art. You're a lot like me in that sense... we both use writing as ways to express our artwork. Keep writing ;)



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